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The vaping community has grown significantly over the last couple of years with more and more people finding their own little niches within the industry. As the number of global smokers decreases to around 1. 1 billion worldwide, forecasts within the vaping community expect there to reach almost 55 million by 2021. It s important, however, to remain healthy and on the ball when maintaining and using your e-cigarettes. This enjoyment and safe usage can be created by ensuring that you re updating your firmware when necessary and always changing your liquids to ensure rich flavours and huge vapours are prominent within your vape.

Take a look across our website to discover the products we have on offer. As with the previous i10, this new version is built at Hyundai s Izmit plant in Turkey for European markets and it shares its platform with the Kia Picanto. Hyundai i10 design styling. In its metamorphosis from second- to third-generation form, Hyundai s smallest model has experienced a bit of a growth spurt, but the changes to its overall footprint aren t drastic and should improve interior spaciousness.

Overall length has crept up by 5mm, but it s the fact that its wheelbase has been stretched by 40mm that should have the greatest effect in the cabin. The roofline has been lowered by 20mm and width increased by 20mm to lend the i10 a more squat, athletic stance than before. In fact, the general consensus among our testers is that this new car s styling is one thing that Hyundai has well and truly nailed. Where its predecessor was an attractive if largely featureless device, this new third-gen car has all the chiselled good looks, chic visual trinketry and premium appeal to see it confidently mingle with the established class elite.

In any case, Hyundai has long claimed that a healthy amount of its sales stem from customers taking a shine to its vehicles designs, and we ve no doubt the i10 is on a strong footing to see this continue. From launch, the i10 is available with a choice of two naturally aspirated petrol engines a 66bhp 1. 0-litre triple and the 1. 2-litre four-pot that straddles the front axle of our test car. Both powerplants are available with either a five-speed manual or five-speed automated manual transmission, and ours uses the five-speed manual to direct its 83bhp and 87lb ft to the front wheels.

There s enough visual aggression about its sharp front end to shake off the cutesy image that s so often attached to cars in this class, but not so much that it appears contrived or try-hard. A sportier N Line model with a 98bhp turbocharged three-pot will arrive in the summer. As for its suspension, the new i10 doesn t deviate from the established class formula. MacPherson struts are employed at the front axle and a torsion beam sits across the rear. The rear torsion bar is now U-shaped as opposed to triangle-shaped to improve stability, while a stronger steering torsion bar and quicker steering gear should help to sharpen steering response.

These days, it s rare for a meme to last more than a week before the online culture cycle bludgeons it into oblivion. This is how it survived for 5 years without losing its charm. In fandom circles, however, the case is a bit different good memes stick around, becoming cultural touchstones that people can refer back to without fail. Although anime fandom is becoming more and more mainstream on apps like TikTok, there are memes in the community that have their roots in content from earlier in the decade and have, against the odds, remained beloved reference points.

One of anime s most popular memes is an absurd joke about soup. I m at soup also known as soup store is a perfect example. Soup store is one of anime fandom s best-known memes, featuring a now-iconic format two characters have a gradually escalating conversation that starts civil but ends with one of them screaming, WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE. While still somewhat of a niche meme in terms of the overall zeitgeist, soup store has become such a fixture in certain corners of the internet that even vague references are enough to make the connection.

Soup store was originally a clip from abridged series Code MENT. Soup store is perhaps best enjoyed with as little context as possible, but it actually originated as part of a much larger work. The clip in question is part of the 16th episode of Code MENT, a parody of popular late aughts anime series Code Geass called an abridged series. Code MENT was created by Nick Lizzo, better known by his YouTube handle PurpleEyesWTF. Per The Artifice, this trend of dubbing over popular anime series in a comedic way traces back to the early 2000s, with 2006 s Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series frequently heralded as the first anime abridged series to be popularly labeled as such.

Arguably the best-known parody of anime series Code Geass, the series was known for its absurdity and the fact that it completely flipped the script on its protagonist, turning cunning into exaggerated idiocy. While Lizzo published the first 15 episodes of this iteration of Code MENT on YouTube from 2010 to 2013 there was an earlier version of the series that he mostly scrapped, although the sixth episode is still uploaded on his channelthe soup store clip originated from what is currently the series sixteenth and final episode.

Inspired by other contemporary abridged anime series, Lizzo started the project in college in the late 2000s, editing and dubbing over footage in Windows Movie Maker. Out of the full canon of his work, soup store stands out and ultimately enjoyed viral fame due to its simplistic humor. It s about two people talking past each other, getting answers to their questions, but clearly not communicating as well as they could, Lizzo said. To an audience member, you laugh because the expectation for each person is well-understood, but somehow, it subverts your expectation.

Both people are getting their questions met and their desires met at the same time, but they re also not getting what they re actually after. Inspiration for the clip came from real-life. According to Lizzo, the inspiration for the soup store bit actually came from a real-life conversation. He decided to call up a friend that he hadn t seen in a while, asking him what he was doing. How s his family. I was wondering, like, how is his job. I m eating chicken, Lizzo said the friend replied.

The friend replied, Oh, I m at Gap. Lizzo heard a ding from a cash register and asked, Where are you right now. He just assumed that I had known everything that was going on because we had been in each others lives for so long But as I was pulling details out of his story, it started making no sense. It was so funny, I could not help but laugh. We were such close friends, it never missed a beat, Lizzo explained. Ultimately, that conversation was what pushed Lizzo to finish the 16th Code MENT episode, publishing it on May 2, 2015, nearly two years after the most recent episode in the series.

That organic inspiration is part of why he thinks the clip went viral in the first place, and why it has staying power today. I did it almost instantaneously after getting off the phone with my friend, he said. The magic was still there. The idea was still there. I think you can almost feel the experience. Soup store s meme legacy began with parodies featuring other popular franchises.

One YouTube channel uploaded an animated Dark Souls parody of the dialogue on the same day May 2, 2015 that the original episode went up; an isolated clip of the soup store bit was re-uploaded by YouTube channel AndeePasta on May 4 and later posted on r Videos the same year. The clip s began to gain attention not long after its original upload. A Team Fortress 2 version of the meme uploaded in June 2015 helped to popularize the meme by attaching it to already popular video memes made in Source Filmmaker.

The parodies racked up over the years as people made parodies featuring franchises like Gravity Falls in late 2015Danganronpa in 2016or Undertale also in 2016. Popular YouTuber Markiplier reacted to the Team Fortress 2 version of the video in 2017. Parodies of the original clip are still going strong take this video from March 2020 featuring characters and music from 2019 anime film Promare. What truly makes soup store such a powerful meme, however, is its staying power.

While only an approximate metric, per Google Trends, search interest in I m at soup has wavered over the years but remained relatively steady since 2015 related topics include Undertale, Meme, and Code Geass. A cursory Twitter search will reveal plenty of people cracking low-effort soup store jokes; even vague references are enough to make a good soup store joke. Curi quarantine pls everybody srslycuriousTTV February 4, 2020. While some hailed it as the best meme of the previous decade Comedy peaked in 2015 and we ve been going down hill sic ever since, one tweet reads soup store has arguably lasted so long because it never truly broke into mainstream consciousness.

Rather than exploding like Twitter memes that tend to live fast and die young, soup store has been a slow burn, spreading like an inside joke in fandom circles online. In this case, the conversation was more of a muted whisper that left people in on the joke, ironically in sharp contrast to the ridiculous shouting that made the clip so popular in the first place.

I literally taught me things about how the internet talks, Lizzo said. Read more Anime could give Netflix a major advantage against Disney in the streaming war Celebrities like Dolly Parton are using a k-pop idol s sexy legs in the latest meme taking over the internet 60 viral moments that delighted us, disappointed us, and defined the 2010s. Browsing all 1,736,298 images. Today s Top Image Galleries. Surreal Memes.

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I like that stream, I think I was follower 2. Can t even sneak a unicode combining character into a username change, it will work on the end of a link though. You would get more traffic if you made it a listed stream, the stream link would show up on your profile page, also submissions and user comments would show on the corresponding user s profile more ways for users to see what s happening there. I ve been meaning to make a submission there.

Go to your stream settings imgflip. stream_name Imgflipmyths and pick the listed option, hit the Update Stream button. Is that really a thing. A user seems to can t comment or is it won t. Lol just asking. Thanks, yea that actually explains a few things. Always slips my mind to check settings lol. I ll make few more memes promoting. For The Latest News And Offers. Find your nearest IMO Car Wash. Join IMO Wash Club. Download save with the IMO app.

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By using the IMO website you consent to the use of cookies I Agree. We recycle up to 80 of the water we use and dispose of waste products responsibly. Informatique Maëlle. Travaux d Informatique 4ème. TP sur Prezi. Grâce à une familiarité avec le site, le travail a été une réussite. Ce moyen de présenter des diaporamas est le plus pratique que j ai trouvé.

Le maitrisant plutôt bien, et l ayant expériencé de nombreuses fois, je considère Prezi avec un oeil positif. Il y a une possibilité de personnalisation infinie, en plus d une praticité qui est ma raison même de l utilisation fréquente de ce moyen. S il faut y trouver un défaut, je dirais peut-être qu il y a des options payantes, ce qui est bien dommage. TP sur Powtoon. Le travail a été une réussite, grâce à mon extrême facilité à manipuler les outils informatique.

Le concept en lui même est intéressant. Il permet la fabrication de diaporama d une manière éducative et nouvelle. Malgré celà, je ne souhaite pas vraiment réutiliser le support. Bien qu il soit distrayant de l utiliser, il est vite ennuyant de naviguer longuement parmi les options et de trouver celle qui nous convient.

Finalement, la façon dont est présenté l interface n est, de mon point de vue, pas pratique, et à améliorer. Je me nomme Maëlle Le Roux, et ce blog a pour but de consigner des travaux d informatique, principalement. J ai 14 ans, je suis Bélier, et je cotoye la technologie sous toutes ses formes depuis ma petite enfance, et j ai reçu mon ordinateur autour de mes 8 ans. Quand aux jeux-vidéos, il est impossible de mettre une date sur la première fois ou j ai touché à une manette de ma vie, mais c est aujourd hui une passion de tout les jours qui compte énormément pour moi.

J apprécie aussi l écriture, la lecture et le dessin, mais qui sont par moins importants par rapport à mes liens avec l informatique et les technologies en tout genre. Bonne journée, bonne soirée. Devine qui je suis. Quatrième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Créer une image avec un anachronisme. Troisième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Scratch en peinture. Deuxième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Deux chats au laboratoire. Première partie de l atelier Photofiltre.

Know Your Meme is a website dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more. Does TikTok have any good singers. The Best Rendition Of Crazy Frog Came From A TikTok Duet. Welcome new visitor. Oracle Wins Bid For TikTok s US Operations, Surprisingly Edging Out Microsoft. Details of the partnership remain murky and fail to address the national security concerns cited by the White House as the reason for the pressure on the app.

September 14th, 2020 1 15 PM. It s The Circle Of Cheese. September 14th, 2020 12 50 PM. Captain America Actor Leaks Nudes Fans Defend Chris Evans Privacy After Captain America Actor Leaks Nudes. Chris Evans accidentally gave the world a look at America s penis this weekend, when he shared a screen recording of his camera rol on Instagram Stories. But some fans are urging the public to respect the actor s privacy and ignore the pictures. September 14th, 2020 12 00 PM. Everyone s Day Be So Fine, Until Something Like This Happens.

Not long after JFK from Clone High ascended to the memedom, he got busy making meme offsprings, and My Day Be So Fine just happens to be his firstborn. September 14th, 2020 10 57 AM. September 14th, 2020 1 30 PM. By Gareth Beavis 04 May 2020. iPhone 11 review. The cheaper iPhone 11 is Apple s top phone from 2019. The iPhone 11 - the successor to the iPhone XR - has gone from secondary handset to firmly taking the limelight. Offering most of the top-end camera technology of the powerful iPhone 11 Pro, it packs good spec and manages to do so for a lower cost than many would expect - this is the one to go for if you want a good value new iPhone.

Improved camera New range of colors Good battery life remains. Design is almost identical to XR No headphone dongle in the box Camera bump a little sharp. Two-minute review. Update Apple has confirmed that iOS 14 - the company s next big software update - will be coming to the iPhone 11 later in 2020. The iPhone 11 is something of a surprise - it brings more advanced technology namely in the camera capabilities and the processing power under the hood and yet offers it for less than the iPhone XR cost in 2018.

It combines a large 6. 1-inch display with a premium-feeling body, and comes in an array of colors too. The most eye-catching feature of the new iPhone is to the imaging capabilities with two sensors on the rear, you can now take wider-angle snaps alongside the normal main images. The night mode is the most impressive part of the iPhone 11 imaging quality, bringing brightness and clarity to impossibly dark scenes, and the Portrait mode, defocusing the background, is improved on the new iPhone too.

These sensors are 12MP each, and are raised from the rear of the phone in a square glass enclosure - which we re not enamored with visually. The design hasn t updated much from the iPhone XR in 2018, although there are now six colors - including a new lilac and mint green shade to choose from. The edges of the iPhone 11 still have the same feel as the older iPhone 6, 7 and 8, although the larger 6.

1-inch display in the middle takes up most of the front of the phone although with slightly thick borders around the screen. That display is bright enough and responds well under the finger, with bright sunlight performance good and the overall movie and video streaming playback strong - although not in the same league as the OLED-toting iPhone 11 Pro range. The general design is similar to last year s iPhone range. Apple claims that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is an hour longer than that of the impressive iPhone XR, and in our tests this largely bore out.

We were able to eke 24 hours use out of it without needing to try too hard - although sadly there s no fast charger in the box, so if you do deplete the power pack you ll need to wait around three hours before it s fully juiced up. The overall speed and performance of the iPhone 11 is robust - and especially so for the price. It s still one of the most powerful phones out there, according to our early benchmarks.

In reality that just translates to a solid experience when flipping in and out of apps - although we did note that the speed in firing up the camera was a little slow, and processing pictures took longer than expected for a modern phone. That said, given you can edit 4K footage at 60 frames per second on a smartphone, it seems like a pretty powerful device to have in your pocket - especially if you re a social influencer.

Overall the iPhone 11 is a triumph for Apple - if, for nothing else, the fact it s managed to lower the price year-on-year. We feel enough people are going to be won over by the hard-working camera check the night mode samples further down this review to see what we mean and the safety that buying a modern smartphone gives you.

You should be able to get years of use from this phone, and sure, you could also consider the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max if you want more power and higher spec, but we found the iPhone 11 to be fun to use and often outperformed what we would expect given the price - and that s a feat some wouldn t have expected from Apple. The notch remains, but the Liquid Retina LCD screen is clear and bright. Image credit TechRadar These are the best iPhone 11 cases.

iPhone 11 price and release date. iPhone 11 launch date September 10 iPhone 11 release date September 20 iPhone 11 price started at 699 729, AU 1,199. The iPhone 11 release date was September 20, 2019 around the world, and it s readily available to buy in the US, UK and Australia. You can purchase it directly from Apple, and a variety of other retailers. The iPhone 11 price at launch was hugely impressive in the US, where it starts at 699 for the 64GB storage model.

We can t begin to call this phone cheapbut that s a drop of 50 over the iPhone XR, and it s an incredible thing for Apple to do here when most expected the price to keep going up and up. In other regions the iPhone 11 price is still lower than the XR, but the saving isn t as great. The 64GB iPhone 11 will set you back 729 in the UK and AU 1,199 in Australia, which represents a saving of 20 and AU 30 respectively over the XR.

There are, as usual, a range of storage options to go for, with the aforementioned 64GB model joined by a 128GB 749, 779, AU 1,279 and a 256GB 849, 879, AU 1,449 version, if you re happy to spend more money to get extra capacity. That gives you access to specifically commissioned TV shows and films directly from Apple, and it s something you get with most new tech purchases from the company. An additional bonus is you ll get a year free of Apple s TV Plus service when you buy the new iPhone.

You ll likely be able to find the phone for a little less with some retailers, carriers and networks. That s even more so the case now that the phone has been out for some time and rumors are already growing about the iPhone 12. Below we ve put together the best deals you can find today for the iPhone 11. This isn t something we normally do, but we re going to get right to the simple fact that the iPhone 11 camera is easily the standout feature on this handset.

Apple has doubled the number of lenses on offer here where the iPhone XR had one, porthole-like sensor on the rear, things are much more grandiose for 2019, with a whole window on the rear containing two 12MP sensors. Apple s clearly going for an iconic and uniform look with the iPhone 11 range, with the Pro and Pro Max packing the same square lens bump on the rear. Two sensors - normal and ultra-wide - now adorn the rear of the iPhone 11. It s a wide-angle array that s to say you get the regular camera you ll find on every phone, plus an ultra-wide-angle lens that brings more of the scene you re shooting into the frame.

It takes some getting used to, almost to the point of it being too obtrusive visually, with your fingers playing across it far more when you re holding the iPhone in landscape, but it actually isn t as obtrusive as the bump on 2018 s iPhone, thanks to being layered up from the back the glass housing around the lenses is raised a small amount from the rear glass, and the sensors themselves a little more.

It s a setup that s pretty easy to use a toggle at the bottom of the camera interface enables you to move between focal length, and you can hold this down to activate a scroll wheel with which you can more smoothly zoom in and out. There s a slight judder when transitioning between the two cameras, and if you look closely you can see there s a difference in the light sensitivity of the two sensors as well in the preview.

The camera app is similar, but comes with a few new tweaks. The overall output is quite different - you ll get a far darker photo when zoomed out, so we d suggest only using the further-out sensor in a strong, bright scene and relying on night mode for the rest of the time. One thing that s supposed to be simple is fixing your too-narrow photos when you could be using the ultra-wide lens.

We saw in a demo how the iPhone 11 would be able to take a shot using the standard lens, but during our testing could not work out how to get access to the wider shot that s supposed to be taken at the same time, so you can change the composition post snap. The detail of both ball and sky is well-captured here.

The sharpness of the varying scene is strong, and the muted colors of the chicken come across well. The detail in the cobweb is clear, and the natural defocusing this isn t Portrait mode is strong. The varying light levels are good here, but there could be more detail under the ring in the darkness. The inbuilt filters, applied at shooting, allow you to decide on the look of the snap before pressing the shutter button. We activated all the right settings but making the picture wide after taking it is not something that s going to be easy to do for most.

Side note iOS 13 brings a feature we ve been after for a long time the capability to change the aspect ratio when you re snapping. You can choose square, 16 9 alongside the 4 3 standard image. However no matter the ratio chosen, it s still a 4 3 image on the phone. Let s talk about something that does work well the low-light performance.

Historically Apple s iPhone cameras have never been great here, but with its improved AI smarts the iPhone 11 is capable of rendering some amazing night snaps. Whether you re in a sort-of-dark situation, or focusing a tripod-mounted phone at the night sky, there s a setting that enables you to make what would normally be a badly-lit photo look as clear as well not quite as clear as day, but wonderfully bright.

This works by the iPhone 11 automatically telling you to hold the handset steady for 2-5 seconds so that the shutter can stay open for longer; the phone then captures a number of photos at different exposures and sharpness levels, before merging the data to produce the very best photo possible. If you ve braced or mounted the phone securely, the capture time can be extended to up to 30 seconds this is only really necessary if you re going to be taking photos of the night sky, and for general night shots we saw very little difference between the brightness of photos taken over 5 seconds and 30 seconds.

This scene represents how we saw the tree at night - there wasn t a lot of light around. However, the effect of brightening was startling and even the sky was well-improved. This image was taken without night mode on. Using a longer exposure can help get better images, but needs a steadier hand. and while we braced our hand for the shot, the result was a small amount of wobble ruining the whole image.

The results are startling, elevating Apple to the level of Huawei, Samsung and Google when it comes to taking low-light and night photos and in some ways enabling it to surpass its rivals. Night mode can make photos shot at 1am look as if they were taken in late afternoon, and if you can get your subjects to remain still, you ll take great snaps. However, try to photograph a scene that includes motion people dancing at a concert, for instance and it s a world of blur.

You ll need to manually turn off night mode, and that s a little bit of a nuisance when you re trying to get a quick snap. Talking of speed, there s a nice new feature added to iOS 13 whereby pressing and holding on the shutter button will allow you to take a quick video, Instagram-style, instead of burst mode photos you can still do this by sliding your finger left; if you slide right instead recording will be locked, allowing you to take your finger off the shutter button to adjust exposure and zoom.

Here s a standard photo note the larger amount of over-exposure at the edges. However, with more information from the ultra-wide angle lens, the picture looks a lot more colorful and sharp. Here s a standard picture - zoom in on the detail and you ll see the leaves are well-captured, and the sky represented well. Zooming out feels like the image should be more distorted, and while there is some slight stretching Apple has offset it well.

This is a nice feature that s going to appeal to those who want to share video clips to social media with ease. You don t get the same low-light capabilities for video more on that in a momentbut it s smooth and defaults to the settings you ve already set, so you can be shooting high-end 4K footage in a matter of seconds. We did notice on occasion that the iPhone 11 would show a black screen when we fired up the camera, meaning we would need to flick into another mode like video or slow-mo to jolt the viewfinder into showing something.

We ll keep an eye on this, as it s likely something that will be fixed soon via an update, but it seems like a bug when starting the camera app. Deep Fusion. This feature will take nine photos before you press the shutter button to take a snap, go through the information in each, and then on a pixel-by-pixel basis will decide how best to light and optimize the snap when you do take it. It was called mad science on stage and if it works, we ll be happy to go along with Apple s description.

2, but we re planning to include a full look at Deep Fusion in the review once we ve had time to test it. We ve yet to properly test this feature on the iPhone 11 as it was only introduced alongside iOS 13. With the addition of the second camera, Apple has made Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 far better than it was on last year s iPhone XR where last year software was used to help the iPhone know which was foreground and which was background, the extra sensor gives more physical information to help.

There was one feature Apple made a huge deal of at the iPhone launch event, and it could be the thing that propels the iPhone to the head of our list of best camera phones, or at least gets it very close Deep Fusion. It s not perfect where a scene is divided into foreground subject and background, it sometimes leaves some blur around the object that s supposed to be in focus especially with hair but it can take some decent snaps. The Stage Mono mode works well if you ve got a contrasting background and clear subject and you ve got a bow tie.

However, it s less effective with objects - using the stage light mode, this shows where the iPhone sees the foreground and background. The High Key Light Mono mode is generally pretty accurate and allows you to appear in your very own Calvin Klein advert. New to the Portrait mode effects in iOS 13 is High Key Mono, joining the Stage Light and Stage Light Mono options at times it looks arty and professional, but if that foreground image isn t captured precisely, it looks a bit poor. Apple is making a lot of noise about how the iPhone 11 can shoot 4K footage at 60 frames per second fpsand it s got good reason to having such a feature on a phone at this price is going to be attractive to a lot of people.

Shooting at 60fps will bring a certain fluidity to the shot, although some might not enjoy the effect as it doesn t look like the footage you re used to seeing on TV. We also noticed a definite improvement in exposure and contrast, even over the iPhone XS from last year, with more definition and detail in the shadowy areas. The new iPhone 11 is a tool that those with some video-editing capability will be able to do a lot with; being able to tweak the filter effects, color balance and so on in the native Photos app is cool too, before you export to iMovie.

It s not quite as advanced as other phones on the market in this regard, but it balances power and usability well, and is a worthwhile reason to buy if you re into quick video capture. Being able to edit photos on the fly is useful - the auto mode does a good job of brightening to the point of us wondering what it wasn t automatic when taking the pic. We ve had selfies, bothies and groufiesand with the iPhone 11 Apple has added a new term to the lexicon of annoying front-facing camera slang slofies.

The front-facing snapper here can capture slow-motion video selfies, and slow selfie gets you yep, slofie. Thanks Apple even selfie was bad enough. The results are good though, if you re into such things. The iPhone 11 will intelligently work out where to begin the slow motion sequence, or you can tweak it yourself in the editing app. The Lightning connector remains - no fast-charging USB-C port.

The design of the iPhone 11 is rather similar to that of the iPhone XR from 2018; in fact, if you place it face-down and cover the camera, there s very little to show it s a new phone at all. You could, perhaps, tell by the new colors on offer mint green, lilac and lighter yellow shades join the Product REDblack and white variants on offer this year.

But beyond that, the iPhone 11 and XR look identical from the front. On the rear, things are a little different. We ve talked already about the unsightly camera bump on the back of the phone, but the iPhone logo has also been moved downwards and in a new move the word iPhone is nowhere to be seen. This is something we expected to disappear, and it could herald the point in the next couple of years where we see the model number or name disappear completely disappear completely the iPhone 12 could well be the new iPhone, as has become Apple s practice with the iPad.

Or, it s just redundant. What else is a phone with an Apple logo going to be called. In fact, it s odd that it s taken this long for Apple to drop the iPhone wording on the rear. The lilac color is demure - and more purple than our images suggest. If you re reading this review wondering whether to go for the iPhone 11 or the new iPhone 11 Pro, then you ll want to know the cheaper device is a little thicker - admittedly, only 0.

2mm so, but you can feel the difference if you hold both. But that thickness doesn t stop it feeling premium; the glass and aluminum combo might feel a little old, given it s been used by Apple for so long, but given the iPhone 11 s price it certainly feels worth the cash. One the bottom of the phone you ll still find the same old Lightning connector we can t help feeling that this will be replaced by a USB-C port in the near future, as it allows for faster charging. Unlike the bigger 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 has a 6.

1-inch display that uses LCD technology rather than OLED, calling it Liquid Retina. That means you won t get the richness of colors, nor the deep blacks and bright whites, that you ll find on handsets with more advanced screen tech. You re still getting a decent display here though, as Apple has crafted and calibrated the screen to be clear, bright and sharp, despite only having a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels. The iPhone 11 s Liquid Retina display might not be the highest-res out there, but it s clear and bright.

That s lower than the 2436 x 1125 of the iPhone 11 Pro, yet you don t feel like you re getting a low-res screen here the brightness and strong color reproduction see to that. What s less attractive is the thicker border around the outside of the display these days we re seeing a lot of phones, including ones with a lower price tag than the iPhone 11, come with edge-to-edge displays, and with no notch at the top.

Clearly Apple still clearly believes that this is necessary to house the front-facing camera and advanced FaceID sensor to let users get into their phone. It can run up to 625 nits of brightness, according to Apple, and that s enough for us in most scenarios - blinding if you look at it on full brightness when opening your eyes in the morning. In terms of day to day use though, we found the iPhone 11 s screen to be clear, bright and easy to see even outdoors on bright days.

In terms of cinematic prowess, there s no high dynamic range HDR playback here - so you get something called Extended Dynamic Range - which doesn t have the same capability as an OLED-toting iPhone at playing back top-end movies. The screen is slightly washed out in comparison to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for instance, with the limitations of the LCD technology in the Liquid Retina display coming to the fore.

It lacks the color depth and contrast ratio of the higher-spec phone, but is still perfectly serviceable for streaming Netflix or live sport, as we found in our testing. iOS 13 and performance. As ever, Apple s new operating system is shown off to the fullest in its new iPhones this time around it s iOS 13, and the iPhone 11 packs some nifty features as a result.

The first thing we really like is that the OS now has more well-rounded, intelligent mini-notifications. That means that when you switch the phone to silent, or you change the volume, the little element that pops up to tell you what s happening is more useful and also interactive. It means, for example, that pressing a single volume key brings up a nice slider that you can control with a finger, rather than a box that covers the screen.

It sounds minor, but such things will improve the way you interact with your phone day to day. iOS 13 is clearer and more pleasing on the eye, with some nice tweaks to both the UI and privacy. FaceID has also had a much-needed upgrade the field of view of the camera has been improved a fair bit, so you can glance at your phone from your seat and unlock it. While you may still need to move your face closer or lift the phone slightly, it s a big upgrade from what debuted on the iPhone X two years ago.

This feature isn t the result of new hardware though, and it ll be coming to all iPhones launched in recent years it s just a case of Apple making better use of the information picked up by existing sensors. A couple of other new features we liked not exclusive to the iPhone 11, but helpful nonetheless swipe typing when using the keyboard, new Memoji stickers, and control of the Wi-Fi Bluetooth options from Control Center.

The new way of typing is great when you re trying to do things one-handed while carrying shopping, for instance. The Memoji stickers need to be accessed from the side of the keyboard when composing a missive they re not easy to see when you first open your messaging appand offer something more personal an image of your own face to punctuate your witty prose with pals. The ability to change Wi-Fi networks from within the Control Center is a really useful one now you no longer need to open up the Settings menu to switch.

That s iOS 13 covered, so what about the iPhone 11 itself. The new haptic engine is more subtle when flickering your finger through the interface - opening the app menu on the home screen gives more options now. That s a powerful combo, and our Geekbench testing returned a score of 3186, a real improvement on last year. This power is evident throughout the user experience, with everything as quick under the finger as you d hope for.

The new handset packs Apple s new A13 Bionic chipset, and according to spec leaks pairs it with 4GB of RAM. However, that s rather stating the obvious smartphones became powerful enough to respond instantly to your every whim years ago, and it s in the nuances where we see the differences between the merely good handsets and the very best. Our experience playing other, less-powerful games on the handset was just as we expected everything looking bright and clear, with nothing in the way of slow-down, and racing games with scenery re-rendering quickly as we moved, and visual elements like water splashed about attractively.

The demo game we played on the iPhone 11 Pascal s Wager looked great, with all manner of shadows and reflections flickering about the screen, and ran fluidly. The iPhone 11 wasn t quite so rapid across all tasks saving photos or video to the camera roll sometimes took a second or two, but then again you re processing large amounts of data especially for Night mode or 4K videoso that s perhaps to be expected; however, some people might expect performance to be instant all the time.

Throughout our testing we didn t notice any real problems with the iPhone 11 it s a smart and speedy handset, and delivers far better performance than similarly-priced phones on the market, as well as packing a more mature app catalog to augment your experience. There is one change that we want to highlight as with the iPhone XR, there s no 3D Touch on offer with the iPhone 11, so pressing harder on the screen won t yield any new menus or additional functionality.

Instead, it s a long-press-and-wait for new menus, or previews of things like web pages or Live Photos. That s fine, and the implementation works well when you get used to the rhythm of having to wait but it means that when you hold down on icons on the home screen you ll now need to choose the option to rearrange apps or wiggle your finger on the screen slightlyrather than it just happening naturally. One of the highlights of the iPhone XR was that it was easily one of the longest-lasting iPhones we d seen, if not the longest-lasting.

We were actually worried that our testing process had gone wrong in some way, such was the surprising performance, but it was true and the iPhone 11 carries on in that vein. We found it to be essentially as good as the XR in terms of stamina, easily making it through to the end of a working day in our testing. On a low-use day we found that it held out for 27 hours we took the phone off charge at 8. 20am, and it finally gave up the ghost at 11am the next day when we employed it as a portable hotspot.

This was still with around an hour of video streaming, some music playback, and about 45 minutes of photography thrown into the mix. With harder use, including a lot of app downloading and music streaming over Bluetooth, as well as regularly checking email throughout the day, it was dead just after 10pm. The iPhone 11 battery life didn t impress as much as that of the iPhone XR, but that s because we ve quickly become used to the fact that a phone from Apple doesn t have to have an infuriatingly short battery life.

We found that the iPhone 11 has decent battery life, and is capable of hibernating well when not in use. That s not to say it s the best on the market if you want a phone with the best battery life around, look to the Android stable, where there are some long-lasting phones indeed. There s no fast charger in the box with the iPhone 11, which is clearly a cost-saving move as the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max both have an 18W charger in the box, which powers up the iPhone 11 far more rapidly than the standard USB plug it comes with.

at least for one more year. However, if you re intending to stick with Apple, the iPhone 11 offers decent battery life, especially for the price. Using the standard, slower charger from the iPhone 11 box, after 20 mins it had gained 10and pretty much carried on that 1 every two minutes rhythm until fully charged. Using a fast charger, in 24 minutes the iPhone 11 had gained a whopping 35 charge, and by 12 03 was at 75 iqoption conta, where we needed to remove it to take it on the go.

To get a largely-full battery in under an hour is brilliant, and we recommend you upgrade to a fast charger when you buy the phone. You want a 2019 iPhone for cheap er OK, it s not cheap, but it s by far the most cost-effective phone we ve seen from Apple since the iPhone SE - and it s far more powerful. You want longer-lasting battery life The battery life on the iPhone XR was good, and that s continued with the iPhone 11.

Also, if we re recommending things, remember that the iPhone 11 supports wireless charging too, so getting yourself a wireless pad for home and for work will see you rarely with battery anxiety again - it s a worthwhile investment, even if the charging is slower. You want a phone with a very strong camera The iPhone 11 s night mode, two lenses and forthcoming Deep Fusion combine to make a very competent snapper - almost matching what s available on the more expensive Pro range.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is slightly better here, but you can buy with confidence on the 11. Don t buy it if. You want the most powerful iPhone out While the iPhone 11 has got some grunt, it doesn t quite match the raw power of the 11 Pro range - we doubt you ll notice much of an issue at all, but one to note if that spec matters to you.

You want brilliant battery life This might sound confusing given the above point about great battery, but while the iPhone 11 has good longevity, there are plenty of phones on the market that last longer. You need a huge capacity for media and apps The iPhone 11 s storage options top out at 256GB - that s going to be fine for nearly everyone, but if you love a terabyte of space, that s not on offer here. First reviewed September 2019. And yes, the notch remains.

To give you an idea of the difference when it comes to charging speeds, we tested using the slow charger in the box and a fast-charging unit separately. This post was edited by CarlSagan 5 days ago. This post was edited by bgbdbr 5 days ago. This post was edited by KU1519 5 days ago. Ivanka Trump. Ivana Marie Ivanka Trump ɪ ˈ v ɑː ŋ k ə ; born October 30, 1981 2 is an American businesswoman, serving since 2017 as Advisor to the President, her father Donald Trump.

1 The daughter and second child of President Trump and his first wife, Ivana, she is the first Jewish member of a first family, having converted before marrying her husband, Jared Kushner. Assumed office March 29, 2017 President Donald Trump Preceded by Brian Deese Valerie Jarrett Shailagh Murray Personal details Born. 1981-10-30 October 30, 1981 age 38 2 New York City, New York Political party Republican 2018 present Other political affiliations Democratic until 2018 Spouse s.

Children 3 Parents. Donald Trump Ivana Trump. Relatives See Trump family Karlie Kloss sister-in-law Joshua Kushner brother-in-law Education University of Pennsylvania BSc. She is a fourth-generation businessperson who followed in the footsteps of her great-grandmother Elizabeth, grandfather Fred, and father, serving for a time as an executive vice president of the family-owned Trump Organization. She was also a boardroom judge on her father s television show The Apprentice. Starting in March 2017, she left the Trump Organization and began serving in her father s presidential administration as a senior adviser alongside her husband.

She assumed this official, unpaid position. 7 After ethics concerns were raised about her having access to classified material while not being held to the same restrictions as a federal employee, Trump voluntarily filed financial disclosure forms required of federal employees and be bound by the same ethics rules. 8 9 While serving in the White House, she continued to operate her clothing brand business until July 2018, which raised ethics concerns, specifically conflicts of interest.

10 She was considered part of the president s inner circle even before becoming an official employee in his administration. 1 Business 2. 2 Modeling 2. 3 Television 2. 1 The Apprentice 2. 2 Other TV appearances 2. 4 Books 3 Trump campaign and administration 3. 1 2016 presidential campaign and election 3. 2 Senior Advisor to the President of the United States 3. 3 2020 Presidential campaign 4 Social and political causes 4. 1 Philanthropy 5 Personal life 5. 1 Relationships 5. 2 Religion 6 Awards and nominations 7 Cultural depictions 8 Footnotes 9 References 10 External links.

Trump was born in Manhattan, New York City, and is the second child of Czech-American model Ivana née Zelníčková 12 and Donald Trump, who in 2017 became the 45th president of the United States. 13 Her father has German 14 and Scottish ancestry. 15 For most of her life, she has been nicknamed Ivankaa Slavic diminutive form of Ivana. 16 17 Her parents divorced in 1992 when she was ten years old. 13 18 She has two brothers, Donald Jr.

and Eric, a half-sister, Tiffany, and a half-brother, Barron. She attended the Chapin School in Manhattan until she was 15 when she switched to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. She characterized Choate s boarding-school life as being like a prisonwhile her friends in New York were having fun. After graduating from Choate in 2000, 20 she attended Georgetown University for two years before transferring to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, from which she graduated cum laude with a bachelor s degree in economics in 2004.

21 22 Her father had also transferred to Wharton after two years at another institution Fordham University. After graduating from Wharton, Trump briefly worked for Forest City Enterprises as a real estate project manager before joining the Trump Organization in 2005. 24 She was Executive Vice President of Development Acquisitions at the Trump Organization. In 2007, she formed a partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp.the company of diamond vendor Moshe Lax, to create Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, a line of diamond and gold jewelry sold at her first flagship retail store in Manhattan.

26 27 In November 2011, her retail flagship moved from Madison Avenue to 109 Mercer Street, a larger space in the fashionable SoHo district. In December 2012, members of 100 Women in Hedge Funds elected Ivanka Trump to their board. On October 2, 2015, it was reported that Ivanka Trump s flagship store on Mercer Street appear s to be closed and, noting that the shop had been stripped clean. 31 In October 2016, the only dedicated retail shop and flagship boutique for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry was located at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, with her brand also being available at Hudson s Bay and fine-jewelry stores throughout the U.

and Canada, as well as in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. She also had her own line of Ivanka Trump fashion items, including clothes, handbags, shoes, iqoption conta accessories, available in major U. and Canadian department stores including Macy s and Hudson s Bay. 33 Her brand was criticized for allegedly copying designs by other designers, 34 35 and by PETA and other animal rights activists for using fur from rabbits.

36 37 In 2016, the U. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled Ivanka Trump-branded scarves because they did not meet federal flammability standards. 38 39 A 2016 analysis found that most of the iqoption conta line was produced outside the U. 40 Ivanka Trump-brand shoes have been supplied by Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan and Hangzhou HS Fashion via G-III Apparel Group in Zhejiang. On February 2, 2017, after months of customers boycotting and poor sales, 42 department store chains Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom dropped Trump s fashion line, citing poor performance.

43 Other retailers such as Marshall s. Maxx and the Hudson s Bay Company stopped selling her products. On February 9, 2017, presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway controversially encouraged Fox News viewers to purchase Trump s retail products. 45 In June 2017, three people with the organization called China Labor Watch were arrested by Chinese authorities while investigating Huajian International, which makes shoes for several American brands, including Ivanka Trump s brand.

The Trump Administration called for their release. On July 24, 2018, Trump announced that she shut down her company after deciding to pursue a career in public policy instead of returning to her fashion business. When Trump was attending boarding school as a teenager, she began modeling on weekends and holidays and absolutely not during the school year, according to her mother, Ivana Trump.

50 She was featured in print advertisements for Tommy Hilfiger and Sasson Jeans 51 52 and walked fashion runways for Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler. 50 In May 1997, she was featured on the cover of Seventeen which ran a story on celeb moms daughters. Trump joined the Trump Organization in an executive position. Soon after that, she started her jewelry, shoe, and apparel lines, and appeared in advertisements promoting the Trump Organization and her products.

She was also featured in women s and special interest publications in soft-hitting profiles focusing on looks, lifestyles, and product lines and was featured on the cover of some issues, such as Harper s BazaarForbes LifeGolf MagazineTown Countryand Vogue. She was featured on the cover of Stuff in August 2006 and again in September 2007. The Apprentice. In 2006, Trump filled in for Carolyn Kepcher on five episodes of her father s television program The Apprentice 5first appearing to help judge the Gillette task in week 2.

57 Like Kepcher, Trump visited the site of the tasks and spoke to the teams. 56 Trump collaborated with season 5 winner Sean Yazbeck on his winner s project of choice, Trump SoHo Hotel-Condominium. She replaced Kepcher as a primary boardroom judge during the sixth season of The Apprentice and its follow-up iteration, Celebrity Apprentice.

Other TV appearances. In 1997, at the age of 15, Trump co-hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant, which was partially owned by her father, Donald Trump, from 1996 to 2005. In 2010, Trump and her husband briefly portrayed themselves in Season 4 Episode 6 of Gossip Girl. In October 2009, Trump s first self-help book, The Trump Card Playing to Win in Work and Life, was published; according to ghostwriter Daniel Paisner, he co-wrote the book.

66 67 On the back of the book as well as on the Trump Organization website until 2011 and in her Huffington Post author biography she falsely claimed to have graduated summa cum laude from Wharton. In May 2017, her second self-help book, Women Who Work Rewriting the Rules for Successwas published; she used the services of a writer, a researcher, and a fact-checker.

70 71 72 The book debuted in the number four spot in the Advice, How-To and Misc. category of The New York Times Best Seller list, received a great deal of negative criticism 42 and was absent from the list two weeks later. 2016 presidential campaign and election. In 2015, she publicly endorsed her father s presidential campaign. She was involved with the campaign by making public appearances to support and defend him. 75 76 77 However, she admitted mixed feelings about his presidential ambitions, saying in October 2015, As a citizen, I love what he s doing.

As a daughter, it s obviously more complicated. 78 In August 2015, Donald Trump stated that she was his leading advisor on women s health and women and said it was she who propelled him to elaborate on his views of women. In January 2016, Trump was featured in a radio ad that aired in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, in which she praised her father.

81 82 She appeared by his side following the results of early voting states in 2016, in particular briefly speaking in South Carolina. 83 84 She was not able to vote in the New York primary in April 2016 because she had missed the October 2015 deadline to change her registration from independent to Republican. Trump introduced her father in a speech immediately before his own speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention RNC in July.

86 The George Harrison song Here Comes the Sun was used as her entrance music. She stated, One of my father s greatest talents is the ability to see the potential in peopleand said he would Make America Great Again. 87 Her speech was well received as portraying Donald Trump in a warmer-than-usual lightaccording to The Washington Post. 88 An earlier Post article had questioned whether the policy positions Ivanka Trump espoused were closer to those of Hillary Clinton than to those of her father.

89 After the speech, the George Harrison estate complained about the use of his song as being offensive to their wishes. 90 The next morning, Ivanka s official Twitter account tweeted, Shop Ivanka s look from her RNC speech with a link to a Macy s page that featured the dress she wore. After her father s election, Trump wore a bracelet on a family appearance with the president-elect on 60 Minutes. Her company then used an email blast to promote the bracelet.

After critiques for monetizationthe company quickly apologized, calling the publicity the work of a well-intentioned marketing employee at one of our companies who was following customary protocol. A spokeswoman said the company was, post-election, proactively discussing new policies and procedures with all of our partners going forward. Trump has collected the work of artists who have protested to her directly following her father s election victory.

In January 2017, artist Richard Prince returned a 36,000 payment iqoption conta received for a work featuring Ivanka and disavowed its creation. 94 Other artists joined behind a movement created by the Halt Action Group called dear_ivanka, which aimed to change Trump s policies by appealing to Ivanka. 95 Among its supporters were contemporary artist Alex Da Corte who told Trump to stay away from his paintings after she appeared in front of one on a social media post.

On Friday, January 20, 2017, she attended the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, at the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D. Ivanka Trump partly negotiated rates of hotel rooms, rental spaces, and meals at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.on which her father s inaugural committee spent funds, WNYC and ProPublica reported in December 2018.

97 She has been mentioned with regard to the links between Trump associates and Russian officials. As of May 20, 2019 updateshe is under investigation by the United States attorney for the District of Columbia for her role in her father s inauguration, 100 although Trump did not have any official role in running the committee. Senior Advisor to the President of the United States. In January 2017, Trump resigned from her position at the Trump Organization. 102 The organization also removed images of Trump and her father from their websites, in accordance with official advice on federal ethics rules.

103 In the early months of her father s presidency, some commented that she was filling a quasi first lady role 104 while First Lady Melania Trump remained in New York City her son Barron completed the school year in New York before the first lady moved to Washington ; 104 Trump stated that she had no intention of being the first lady. After advising her father in an unofficial capacity for the first two months of his administration, Trump was appointed First Daughter and Senior Advisor to the President, 7 107 a government employee, on March 29, 2017; 108 109 n 1 According to the administration, she takes no salary.

7 108 Prior to becoming a federal employee, she used a personal email for government work. Amid the contentious early months of her father s administration, some commentators compared her role in the administration to that of Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of President Richard Nixon. Nixon Eisenhower was one of the Nixon administration s most vocal defenders, and Trump defended the Trump administration and her father personally against a myriad of allegations.



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