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As of early March, Yang had exceeded 65,000 donors, thus clearing a threshold the Democratic National Committee has set for eligibility in the first two debates. Was considering celebrating hitting 65,000 donations by flossing but found out it wasn t cool anymore. Thank you all for getting us this far. His campaign manager, Zach Graumann, told the Daily Beast that the campaign had already obtained at least 200 donors per state in at least 20 states, clearing another DNC threshold.

That was the moment, Graumann told the Daily Beast s Sam Stein and Will Sommer. Everything is up and to the right since the Joe Rogan podcast. That was the key. Achieving mass popularity through interview podcasts Yang has also appeared on Sam Harris s show, Freakonomicsand Vox s Ezra Klein Show is not a traditional path to a successful campaign. Nor are appearances on Tucker Carlson s Fox News program the norm in a Democratic primary. But as was seen in the 2016 election, a lot can happen when an unexpected person does well in a debate.

Exceeding expectations whether on a debate stage or a podcast can build name recognition and can help candidates who are strikingly different from the rest of their field like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders stand out. And successful or not, Yang is a fascinating cultural phenomenon. This meme, showing an angry, MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter transforming into a blissful, basic income-enjoying Yang backer, is a good illustration of how certain Reddit 4chan denizens think Yang s message will penetrate on the right.

Found this on the Yang subreddit. He blends a traditionally left-wing platform a mass expansion of the safety net and a big new value-added tax, or VAT, to pay for it with massive appeal to the young, predominantly male, and, in their unique way, socially conservative audiences of people like Joe Rogan and Sam Harris. Could someone explain to me why Trump fans would turn into Yang fans. Indeed, Yang is already winning the 2020 meme wars by a wide margin, and on the strangest accounts.

Did Trump just lose the 2020 meme war. Memers flock to andrewYangVFA s campaign centered around AI mass job loss requiring universal basic income UBI after mentions on JoeRogan and WikiLeaks. See Yanggang and yanggang2020 for thousands of examples. Yang, of course, totally rejects support from white nationalists. But the mainstream Yangsters who make memes. If you excise any racist white nationalist, bigotry leanings, I find the whole thing hysterical, Yang told me in a phone call, audibly laughing.

You know what I mean. Imagine seeing your face on dragons and whatnot. The whole thing is funny. 4chan is a particularly prominent hotbed for the Yang Gang, which could cause his campaign some problems given the site s popularity among some white nationalists; one backer posted an innocuous tweet from Yang about the opioid crisis with the caption Andrew Yang cares about white people. He continued, I wish I could just jump up and down about how funny it is, but obviously there s an element of it that s intertwined with some terrible beliefs.

Anyone who spends, like, five seconds looking into me or my background or my beliefs or my platform would be like, This guy is the least white nationalist dude ever. Message received. So what does Yang stand for and what does his online success mean for the 2020 race going forward. Who is Andrew Yang. Yang, 44 and the son of Taiwanese immigrants, worked as a corporate lawyer for five unhappy months, he told Klein after Brown and Columbia Law, before going into startups.

His first one was called Stargiving and aimed to raise money for celebrity-affiliated nonprofits, Yang writes in his book Smart People Should Build Thingsa kind of unofficial manifesto for his nonprofit Venture for America, which places recent grads of elite schools in startups in cities like Detroit and Baltimore. It was extraordinarily difficult. My company failed spectacularly, but I recovered, he writes.

I went to work for a mobile software company, Crisp Wireless, and then a health care software company, MMF Systems, over the next five years, eventually becoming the CEO of a test-prep company, Manhattan GMAT, in 2006, he continues. Manhattan GMAT is now known as Manhattan Prep, and has expanded from offering prep for the GMAT the standard business school admissions test to offering GRE and LSAT prep as well. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang greets supporters before taking the stage during a rally in Washington Square Park in New York City on May 14, 2019.

Drew Angerer Getty Images. As detailed in a 2013 New York Times profile, the group offers recent graduates a five-week boot camp on entrepreneurship, and then sets them up with startup jobs at companies that must be less than 10 years old and employ less than 100 people. Starting salaries are 33,000 to 38,000. The target fellows are people from selective schools who could easily be making six figures at other jobs straight out of college.

A few years after Yang took over, the test prep giant Kaplan owned by the then-named Washington Post Company bought Manhattan Prep. The profile, by Hannah Seligson, paints VFA as a darling of wealthy startup founders like Tony Hsieh of Zappos based in Las Vegas, a VFA city and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans based in Detroit, another VFA city. And if you read Smart People Should Build Thingsthat cultural milieu shines through. It s not the work of a radical socialist firebrand.

In 2011, Yang started Venture for America VFAan effort to try to prevent elite colleges and universities from funneling graduates toward safe options like jobs in finance, management consulting, or big law by enlisting teams of fellows to move to cities across America and work for local startups. It speaks the language of startup founders and TED talk speakers, and directly targets an audience of fellow elite college grads in service of trying to spread economic growth more evenly across the US.

We re using educational attainment as an imperfect proxy for smart and talking about people who get tracked, sorted, and aggregated throughout their adolescence into various universities and courses of studies, Yang writes in the introduction. And, unsurprisingly given his organization s name, Venture for America, the book largely equates creating value in overlooked parts of the US with starting businesses there.

People and companies around the country are solving real problems right now, Yang concludes, and those kinds of firms are what he means. The Freedom Dividend Yang s universal basic income plan. Examples Yang touts include Kickboard, a VFA partner company that provides a software application to help teachers track student performance, and ShapeUp, which helps individuals promote health and wellness through social networking and goal measurement.

The centerpiece of Yang s campaign is his call for a universal basic income UBI that he calls the Freedom Dividend he told Klein, in a bit of characteristic bluntness, that he calls it that because it tests better as a term than universal basic income. The Freedom Dividend, outlined in Yang s second book The War on Normal Peopleis a 1,000-per-month or 12,000-per-year check mailed to every adult American age 18 to 64, no strings attached. It s a pure universal basic income, with no phaseouts for top earners or work requirements.

For Americans currently benefiting from cash or cash-like programs like Social Security Disability Insurance, food stamps, or Section 8 housing assistance, Yang would offer a choice between the existing welfare state and the Freedom Dividend, in hopes that no one would be left worse off. Truck driving alone is the most common job in twenty-nine states with 3.

Yang, like many entrepreneurs who have become attracted to UBI, embraces the policy as a way to cope with automation. 5 million drivers 94 percent of them male and an additional 12 million workers supporting them in truck stops and motels across the country, his website proclaims. What happens when the trucks start to drive themselves. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during a rally in Washington Square Park in New York City on May 14, 2019.

Humanity First is among the Yang campaign s most prominent slogans, and he frames his main financing mechanism for the Freedom Dividend a 10 percent values added tax VAT as a way to prevent big companies like Amazon and Google from funnel ling hundreds of billions in earnings overseas. VAT makes it impossible for them to benefit from the American people and infrastructure without paying their fair share.

It would, he claims, capture the value generated by automation in a way that income taxes would not. This is a strange claim. VATs are basically sales taxes levied at each stage of production when a lumber company sells wood to a paper mill, when the paper mill sells paper to Dunder Mifflin, when Dunder Mifflin sells paper to youand as such, economists generally believe that consumers bear most or all of the cost of increased VAT rates. Recent empirical studies confirm this While decreases in VATs are often captured by businesses that pocket the money as increased profit, businesses are savvy about passing on increased VAT rates to their consumers.

And Yang understands this. Corporations would probably bear some of the burden for one thing, VATs would reduce the value of corporate profits by making all the stuff profits can buy more expensive but it s mostly a consumption tax. In his interview with Klein, he justifies the regressive nature of the tax by noting that the highly progressive nature of the Freedom Dividend offsets it.

He concedes we d need to implement a policy for seniors on fixed incomes, who d see their purchasing power fall substantially. Besides the VAT, Yang would finance the Freedom Dividend with savings from other welfare programs that beneficiaries opt out of; a projected decrease in spending on social maladies like crime, incarceration, and health conditions because of reduced poverty; and economic growth, citing a Roosevelt Institute estimate that a basic income, especially if not accompanied by tax increases, would substantially increase GDP by boosting consumption.

What are Andrew Yang s policies. His agenda doesn t stop there the Yang 2020 policy page is a smorgasbord of ideas from the mainstream Democratic Medicare-for-all, paid family leave, legal marijuana to the Extremely Andrew Yang 100 vouchers for all Americans to donate to nonprofits, an American Journalism Fellows program to revive local news, an American Mall Act to find new uses for shuttered shopping malls, geoengineering to fight global warming, hiring a White House psychologist to monitor the mental health of employees serving in the executive branch.

A bunch of Yang s proposals fall into the category of more popular among liberal political bloggers than most politicians, like reviving earmarks to make bills easier to pass, or automatic filing of income taxes. Then the platform veers into stranger territory thanks to Jeremiah Johnson, host of The Neoliberal Podcast and a Yang skeptic, for flagging these to me. Yang calls for a 15 to 20 percent reduction in the federal workforce, saying he will hire a management consulting firm to identify areas of inefficiency in the federal workforce.

That s an odd pitch, especially to Democratic primary voters. Fewer people work for the federal government now than did under Ronald Reagan, even though the population has grown by some 100 million people since then. The low pay of the civil service has led to traditional federal government jobs being supplanted by private contractors, who are typically paid substantially more for similar work.

And in any case, causing massive layoffs at an institution that employs 2 million Americans hardly seems compatible with a humanity first approach. When pushed on this, Yang retreated somewhat. Under Barack Obama, the federal workforce fell to its smallest level as a share of the total workforce since FDR. I m not arguing that too many people work for the federal government writ large, he told me. We should hire many thousands of people for public works projects and making our infrastructure more sustainable and resilient, but that does not mean you would not also want to scrutinize the organization that you currently have.

He definitely does think the government could use some streamlining in existing departments, and some additional automation. He adds, One of the proposals I have that I think would be a huge win is something suggested by one of your colleagues to move several agencies out of DC, because Washington is a very expensive area with lots of traffic and development. Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang leaves after a campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.

on April 15, 2019. Alex Wong Getty Images. Yang also wants to establish a news and information ombudsman at the Federal Communications Commission to fight fake news, with the power to impose penalties for persistent and destructive misstatements that undermine public discourse. The costs would be lower and the jobs and energy would be higher, and the culture of the departments would shift to be closer to the needs of the people.

You don t have to be a First Amendment absolutist to see how that could go wrong, but Yang thinks the risks of overreach are manageable. The real problem is that no one can agree on anything and there are foreign actors laughing their asses off while they re tampering with our iqoption fora do ar because no one can tell fact from fiction, he says. And then there s the Legion of Builders and Destroyers, the real name of Yang s signature infrastructure proposal.

He proposes siphoning off. 10 of the military budget approximately 60 billion per year to a new domestic infrastructure force called the Legion of Builders and Destroyers. The Legion would be tasked with keeping our country strong by making sure our bridges, roads, power grid, levies, dams, and infrastructure are up-to-date, sound and secure. It would also be able to clear derelict buildings and structures that cause urban blight in many of our communities and respond to natural disasters.

The Commander of the Legion would have the ability to overrule local regulations and ordinances to ensure that projects are started and completed iqoption fora do ar and effectively. You may be thinking you read that incorrectly, but you did not. I asked him how far this power would extend could the Commander of the Legion decide to build a freeway through downtown Manhattan whether or not residents liked it. But we have to face facts that the US has gotten terrible at building things because everyone s gotten their hands tied with bureaucratic processes that have gone overboard in many cases.

You wouldn t have some autocrat making decisions that would end up doing something that would be inefficient or negative for a given community at a high level, he explained. He added, I m glad you like the name because who wouldn t want to join the Legion of Builders and Destroyers. The Yang Meme Gang. If I had never heard of Andrew Yang before and you asked me, Who is the natural base for a candidate running on establishing a Legion of Builders and Destroyers.

I would say, Obviously, memelords on Reddit and 4chan. And the prophecy has been fulfilled. Over the past few weeks, Yang has been the topic of frequent positive 4Chan threads, normally a stronghold for Donald Trump s most racist supporters, the Daily Beast s Stein and Sommer write. Yang s UBI proposal has been especially appealing to 4Chan users who embrace the shiftless NEET lifestyle Not in Education, Employment, or Training and would rather play video games all day than have jobs.

4Chan posters have admiringly started to call Yang s Freedom Dividend proposal NEETbux. Indeed, a cursory look at pol4chan s political discussion forum, reveals several Yang threads, including this one making Paul Bunyan-esque claims about Yang, infused with a big dose of Orientalist stereotyping Yang is said to have 215 IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries Area 51. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is shadowed by his staff and supporters after arriving at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on August 9, 2019.

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images. But not all pro-Yang 4chan posters are benign NEETbux fans. My Verge colleague Russell Brandom notes that some white nationalists have deluded themselves into believing that Yang is on their side; one backer posted an innocuous tweet from Yang about the opioid crisis with the caption, Andrew Yang cares about white people. Yang completely rejected any support from white nationalists like Spencer in a statement to Brandom.

At least one prominent alt-righter with a big platform Richard Spencer has voiced sympathy for Yang s campaign. I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. We do not want your votes. For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support.

You are not welcome in this campaign. So far, Yang s remarkable online following has gotten him on track to participate in televised debates. But as Brandom notes, the perception of support from some of the internet s most noxious quarters risks damaging the campaign s reputation, and doing so unfairly.

There are plenty of valid reasons his inexperience in government, some of his more out-there platform items to not back him, but a fear that he s associated with the alt-right is not among them. But his mere candidacy, and presence iqoption fora do ar a debate stage, matters. To build the Yang Gang going forward, Yang will have to find a way to harness the enthusiasm for him on sites like Reddit without its worst elements tarring unfairly him by association.

In a super-crowded field, candidates need signature ideas that stand out. That s why Julián Castro is trying to become the pro-reparations candidate, why Pete Buttigieg wants to be the court-packing candidate, and why Jay Inslee wants to be the climate candidate. And Yang s signature idea is arguably the boldest and most surprising of the bunch. That could help Yang break out from the pack and it could help UBI become an even more mainstream idea.

Sign up for the Future Perfect newsletter. Twice a week, you ll get a roundup of ideas and solutions for tackling our biggest challenges improving public health, decreasing human and animal suffering, easing catastrophic risks, and to put it simply getting better at doing good. Obviously, there would still be a need for some kind of consensus and agreement. Why North Korea called Joe Biden an imbecile and a fool of low IQ.

In a message slamming the former vice president, North Korea tries to make Trump happy. Share All sharing options for Why North Korea called Joe Biden an imbecile and a fool of low IQ. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to crowds on March 2, 2019, in Dong Dang, Vietnam. Carl Court Getty Images. North Korea just signaled its immense disdain for a top American leader. And no, it s not President Donald Trump. In a Tuesday statement, the state-run Korean Central News Agency published a scathing article targeting top Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden.

While it contains bombastic language, the piece also includes pointed, insulting remarks about the former vice president and references the controversy over how he has interacted with women. The reason North Korea is lashing out dates back to Biden s campaign launch last Saturday, where he rhetorically asked a Philadelphia crowd, Are we a nation that embraces dictators and tyrants like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang doesn t take kindly to criticisms of its leader, especially when it comes from a top American political figure. That comment referred to Trump s admiration of autocrats and apparent preference for them over democratic leaders. After a few days, North Korea struck back with a vengeance. What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician, read the statement.

He has been accused even within the Democratic Party, to say nothing of the American society, for his vulgar acts and words about women and his thoughtless remarks. It continued, calling him a fool of low IQ, and listed off a series of embarrassing moments in Biden s life. For example, the piece touches on how Biden fell asleep during a 2011 speech by then-President Barack Obama, or how in 1987 he admitted to plagiarizing in school. This is enough to make a cat laugh. My cat, for the record, prefers food and endless pets to laughter.

And then, well, there s this H e is self-praising himself as being the most popular presidential candidate. And the DPRK dips into Election2020, terming JoeBiden bereft of elementary quality as a human being for criticizing Kim Jong Un. First, it s clear that the North Korean regime has a very long memory and a deep understanding of American politics.

Yes, this is all silly but the statement also reveals something quite interesting. The commentary cited moments in Biden s past that most Americans either forgot or didn t know. It goes to show that operatives in Pyongyang are very aware of what key US figures are doing and have done or they re excellent at searching for information online. And second, it shows that Pyongyang simply isn t that into Biden.

North Korea s animosity toward him is deep and guaranteed, Van Jackson, an expert at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, tweeted Tuesday night. It s under appreciated how hostile Obama s sanctions and military posturing toward Pyongyang were in 2016. Biden 2020 is to Kim Jong Un as Clinton 2016 was to Putin. Biden s campaign seems fine with that. Given Vice President Biden s record of standing up for American values and interests, it s no surprise that North Korea would prefer that Donald Trump remain in the White House, Andrew Bates, a Biden campaign spokesperson, told me.

That means Pyongyang won t rejoice if Biden defeats Trump next year which is why it may be trying to make its preference known now. I think if Trump reads the commentary, he ll be happy about it. While North Korea s Tuesday statement came in reaction to Biden s Kim comment, it s also worth looking at Pyongyang s acerbic words as a clear message to Trump. North Korea knows that it will benefit from a good relationship with Trump, so the commentary was probably made to support and please him, Rüdiger Frank, a North Korea expert at Austria s University of Vienna, told me.

While Kim and Trump threatened to go to war in 2017, the years since have featured two dramatic summits and a general pause in North Korea s weapons tests. Whether Kim genuinely likes Trump or believes he can extract concessions from the president, it s clear he still wants him in the Oval Office after the next election. North Korea has not been shy in the past about seeming to publicly favor one side or another in US and Korean elections, Mintaro Oba, who worked on North Korea at the State Department, told NK News on Wednesday.

They re probably calculating there s more to gain from creating a perception they favor President Trump than any cost from criticizing a potential future president so early in the race. It s therefore likely that North Korea may say harsh things about any Iqoption fora do ar candidate who goes against Trump, whether or not Biden is the nominee.

So it s kind of official North Korea endorses Donald Trump for president. Joe Biden s 2020 presidential campaign. The Latino vote is not being taken seriously Ex-Bernie Sanders adviser sounds an alarm Why North Korea called Joe Biden an imbecile and a fool of low IQ Joe Biden s promise a return to normalcy View all 135 stories. Trump insists absentee ballots are fair but mail voting is corrupt.

That s nonsense. Congress s failure to pass stimulus has had a devastating and predictable effect on minority groups Want to vote in 2020. 4 races to watch in Delaware s primary There are no good choices Why Covid-19 case numbers are falling in the US. Le Data Processor Service n est accessible qu aux utilisateurs de Windows 10 Enterprise et Windows 10 Education. Windows 10 Microsoft ajoute une option pour dйsactiver la tйlйmйtrie.

La semaine dernière, Microsoft a lancé en avant-première une option réservée aux entreprises, qui empêche la télémétrie de Windows d atteindre les serveurs de Redmond. Cette dernière n a pas reçu un nom spécifique dans l annonce du 23 juillet dernier, mais sur le site d inscription, elle est appelée The Data Processor Service for Windows Enterprise. Marisa Rogers, responsable de la protection de la vie privée pour Windows et les navigateurs de Microsoft, a souligné que les entreprises et autres organisations les universités surtout ont désormais deux choix pour savoir ce que leurs PC rapportent à la firme de Redmond.

Soit ils autorisent Microsoft à être le contrôleur de leurs données de diagnostic de Windows 10, soit ils désactivent complètement ces flux de données. Cette seconde option s intitule désormais Données de diagnostic désactivéesquand elle était auparavant labellisée d un vague Sécurité. Elle n est cependant accessible qu aux utilisateurs de Windows 10 Enterprise et Windows 10 Education, les plus chères des différentes UGS Unités de gestion des stocks.

Devenir sous-traitant des données pour se dédouaner de leur gestion. Les autres paramètres de collecte de données de télémétrie pour une raison quelconque, Microsoft préfère le terme données de diagnostic ont été ramenés à deux seulement les Données de diagnostic obligatoires et les Données de diagnostic optionnellescette dernière permettant de recueillir plus d informations que la première.

Depuis début 2019, l option par défaut est celle des données obligatoires. Ce dernier dispositif de télémétrie permettra aux entreprises de continuer à collecter des données à partir de leurs PC, mais ces données ne seront pas transmises à Microsoft pour analyse. Dans le cadre de cette approche, Microsoft agira comme un sous-traitant de données, traitant les données de diagnostic Windows pour le compte du responsable du traitementa écrit Mme Rogers.

Les termes sous-traitant processor en anglais et responsable du traitement controller sont ceux utilisés par le RGPD, la loi sur la protection des données et de la vie privée en Union européenne. Aucune utilisation des données de télémétrie, vraiment. Mais rien n est vraiment clair sur le fait de savoir si Microsoft, en tant que responsable du traitement, aura accès à ces données télémétriques d une manière ou d une autre voire pourrait les utiliser.

Selon notre confrère d IDG, le fait que l éditeur demande au client, dans le formulaire d inscription à l aperçu de ce dispositif, de reconnaître que pour les appareils inscrits à ce programme d aperçu public, ils n aur ont pas accès à des fonctionnalités comme Desktop Analytics et Update Compliancepourrait être un indice que les données n iront effectivement pas chez Microsoft.

Desktop Analytics est l ensemble de services cloud qui offrent des informations et des conseils sur la mise à jour des terminaux en exploitant les données télémétriques de Windows. Toujours en application du RGPD, Mme Rogers a fait valoir que proposer ce réglage de la télémétrie en amont permettra aux entreprises de gérer leurs propres obligations de conformité.

Mais si Microsoft indique avoir proposé cette fonctionnalité pour redonner aux entreprises un plus grand contrôle sur leurs données, il est aussi fort probable que l éditeur ait voulu se libérer des problèmes juridiques liés à la fonction de responsable du traitement. valable pour les entreprises,mais pas pour les particuliers. Pour se rendre plus RGPD compatible, Microsoft a annoncй que les utilisateurs de son OS en version pro pourront dйsormais dйsactiver complиtement la remontйe de donnйes de diagnostic а l йditeur.

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As you can see, in some respects IQ Option clearly exceeds MetaTrader 4. Although it is the most popular Forex trading platform in the world, MT4 is difficult to recommend to traders who are facing the world of Forex for the first time. The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can lead to the loss of all your funds. In addition, even the most experienced professionals can benefit from the versatile multiplier and slip-free trading.

Choose the best type of chart for you. January 28, 2019. 3 exit strategies to try today. 5 great movies on trading and traders. 5 serious trading mistakes to avoid. 3 What you need to do to survive the next economic crisis. How to deposit and withdraw with Neteller. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of over-trading.

How to reload a learning account with IQ Option. Bene in questa guida ti spiegheremo quali sono le differenze e se la nuova piattaforma IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale batte la MT4 o MT5. Esiste una IQ Option Metatrader. In questa mini guida ti vogliamo presentare e soprattutto confrontare la piattaforma MT4 con IQ Option piattaforma per scoprire quale è la più user-friendly facile da usare e più coinvolgente quando si parla di trading Forex, CFD e criptovalute.

8 ragioni per cui IQ Option batte MetaTrader MT4 guida 2020. Quando si tratta dell interfaccia e dell esperienza utente in generale, IQ Option piattaforma è quella che ha ricevuto più apprezzamenti e riconoscimenti fino ad ora da moltissimi trader che l hanno provata. 1 L interfaccia. Nel lontano 2013, IQ Option ha iniziato a fornire i servizi di intermediazione di trading e la sua entrata nel mercato ha sbaragliato la concorrenza proprio perchè ha deciso a suo tempo di fornire una piattaforma proprietaria, cioè di loro completo design e creazione.

8 motivi che differenziano IQ Option piattaforma da Metatrader 4. Metatrader 4, invece, è rimasta indietro e non ha avuto grandi evoluzioni. Nel tempo hanno voluto creare la MT5, ma ad oggi non è ancora molto utilizzata tra i broker di trading online. La piattaforma IQ Option è costruita pensando alle tecnologie più innovative. L interfaccia di IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale è basata su WebGL a partire dalla versione 4. 0 di cui abbiamo parlato quitrasformando il trading in un attività coinvolgente e rendendo i grafici più semplici da leggere e analizzare.

Fattore che è particolarmente importante quando si fa compravendita per un lungo periodo di tempo. Ti ricordiamo che la piattaforma di IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale è continuamente migliorata e ogni mese rilasciano nuove caratteristiche e ascoltano in modo diretto i desiderata dei clienti in modo da esaudire il più possibile le richieste dei trader. Le coppie di valute mostrano movimenti limitati, anche durante i periodi di elevata volatilità del mercato.

Al fine di capitalizzare su variazioni di prezzo spesso non ampie, i trader si rivolgono all uso di un moltiplicatore. 2 Moltiplicatore noto anche come leva finanziaria è essenziale per il trading FX Forex e con i CFD, cioè i contratti per differenza. Quest ultimo li aiuta a controllare le posizioni che sono diverse volte più grandi della quantità di fondi a loro disposizione. Ricorda che l ESMA a partire da Luglio 2018 ha ridotto tale moltiplicatore, quindi contatta il broker per sapere se puoi rientrare nella categoria professionista per avere leve finanziarie maggiori.

Spesso devi fare una richiesta scritta al servizio assistenza. Quando lavori con altri broker che usano la MT4, dovrai settare il tuo moltiplicatore una volta sola e direttamente nelle tue impostazioni di trading. Con IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficialeinvece, sei libero di scegliere un singolo valore di moltiplicatore per ogni operazione che fai, cosa che può davvero tornare utile quando fai trading con coppie di valute.

Supponiamo che, quando sei sicuro al 100 di un movimenti di prezzo dell EUR USD, puoi utilizzare un moltiplicatore più grande, rispetto ad un altra operazione in cui l incertezza è più elevata. Il moltiplicatore infatti aumenta anche il rischio di perdere l investimento, dato che aumenta proporzionalmente matematicamente il valore monetario di ogni punto di variazione di prezzo.

Cos è il margine. Quando si fa trading con IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficialenon è necessario preoccuparsi delle chiamate a margine. Nonostante la disponibilità di un moltiplicatore, il concetto di margine non è presente sulla piattaforma. Il trading con un moltiplicatore, quindi, è più facile da capire e da approfondire. Non è necessario calcolare il margine che è necessario possedere per aprire un operazione. L intero processo è molto più intuitivo. E il valore di ogni singola operazione è chiaramente segnalata nella finestra dell operazione.

Cos è lo Slippage. È la differenza tra il prezzo previsto della transazione e il prezzo al quale l operazione è stata effettivamente eseguita. Immagina di impostare un ordine di stop loss a un prezzo e di vederlo eseguito ad un prezzo molto inferiore. Questo evento può rovinare la tua esperienza di trading e farti perdere molti soldi in poco tempo. In caso di una posizione in acquisto, può tradursi in ulteriori perdite sostenute qualcosa che non si desidera sperimentare mai.

Spesso con gli altri broker lo slippage è un evento che accade spesso, mentre IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale lo contiene rendendo i salti di prezzo un evento abbastanza raro. Cosa sono i lotti. I lotti sono diventati sinonimo di trading con le valute, poiché di solito non vi è alcuna possibilità di negoziare coppie di valute in modo diverso. Ma cos è un lotto. Un lotto, a seconda delle sue dimensioni, può valere 100.

Il lotto è una quantità specifica di valuta che devi comprare vendere per poter aprire un operazione. 000 e 100 unità di valuta o euro. Ma cosa succede se si desidera negoziare un altra valuta. L uso di lotti può limitare il potenziale di trading. Con IQ Option sarai in grado di specificare la quantità di valuta che vuoi acquistare vendere a una unità in euro o dollari. 6 Libro degli ordini book. Sarai in grado di analizzare il mercato dando un occhiata più da vicino alle offerte che fanno gli altri trader.

No se sei un fan di MT4 e sì se scegli IQ Option. Per qualsiasi motivo, MetaTrader non ti dà accesso a un book degli ordini. Anche se non è possibile visualizzare tutte le offerte, si otterrà l impressione generale del mercato attivando la funzione Altre negoziazioni nella sala contrattazioni. 7 Tempi e Timeframe. Un altra cosa che molti trader troveranno utile. Anche se preferisci operare su intervalli di tempo più lunghi, è sempre opportuno avere l opportunità di scorrere il grafico il più possibile.

E, naturalmente, questa funzione è particolarmente adatta a coloro che cercano ulteriori opportunità di scalping. Nonostante sia la piattaforma più famosa al mondo per il trading Forex, MT4 non può essere raccomandato a chi è abituato al Forex o a chi si avvicina al trading. Inoltre, anche i professionisti esperti possono trarre vantaggio da un versatile moltiplicatore e trading senza slippage. E non è finita qui. Come ti abbiamo già detto la piattaforma iq option è in costante aggiornamento e inseriscono nuovi indicatori e funzionalità.

Una delle più popolari caratteristiche è la chat room per parlare con gli altri trader e scambiarsi informazioni e notizie. Funzionalità che è sempre attiva e che ti permette anche ti restare in contatto con l assistenza e avere delle risposte alle tue domande in tempi brevissimi. Come puoi vedere, in certi aspetti, IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale ha definitivamente superato MetaTrader 4. Approfondisci il mercato finanziario leggendo tutte le guide sulle criptovalute e IQ Option qui sotto.

Tutte queste funzionalità fanno della piattaforma IQ Option una tra le più popolari al mondo. Prova la nuova versione demo scaricando la nuova piattaforma. Quattro nuovi indicatori sono stati aggiunti nella IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale piattaforma di trading. Il KDJ è un indicatore che eccelle nel determinare la tendenza e i punti di ingresso ottimali.

Progettati con l unico scopo di rendere l esperienza di trading la più efficace possibile. E proprio come gli ultimi due, aiuta a determinare la direzione della tendenza forza e punti di ingresso ottimali. Per te di certo che hai familiarità con gli strumenti di analisi tecnica di base, KDJ può sembrare molto simile all Alligator e all Oscillatore Stocastico. Per questo motivo, molti trader credono che valga la pena utilizzarlo in periodi di tempo più lunghi.

Vale la pena ricordare che, proprio come per qualsiasi altro indicatore di tendenza, il KDJ fornirà dei falsi segnali se il mercato è piatto. Come funziona l indicatore KDJ nella IQ Option piattaforma. K e D sono le stesse linee che vedrai quando usi l oscillatore stocastico. KDJ consiste di 3 linee K, D e J - quindi da ciò il nome dell indicatore e 2 livelli. La J-line, a sua volta, rappresenta la divergenza del valore D dal K. La convergenza di queste linee suggerirà opportunità di trading emergenti.

Proprio come nell oscillatore stocastico, i livelli di ipervenduto e ipercomprato corrispondono ai tempi in cui è probabile che la tendenza si inverta. Per impostazione predefinita, questi livelli sono impostati al 20 e all 80. Entrambi possono essere regolati per maggiore sensibilità minori falsi allarmi. Puoi impostare l indicatore in tre semplici passaggi. Vai a Indicatori angolo in basso a sinistra dello schermo Scegli KDJ dalla lista degli indicatori disponibili Fai clic su Applica senza modificare i valori standard.

Ma che tipo di segnali devi aspettarti. Ci sono due tipi di segnali che devi aspettarti quando fai trading con il KDJ. Quando le tre linee convergono sopra il livello di ipercomprato, con la linea blu sopra quella gialla e la linea gialla sopra quella viola, dovresti considerare di aprire una posizione corta vendere l attività sottostante. Quando le linee convergono sotto il livello di ipervenduto, con la linea viola al di sopra di quella gialla e la linea gialla sopra quella viola, può essere una buona idea aprire una posizione lunga acquistare l asset.

Fattori e caratteristiche confronto IQ Option Metatrader. Queste due piattaforme sono entrambe buone per operare nei mercati finanziari. Andiamo a vedere in pillole le differenze tra queste tue piattaforme e i vantaggi. Inoltre, troverai delle piccole somiglianze tra IQ Option e Metatrader. La differenza principale è che IQ Option è un broker e MetaTrader 4 è invece una piattaforma di trading, offerta da molti broker.

IQ Option è un broker di trading online che offre diversi asset di trading. La piattaforma broker è famosa per il trading di opzioni. Questo broker è regolamentato e famoso in più di 170 paesi. Tuttavia, offrono trading anche con CFD incluse le criptovalute. Più di 300 asset di trading sono disponibili nella piattaforma. I trader possono eseguire operazioni nei giorni feriali e anche nel fine settimana. IQ Option ha una piattaforma di trading proprietaria, dove puoi negoziare azioni, Forex, Opzioni e Criptovalute.

Come abbiamo detto prima, puoi operare con le tue coppie Forex con i CFD, cioè i contratti per differenza. In IQ Option troverai analisi tecniche, indicatori di trading, grafici, analisi dei movimenti di mercato, notizie di mercato, video tutorial, cronologia di trading e molto altro. È sempre disponibile un conto demo con un importo virtuale. La sezione di analisi di mercato ti aiuterà a rimanere aggiornato sulle notizie di mercato quotidiane.

La sezione video ti guiderà sulla piattaforma di trading e arricchirà anche le tue conoscenze di trading. Vantaggi dell utilizzo della piattaforma IQ Option sono molteplici. Troverai notizie di trading giornaliere dalla piattaforma. La piattaforma di trading è semplice e intuitiva e puoi usarla anche sul tuo smartphone e tablet mobile. Pertanto, tutti possono utilizzare questa piattaforma e anche ovunque, basti che ci sia una buona connessione internet ad alta velocità.

Può esercitarsi nel trading tramite un conto demo. Offre una vasta gamma di asset. Il team di assistenza clienti è attivo per aiutare gli operatori tutti i giorni. Puoi negoziare altre classi di asset oltre al Forex. Puoi scaricare l app di trading per il tuo dispositivo specifico mobile e anche per il tuo PC e Mac Book. Il trading OTC è possibile anche il fine settimana, tutto dipende dalla tua residenza. Apri un conto demo gratis senza deposito IQ Option clicca qui per il sito ufficiale.

Passiamo ora a parlare della MT4. Meta Trader 4 o MT4 è la migliore piattaforma di trading non solo per il forex trading. La piattaforma di trading è la più popolare tra tutti i trader. È solo una piattaforma di trading, dove puoi scegliere diversi broker per eseguire il tuo trading. La piattaforma di trading offre trading mobile, segnali di trading, trading automatizzato e così via. D altra parte, per usufruire della funzione di trading automatico, devi sviluppare un robot di trading utilizzando il linguaggio di programmazione MQL4.

La piattaforma è collegata con il tuo broker preferito. Inoltre, puoi acquistare o noleggiare robot di trading e indicatori tecnici dal mercato MT4. Puoi copiare segnali e utilizzare potenzialmente più di 1. La piattaforma di trading è flessibile e conveniente per i tutti. 700 robot di trading. Offre qualcosa come più di 2.

100 indicatori tecnici. Anche IQ Option però offre ottimi indicatori come quelli di cui abbiamo parlato nel paragrafo precedente. Per risultati ottimali, KDJ può essere accompagnato da altri indicatori, in particolare l indice direzionale medio ADX e il valore medio della gamma reale ATR. Il primo è sempre in testa alla curva e può suggerire un inversione di tendenza imminente. Ricorda che nessun indicatore è in grado di fornire segnali accurati al 100.

Quest ultimo è in grado di determinare la volatilità del mercato, che è particolarmente utile dal momento che KDJ non funziona sul mercato piatto. Di tanto in tanto anche il migliore potrebbe sbagliare, lasciandoti con un operazione in perdita perdente. Indipendentemente dal tipo di indicatore su cui fai affidamento, non dimenticare di seguire le regole basilari di gestione del rischio e di allocazione del capitale. The road to success through trading IQ option Best Bot Reviews Iq Option 2020 ,We make videos using this softwhere bot which aims to make it easier for you to trade, because to use the usual indicators that you often do that does not guarantee victory, then we make a lot of software designed from many sources.

Auto Trader Web. For a trading tutorial that uses the best indicators, please visit the link below complete strategy using indicators. why I always get consecutive wins, this is my secret in the iq option strategy. iq option best accurate trading indicators 2019 100 wining stra Help Me To Rich 20000 Subscriber. You Forex Technical Indicators Best FX Trading Indicators and Techn In this video we discuss the best technical indicators to use in a Forex trading strategy - we look at the best.

Using Technical Analysis Indicators for Short term Trading Open a demo account With so many technical analysis indicators to choose from, today we will dive deep into the analysis of 3 specific indicators to help determine the most sensible BEST COMBINATIONS OF INDICATORS binary options How to trade binary options with best simple indicators. FOREX TRADING WITH NO LAGGING INDICATORS All about Trading in Forex and Binary Option Marked.

FOREX TRADING WITH NO LAGGING INDICATORS DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW. HERE IS THE LINK TO LESSON 1 AND LESSON 2 Link to Lesson Best Trading Indicators Technical Analysis Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrencies Best Technical Analysis Trading Indicators for Stocks, Cryptos, Forex. Lisk Price Prediction Best Cryptocurrency Video Monero Price Prediction Predictive Indicators and Forex Trading How to Use Predictive I is about educating people about the use of predictive indicators for forex trading.

These indicators predict price movement in the markets rather than just following the way that Best Indicators For Day Trading Crypto Trading Strategies Hindi Best Indicators For Day Trading - Crypto Trading Strategies Hindi in this video, I will show you the best indicator to earn a daily profit in day trading and intraday trading profits and forex news trading software forex news indicator mt4 indicator download link telegram channel ----------------------------Telegram channel Intraday Trading Trick Without Any Indicators, Trade Anywhere Any Intraday Trading Trick Without Any Indicators, Trade Anywhere Anytime BLOG LINK - tradingshero.

in Simple Intraday Strategy, Profitable Intraday Strategy, Must watch for. Etiqueta IQ Option Metatrader. iq option em Santa Leopoldina ES iq option em Santa Leopoldina ES é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. Tag iq option MetaTrader 5. iq option em Santa Leopoldina ES. iq option em Piraí RJ. iq option em Piraí RJ iq option em Piraí RJ é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em Deodápolis MS.

iq option em Deodápolis MS iq option em Deodápolis MS é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em Mauriti CE. iq option em Mauriti CE iq option em Mauriti CE é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em São José da Laje AL iq option em São José da Laje AL é um corretor de opções binárias incomum.

iq option em São José da Laje AL. iq option em Ipirá BA. iq option em Ipirá BA iq option em Ipirá BA é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em Alagoa Nova PB. iq option em Alagoa Nova PB iq option em Alagoa Nova PB é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em Taquara RS. iq option em Taquara RS iq option em Taquara RS é um corretor de opções binárias incomum. iq option em Canoinhas SC. iq option em Canoinhas SC iq option em Canoinhas SC é um corretor de opções binárias incomum.

Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2bd22aad7f3248 Your IP 95. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2bd55e59518498 Your IP 95. Please complete the security check to access goodreadingspeed. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2bd992cb02c3d4 Your IP 95. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2bdd3968dfd8e1 Your IP 95. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2bdd900d1c84c8 Your IP 95. How to Choose MetaTrader Forex Brokers.

Review of Best Binary Options Brokers. The foreign exchange forex in short market accounts for more than 5 trillion, on average, in terms of value of trading on a daily basis. As such, it is the largest among all the financial markets in the world. Further, there is no central marketplace for the currency market. Therefore, traders have to work with a forex broker that offers a platform to conduct their trades.

Hundreds of forex trading platforms are available, but the most popular one among them is the MetaTrader platform developed by MetaQuotes. According to estimates, more than 85 percent of the retail forex trading deals are executed using this platform. Therefore, you need to choose the best and trusted one from hordes of MetaTrader forex brokers out there in the market.

It is true that this platform comes with several great features and is offered by many forex brokers, but all of them are not the same. How to Choose the Best and Trusted Metatrader Forex Brokers. Identify Regulated Brokers. The most important factor to be considered when identifying best and trusted MetaTrader forex brokers is regulation. If the MetaTrader broker you choose is not regulated, legal protection may not be available to you.

However, it is important to remember that some countries enforce a high degree of regulatory control, whereas some others enforce it to a lesser extent. Additionally, the regulatory requirements vary between countries. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a forex broker from a country where the authorities strictly monitor regulatory compliance. In addition, you must also make sure that the on-shore as well as off-shore operations of the broker are regulated.

Countries where dedicated regulatory authorities are available are the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan, the Eurozone and Switzerland. Look for Brokers That Are Well Capitalized. It pays to identify and work with a well-capitalized forex broker. This is because it ensures a lot of security for your funds. To understand the details about the capitalization status of a forex broker, you can visit the website of the regulatory authority of that country.

Only MetaTrader forex brokers who are well-capitalized will be able to establish good credit relationships with liquidity providers and make available competitive pricing to their clients. As the forex market is of OTC nature, brokers are required to make margin deposits either with a lender or a bank in order to obtain highly competitive pricing. In fact, the minimum level of capitalization that a fo rex broker must have to remain solvent is specified by regulatory authorities.

Different Types of MetaTrader Forex Brokers. You need to choose the type of broker that suits you needs. Brokers operating in the OTC forex market are of different types. 1 Forex Brokers. Forex brokers act as a conduit between the dealers market makers and you. These brokers are sometimes referred to by the name Non Dealing Desk brokers or Straight Through Processing STP brokers because of the Straight Through Processing technology they make use of.

They make available computer systems for processing your orders without manual intervention or using a dealing desk. In the case of forex brokers, the spreads they give you are dependent on the dealers market makers through whom they route your transactions. These brokers offer fixed or dynamic spreads and charge a fee for the services provided by them. In turn, the market makers often provide some compensation if the broker routes transactions through their dealing desk.

2 Market Makers Dealers. The operation of a market maker is by means of a dealing desk. This is the method employed by most banks and financial institutions. In the case of dynamic spreads, the prices change in tandem with liquidity changes for some currency pairs. They offer both fixed and dynamic spreads. Market makers follow a two-way pricing policy. The market makers often interact with each other as making money depends to a great extent on their ability to manage the risk on their global forex positions.

ECN brokers act as brokers to a number of market makers dealing desks. In turn, ECN brokers distribute these prices to customers, but are not responsible for execution of orders. Dealers send quotes to ECN brokers, indicating the volume required for the specified prices. The spreads are determined by the difference between ask and bid prices. ECN brokers make money by charging a fee to customers and earning a commission from dealing desks. Understand Account Features.

Forex brokers often offer varied types of accounts, including standard, micro and mini accounts based on the number of lots traded. Typically, a standard lot has 100,000 units, while a mini lot has 10,000 units and a micro lot has 1,000 units. To help you establish your own lot size, some forex brokers provide fractional unit sizes. The mini micro accounts help you to trade by investing a minimum amount of capital.

1 Leverage and Margin. Leverage ranges from 50 1 to 200 1. Brokers provide loan or allow leverage to customers who open margin accounts. Some brokers offer more leverage. However, leverage helps to enhance profits received from winning positions. On the other hand, it contributes to widening losses in the case of non-winning positions. Leverage should be employed only with a great deal of caution.

2 Ease of Deposit Withdrawal. The deposit and withdrawal policies followed can vary from one broker to another. Therefore, you must choose MetaTrader forex brokers that offer several options for depositing funds into your trading account and allow you to withdraw money from your account without any hassles. Check Out Brokers Customer Service. Forex trading takes place round the clock. Therefore, the broker that you are planning to work with must be accessible at all times.

What has been explained above is not a complete list of factors to be considered when choosing MetaTrader forex brokers. Another factor that you must take into consideration is the ease with which you are able to communicate with the representatives of the broker s customer service department. Some of the other factors that you need to also consider include trading platform, order entry type, customization options available, automated trading options, etc.

Trading binary options and consistent winning is not easy.



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