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At the time team signed as YE1C West Java Contest Station. Finally, after years, this team went back to Mount Malang for CQ 160M CW. This time, all of team members were from Local District of Bekasi well known as ORARI Lokal Bekasi. Preparation and Trip. Based on the latest information from Kasmuri upon previous visit to Mount Malang, series of preparation were taken as follows. January 8, 2017 Advance survey was undertaken to technically review possible antenna installment following some changes at site.

Survey Team YF1DO Danu, YC1DPM Awi, and YC1MR Kasmuri January 12, 2017 Coordination meeting was held to follow up resulted advance survey above, attended by YB1CF Yoyon, YC1DPM Awi, YC1ME Mawan, YC1MR Kasmuri, YF1DO Danu, YD1DGZ Hendar, YD1DOQ Oki, and YD1OLG Oleng. Details in technical i. permit, TX Antenna arrangement, logistic, job assignment as well as journey plan were discussed.

A iq option pode falir 27, 2017 At 07. 00 Jakarta Time, group consists of 2 cars with 7 personnel left for KM-39 at Jakarta-Cikampek Highway where Danu s car had already been there. Soon after personnel transfer at KM-39, this main group 3 cars with 8 personnels left for Mount Malang and arrived at destination around 10. 00 Jakarta Time. Antenna Installation and Station Setup. Just before unloading equipment, short discussion was held to locate dipole antenna for TX, revealed Old Tower of TVRI Republic of Indonesia TV would be used as feed point location, where one dipole leg was strung to triangle located at south west, leaving another leg strung to another old tower at north east.

1 describes Mount Malang at Distance. Job assignment was divided into 3 small groups. Power source and distribution as well as operator s room setup were handled by YF1DO Danu, YC1DPM Awi, and YD1DGZ Hendar Both Wire Dipole for TX and Beverage for RX were handled by YB1CF Yoyon, YC1MR Kasmuri, YC1ME Mawan and YD1OLG Oleng, assisted by local security guards Enjang and Herman from Pertamina Logistic Support was handled by YD1DOQ Oki.

This activity was taken after team went for Friday Pray Time. Having Dipole Antenna Installation was completed for TX, it was followed by drawing wire for Beverage Antenna Installation. Beverage installation was a bit challenging provided by land contour that sloping down to north side across plantation land owned by local farmer. Length of antenna element was around 160 meters approximately 1 Wire Length with 9 1 Matching Transformer at south side closed to shack and another one was ended by a 470 ohm terminating resistor at north side.

Around 16 00 Jakarta Time, all installation for antenna and station were accomplished and team were ready for antenna testing. In order to satisfy all equipment setup working properly as expected, station testing needed to be undertaken. Few days prior, team had several mail chains with W6YA Jim, in concern with SKED arrangement outside the contest on top band at agreed time and frequency.

After having some trials in making CQ for W6YA ON SKED but unfortunately still had no response from him later on Jim mentioned on his mail that his station barely heard Awi calling CQ, whilst he kept listened to working frequencyAwi decided to make general call and at 1105 UTC, he eventually got his first contact on top band with JH0INP.

Congratulation to Awi for his first top band contact. It was too bad that during trials, W6YA Jim who had already arranged SKED for QSO was unable to hear us, whereas all team members put their concern in making this happen with him. However, we did believe that someday eventually we ll make contact with Jim W6YA on top band. Afterward, lots more stations called YC1DPM during that period of testing including 2 stations from Indonesia YC1YU Urip and YB1CYD Darmono were put in Awi s log.

Awi got big pile up at the time and certainly could be understood considering YB stations are still becoming rare stations to date on top band. Even, Awi got personal mail from stations worked him expecting that it was a real and they didn t make contact with PIRATE. LOL What a funny but could be understood though.

Around midnight or January 27, 2017 1900 UTCsecond group from Bekasi came over Contest Station YB1EME A iq option pode falir, YB1NWP Nyoman, and Hendri Rookie. Approximately 10 minutes prior to contest started, Awi finished his DX activity with total QSO of 59, not too bad for working on top band with 500 watts. Day-1 Contest. January 28, 2017 at 2210 UTC, YE1K started operation with first call coming from West Malaysia Station 9M2 JE1SCJ.

Not many stations we worked that morning, only 9 stations were in log including top bander from YB Land YC1COZ Ferry. Team left the station provided unfavorable band condition after 2330 UTC. Whilst some team member spent this spare time due to closed propagation, YB1KAR Heri came over Mount Malang from Bandung. A good thing like sort of contest event with multi-operators was always be a gathering moment for us.

When time was just about closed to sunset time here, Mawan started calling CQ for YE1K and immediately got answered from YE1ZAL, a Club Station from Bogor. However, after put YE1ZAL in the log, the rig IC-7800 switched off inadvertently. A troubleshoot by YB1NWP Nyoman who happened to be a very good technician of team, revealed broken 5 VDC internal power supply. Upon knowing resulted troubleshoot from Nyoman, Team immediately prepared back up rig IC-7300 that unfortunately without dedicated TX and RX Ports available, resulting in a need to install stand alone automatic switch accommodating TX and RX antenna.

Once things related with hardware and software setup were accomplished after 1 hour downtime, YE1K was ready to be on air again followed by incoming station YB1UUU as first station in contact with backup rig IC-7300. This continued until January 28, 2017 23. 41 UTC with UD4K was last station in log. Unlike other contests where team took part, for this top band, operator did not worked alone and assisted by co-operator who made sure in getting partial characters of incoming calls coming in moreover during a pile up in fading.

This was how this team used to work on top band with multi-operators. In Day-1, total of 158 stations were in YE1K s log. Day-2 Contest. Sunday evening 0900, Jakarta Time, YB1EME Budi, YB1NWP Nyoman, and a Rookie Hendri for certain reason that they needed to handle, left for Bekasi. Ones come ones go, applied to situation there where Sunday afternoon around 1200 Jakarta Time, YD1JZ Joz and YD1ORZ came over Mount Malang and brought us dedicated CW rig for our past contests, Elecraft K3 we called it as CW Rig since no SSB module installed on this particular one.

Prior to initial use for contest, a pair testing just to compare receiving performance between K3 and IC 7300 was taken using same receiving antenna. By the time, a very weak signal identified by K3, we switched the antenna to IC 7300 whilst adjusting all available menus but this was no to success. Meaning that an identified very weak signal was barely heard on IC 7300 under any circumstances, switching back to K3 and just been heard again, back to IC 7300 and gone.

Upon this resulted test, this convinced all team member to utilize K3 then, replacing IC 7300 that served us in Day-1. All seemed as planned related with score, achievement, fun that we would go through in Day-2 until unexpected one occurred by the time linear amplifier was switched ON. Small explosion was heard that led us to switch off all appliances. This situation was not expected while Nyoman had been away from station, so none of rest of the team really familiar in how to repair this linear, despite we finally uncovered it and taken Electrolyte Capacitor Module out as suspected root cause.

This took about 2 hours until we reinstalled this module after some cleaning and resoldering. Afterward, prior to covering it back, we needed to do some test by powering it up. All team members were so nervous waiting for what would happened next since they did not know if they made it or not with the repair. Worst thing just happen immediately after it was powered up, we heard bigger explosion came from ELCO module followed by visible sparks.

We knew that it was over it was over. This time YC1DPM Awi had chance to test the station using IC-7800 powering EMTRON with output around 500 watts during this test prior to contest. Saat tidak ada station lain masuk, operator akan mencoba untuk scanning menggunakan VFO B yang dialnya terpisah tanpa mengganggu proses CQ pada VFO A. Dan kebetulan Elecraft K3 termasuk salah satu pesawat yang disupport N1MM software dalam memaksimalkan fitur tersebut, mengingat pesawat ini memiliki 2 dial terpisah antara VFO A dan VFO B yang bisa bekerja secara independen sehingga proses Run dan S P juga bisa dilakukan secara independen, namun tetap hanya akan ada 1 signal yang bisa ditransmisikan dalam waktu tertentu.

Sesudah itu, makin banyak station yang memanggil YC1DPM selama antenna testing tersebut. All personnel there were really shocked of knowing what happened, they all showed unhappy faces. But show must go on. We realized that it was a fact that team needed to face as well as a fact that in turn would affect entire team s score at the end. Apart that we were away from our initial target score of 323 QSOs, missing our golden moment in making contact with stations in grey line from USA as well as North Asia Stations, we kept facing this.

While most of team went for dinner, except Mawan who tried his luck in continuing operation with barefoot 100 watts, not many stations were in log, only 6 stations from HS and JA. We were just unheard among big guns there. Things looked not quite good until at some moment Mawan heard K7CA calling CQ and responded by sending YE1K at correct space. K7CA stopped his CQ and came back with 1K 1K. It seemed unbelievable that the signal was heard by K7CA, Mawan sent him back with complete call YE1Kbut seemed he was unable to copy upon 5 periods back and forth transmission among us, and he was always back with AGN.

Until once upon the 6th, Mawan heard his signal much more louder than before and he thought it was just about the right time, followed by sending YE1K YE1K. Soon afterward, K7CA replied with R R YE1K followed by report exchange between us. At the end of his transmission, K7CA sent a iq option pode falir you twice TU TU and replied by Mawan with TU TU TU just to express his emotion while working a US station on top band with 100 watts only. Not only that, all team member who still had dinner in the next room were also happy knowing this happend.

Big thanks to K7CA for patience and good ear. Meanwhile, from separate discussion in dining room, upon knowing that it was hard to work with barefoot only, Kasmuri raised his initiative to ask for somebody to deliver his linear amplifier from Bekasi to Mount Malang. It took 2-3 hours travel time from Bekasi to Gunung Malang and it was eventually delivered at 2100 Indonesia Time from his QTH 1400 UTC. While waiting for backup linear, YB1KAR Heri and YC1DPM Awi replaced Mawan as Operators, keeping running 100 watts and tried to get any chance as we could as possible.

Total only 14 stations that YE1K could work within 7 hours period with barefoot 100 watts. One of them was YB1AR Yana Koryana. By the time the backup arrived station at 2300 Indonesia Time, followed by setup thereafter, we were finally ready to get on air with higher power around 500 600 watts. We could not drive this unit higher due to excessive heat revealed on the case, that led us to open all doors and window leaving incoming fresh air for heat dissipation by natural convection.

5 hours left before the contest ended, we were just away from our targeted QSOs, that led us to operate the contest with 3 operators 1 Operator and 2 Co-Operators. At the beginning Mawan was the operator assisted by Joz and Heri. This way was proven to be very effective while main operator focused on a station coming in, the other 2 co-operators wrote down other station on separate display thereby QSO rate might be improved accordingly. Team spirit was maintained by doing sort of method in filling in the gap of previous loss time.

In Day-2, we finally logged additional 129 QSOs. So that total 287 QSOs with 140,500 claimed score at the end of contest. Mostly from EU and JA, some from OC and AF, with only 3 stations from Whiskey Land were in log. Total QSOs that far below target of 323 QSOs being initially setup. But through all the hurdles that team went through entire contest, this result was appreciated though.

So many lesson learnt on how importance of prepare for the worst mainly in doing contest far away from home base. It all seemed to be well prepared, indeed, except to the one that we missed, Linear Amplifier. Like former contests, It had always been a struggle to compete with KH stations for Oceania, however, this moment was a positive indication for YE1K to be more active on top band.

Moreover, last year we were sorry to say most of team were in deepest sadness of Johan Teranggi YC0LOW who became silent key. He used to be most active top bander here in Indonesia and held DXCC of this band. Besides he became best friend of most of team senior members, he also took part in reinstating station building in Gunung Malang along with us. What a coincidence, he belonged to some gears we used during contest i.

Beverage Antenna, Palstar AT2K Tuner, and Elecraft K3, and handed over to some of us. Team conducted review before ended their activity in Mount Malang, led by Mawan, all members raised their input for future improvement as well as maintaining good thing during contest. See you in the upcoming contest in Mid-February 2017 CQ WPX RTTY and hoping to see you again on CQ 160 CW next year, in Mount Malang, that so far being the most appropriate place for team to work on top band.

YE1ZAT PADA SUATU PERJALANAN DAN PROSES PANJANG YANG TIDAK AKAN PERNAH BERHENTI. Tahun 2016 akan segera berakhir. Melihat kilas balik pada 2016, Club Station asal Bekasi ini telah berkiprah pada kegiatan DX Contest dengan menyelesaikan 4 kontes dari yang seharusnya 6 kontes sebagaimana direncanakan di awal tahun.

Kontes yang sudah dilalui oleh YE1ZAT dalam tahun 2016 antara lain CQ WPX RTTY, CQ WPX SSB, CQ WPX CW, dan CQ WW RTTY. Ada 2 kontes dalam kalender tahunan yang karena beberapa pertimbangan teknis, batal untuk diikuti oleh anggota tim, yaitu CQ WW SSB dan CQ WW CW. Namun absennya YE1ZAT ataupun YE1K pada kedua kontes CQ WW SSB dan CQ WW CW di 2016, bukan berarti aktifitas kontes bagi anggota tim juga terhenti.

Beberapa anggota tim antara lain YC1DPM, YC1ME, dan YD1DGZ sepakat untuk mengisi kevakuman tim dengan tetap berpartisipasi pada kedua kontes tersebut melalui homecall masing-masing sekaligus pertama kalinya mereka berpartisipasi pada kontes tersebut dengan homecallkarena biasanya selalu bersama club station YE1ZAT ataupun contest station YE1K.

Dari keempat kontes yang sudah diselesaikan di 2016, hanya CQ WW RTTY yang belum selesai pada final log checking. Sementara untuk 3 kontes CQ WPX Series yaitu RTTY, SSB, dan CW, semuanya telah sampai pada publikasi hasil akhir. Pada ketiga kontes tersebut, YE1ZAT berhasil membuat rekor baru untuk Oceania pada kategori multi-one low power yang kesemuanya dibuat pada tahun 2016. Namun yang terasa paling berkesan dan membanggakan adalah prestasi yang didapat pada CQ WPX CW 2016.

Di mana YE1ZAT tidak hanya menjadi yang terbaik di Oceania pada kategori Multi-One Low Power serta menorehkan rekor Oceania baru, namun tim ini juga berhasil menembus 3 besar dunia. Sehingga tidaklah terlalu berlebihan jika untuk CQ WPX Contest, apa yang telah dicapai oleh YE1ZAT di 2016 benar-benar melebihi target yang telah dicanangkan di awal tahun. Peringkat 3 Duniasuatu pencapaian yang sebenarnya belum dicanangkan oleh anggota tim, karena target tim sekaligus milestone di awal adalah memperbaiki pencapaian tahun lalu dan menjaga peringkat di level Oceania.

Sertifikat Kontes 1 Indonesia, 1 Oceania, 3 Dunia. Sebenarnya, khusus pada mode CW ini, YE1ZAT telah berhasil menembus 8 besar Dunia yang diperoleh pada tahun sebelumnya 2015, dengan contest station saat itu masih berada di Gunung Malang. Namun apa yang telah dicapai pada 2016 ini bisa dikatakan sebagai suatu lompatan yang jauh dengan berhasil menembus peringkat 3 Duniakhususnya bagi anggota tim.

Bagaimana tidak, contest station sudah pindah ke daerah urban di pinggiran Kota Bekasi di mana tentunya noise juga tidak serendah seperti saat di Gunung Malang. Akan tetapi, tim berusaha melihat hal ini secara berbeda dan selalu berusaha untuk melakukan sesuatu yang berbeda pula dalam menyikapi kondisi tersebut. Kerja keras tim, selalu evaluasi kekurangan, dan yang terpenting adalah kekeluargaan serta team work merupakan kunci dari apa yang sudah dicapai.

Menyatukan individu-individu dengan berbagai latar belakang minat dan unique area of expertise untuk 1 target prestasi tim bukanlah hal mudah. KILAS BALIK. Proses untuk bisa tetap exist sampai ke tahap seperti saat ini bukanlah instan, melainkan terbentuk karena suatu rangkaian proses panjang yang berkesinambungan sejak 1999 dan konsisten sampai sekarang.

Ya, sejak 1999 saat pertama kali embrio club station ini terbentuk dengan menggunakan Station Organisasi YC1ZTC, kemudian dengan nama YE1ZTC sampai kemudian berubah menjadi YE1ZAT di tahun 2005, sejak saat itulah club station ini selalu aktif dalam kegiatan kontes international. Dari generasi awal sampai ke generasi sekarang ini, prestasi international sudah diraih. Bukan semulus yang dibayangkan, melainkan selalu ada rintangan yang sempat membuat pasang surutnya eksistensi tim pada kegiatan kontes, baik teknis maupun non-teknis.

Namun tim ini sudah membuktikan bahwa semua rintangan itu hanyalah tantangan agar tim ini bisa menyikapi dengan cara berbeda sehingga selalu berada pada level penampilan yang tinggi. Semua itu terbentuk karena integritas yang sudah tertanam dengan baik, integritas ini muncul karena pembinaan yang baik, dan pembinaan yang baik ini muncul karena adanya mata rantai regenerasi yang tidak putus dan selalu berkesinambungan. Kenapa penulis menggunakan istilah embrio di atas. Karena keikutsertaan tim pada kontes international pertama kali adalah menggunakan Station Organisasi YC1ZTC.

Dengan alasan tertentu, pembentukan sebuah club station adalah sesuatu yang tidak diperkenankan pada saat itu rentang 1999 2000. Namun karena keinginan yang kuat untuk bisa berpartisipasi dan mengembangkan diri melalui ajang kontes international, beberapa Amatir Radio dari Bekasi berusaha memberontak dan membandel dengan tetap membawakan Station Organisasi untuk keperluan kontes DX. Beberapa di antara pemberontak itu bahkan masih aktif sampai saat ini yaitu YC1YCF kemudian berubah menjadi YB1CCF dan terakhir sekarang YB1CF serta YC1WAE sekarang YB1KAR.

Pemberontakan yang dilakukan oleh AR Bekasi selama 2 tahun dari 1999 2000 dengan membawakan Station Organisasi YC1ZTC tersebut, dengan tentunya peralatan ala kadarnya, proses keying dan logging yang semuanya dilakukan secara manual tidak seperti saat ini yang sudah semakin mudah dengan adanya logging softwareakhirnya membuahkan hasil. Kemelut internal juga terkadang sering terjadi saat akan dilakukan pengiriman log ke panitia kontes, di mana masing-masing operator dengan paper log masing-masing, harus digabung menjadi 1 log yang nantinya akan dikirim, seringkali terjadi duplikasi, tulisan yang sama sekali tidak bisa dibaca pada log yang tentunya berpotensi untuk wrong callsign in log.

Perdebatan kecil selalu terjadi, namun inilah yang akhirnya akan selalu indah untuk dikenang. Keterbatasan dan pertengkaran itu akhirnya membuahkan hasil bagi embrio club station ini dengan diperolehnya beberapa sertifikat international, salah satunya adalah Country Winner untuk CQ 160 CW Contest pada tahun 1999. Sayangnya, sertifikat kontes tersebut terkena tumpahan kuah rendang dan tidak bisa diselamatkan, dan tim sepakat untuk tidak memajangnya di Sekretariat ORARI Lokal Bekasi cerita lucu.

Pembuktian yang coba dilakukan karena keinginan kuat untuk membentuk sebuah club station di Bekasi yang berawal dari suatu pemberontakan ini akhirnya berbuah manis. Atas dasar prestasi yang diperoleh selama 2 tahun tersebut, akhirnya ORDA Jabar menyetujui pembentukan Club Station Bekasi dan lahirlah YE1ZTC pada 2001 dan terus berkembang mengikuti dinamika organisasi sampai berubah menjadi YE1ZAT di tahun 2005.

Singkat kata, dari generasi ke generasi, selain 2 Amatir Radio yang penulis telah sebutkan di awal. Beberapa Amatir Radio yang telah berperan pada generasi awal Tim Kontes Bekasi antara lain. YC1IBH SK eks YC1VBH OM Mumuh YC1VBU SK OM Nelson YC1AX eks YC9VX OM Berce YB1BOD terakhir YB6LD SK OM Donni Sirait, beliau adalah eks YB6LD sebelum ke Bekasi, di Bekasi menggunakan Call Sign YB1BOD, sebelum akhir hayatnya beliau kembali lagi ke Call Area 6 dengan callsign yang lama YB6LD YB1HMN eks YB1YMN OM Natsir.

Pasang surut club station ini selama rentang tahun-tahun awal adalah bagian dari sejarah panjang tersebut yang mana penulis tidak mungkin menyebutkan semua Amatir Radio yang telah memberikan warna pada Club Station ini. Tercatat beberapa operator pada generasi berikutnya Penulis mencoba untuk menyebutnya sebagai Generasi ke-2 di samping beberapa operator dari Generasi Awal yang masih adaantara lain YB1BAD sekarang YE1AAYB1NWP, YC1EME sekarang YB1EMEYC1KAF dan YD1JZ.

Kemudian muncul YD1GCL sekarang YF1DO dan YC1MRI sekarang YC1MR yang berperan pada transisi ke generasi sekarang Generasi ke-3. Selain Operator Kontes, tidak lupa juga penulis mencatat beberapa Amatir Radio yang pernah turut berperan dalam memberikan support teknis pada club station ini, seperti YB1PUR, YC1DYU sekarang YB1DYUYC1END, YC1MKB, YC1OKF, YD1CYF SK, YD1EFT, YD1HTK, YD1LUX, YD1OLG, YD1OO, YD1ORZ, YE1BI, dan YD1ARM.

Dan berbicara club station dari suatu organisasi tingkat lokal, tentunya tidak bisa lepas dari station organisasi itu sendiri. Dalam konteks ini, peran luar biasa yang selalu ditunjukkan oleh YB1JML mantan ketua ORARI Lokal Bekasi pada masa jatuh bangunnya club station, dalam mengakomodir minat dan keinginan para pemberontak untuk terus maju patut mendapatkan apresiasi dan tempat tersendiri dalam perjalanan club station. Adapun pembagian dari generasi ke generasi untuk operator kontes ini sebenarnya tidaklah terlalu baku dan sangat mungkin timbul adanya perbedaan pendapat mengenai klasifikasi ini, namun tentunya bukanlah hal yang terlalu krusial untuk dipertentangkan.

Penulis hanya berusaha untuk membagi generasi yang ada berdasarkan rentang periode serta peristiwa penting dalam perjalanan sejarah Club Station Bekasi, dan hal itu juga melalui diskusi dengan pelaku sejarah yang masih aktif. Terlepas dari pembagian generasi ini yang mungkin agak sedikit subyektif karena alasan di atas, pesan yang ingin disampaikan oleh penulis di sini hanyalah betapa pentingnya suatu proses regenerasi dan pembinaan yang berkesinambungan dalam suatu kegiatan berbasis hobi seperti bidang amatir radio pada umumnya dan bidang kontes pada khususnya.

Dalam kesempatan kali ini juga, tanpa mengesampingkan peran dari individu-individu AR generasi terdahulu yang masih aktif berperan di tim, penulis ingin memberikan apresiasi yang tinggi untuk YB1CF OM Yoyon Suryana dan YB1KAR OM Heri Suhaeri sebagai Amatir Radio di Bekasi yang mengawali kiprah club station ini dan masih tetap terus melakukan pembinaan sampai generasi yang sekarang. 17 tahun perjalanan yang penuh dengan pasang surut itu telah banyak menuai prestasi di tingkat internationalbahkan sampai sekarang, dan jalan ini tidak akan pernah berujung, karena harapannya proses akan terus berlanjut.

Akan sangat banyak jika harus semuanya tertuang dalam tulisan kali ini, kekurangan pasti ada karena keterbatasan informasi penulis. Namun penulis akan mencoba untuk selalu melakukan update berdasarkan informasi terbaru jika memang ada masukan dari para Amatir Radio yang memang ikut menjadi saksi sejarah perjalanan ini. Terkhir dari ulasan ini, tidak ada hal yang sangat istimewa dari Club Station Bekasi sehingga bisa mendapatkan prestasi seperti saat ini, dalam artian apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Club Station Bekasi, sangat mungkin untuk bisa dilakukan bahkan dengan hasil yang bisa jadi jauh lebih baik oleh Club Station dari lokal lain di Indonesia.

Hanya dibutuhkan kerja keras, team workdan integritas yang tinggi dari individu-individu pendukungnya serta dibungkus dengan proses regenerasi dan pembinaan berkelanjutan, itulah yang akan menjadi pembeda sebenarnya. TAKING PART IN SPECIAL EVENT CALL YB71RI 1. Pada 1 Agustus 2016, YB1CF OM Yoyon menghubungi beberapa anggota YE1ZAT untuk menanyakan kesanggupan dalam partisipasi sebagai operator pada Special Event Station YB71RI 1.

Special Event Call ini sendiri dibuat dalam rangka memperingati Hari Kemerdekaan RI ke-71 dan terdiri dari 10 station di seluruh nusantara yang merepresentasikan 10 Call Area yang berbeda, dari YB71RI 0 sampai dengan YB71RI 9. Koordinasi tingkat nasional berada di bawah tanggung jawab YB2TJV OM Dani sebagai Koordinator dari ORARI Pusat. Adapun Call Area 1 yang terdiri dari 2 ORDA, Jawa Barat dan Banten, masing-masing di bawah koordinasi YB1KIZ OM Asep serta YB1LZ Om Gun untuk Jawa Barat, dan YB1TJ OM Djoko untuk Banten dalam membawakan YB71RI 1 sesuai dengan jadwal yang sudah disepakati kedua ORDA.

Meskipun pada kenyataannya jadwal untuk Call Area 1 dibagi berdasarkan alokasi waktu masing-masing ORDA, namun teknis di lapangan, justru rekan-rekan operator dari kedua ORDA berusaha untuk saling membantu dan mengisi tanpa harus terlalu kaku dengan jadwal yang sudah disepakati. Sebenarnya pemberitahuan yang disampaikan oleh YB1CF kepada operator-operator dari Bekasi agak terlambat 4 jam.

Special Event Call ini seharusnya sudah mengudara tepat pada 1 Agustus 2016 pukul 0000 UTC sampai dengan 31 Agustus 2016 pukul 2359 UTC, namun pemberitahuan untuk kesediaan menjadi operator baru disampaikan pada 0400 UTC sehingga tidak semua operator langsung bisa on air pada saat itu juga, namun hal ini bukanlah suatu masalah, karena waktu untuk on air pun masih cukup panjang selama sebulan penuh.

Hal ini disadari dan disepakati bersama oleh operator-operator dari kedua ORDA dengan pertimbangan kesibukan masing-masing operator yang berbeda-beda. Selama bulan Agustus 2016, siang dan malam, bersama-sama dengan rekan-rekan operator dari Jawa Barat dan Banten, beberapa operator YE1ZAT selalu menunjukkan semangat dan antusiasme dalam membawakan Special Event Call YB71RI 1.

Hal yang sama tentunya juga dilakukan oleh operator-operator lainnya dari Jawa Barat dan Banten, serta tentunya seluruh operator dari call area lain di Nusantara dari 0 9. Berikut adalah cuplikan aktifitas selama bulan Agustus 2016 dari anggota YE1ZAT dalam partisipasinya sebagai operator YB71RI 1. Pic 1 YF1DO setup digital. Pic 2 YC1MR operated digital.

Pic 3 YD1DGZ operated digital. Pic 4 YC1ME operated CW. Pic 5 Left to Right YB1KAR and YB1CF operated CW. Pic 6 Dinner August 27th, 2016. Pic 7 Team Discussion. Around table L R YD1JZ, YC1DPM, YD1DGZ, YC1MR, YB1CF, YC1ME. Pic 8 YC1MR and YF1DO prepared antenna. Pic 9 Antenna Erection. Pic 10 Completely Installed. Pic 11 YD1JZ lied on bed and YF1DO fell asleep on operator s desk. Pic 12 YB1CF fell asleep underneath ham shack. Pic 13 YC1DPM fell asleep in prayer room.

Event yang telah memakan waktu selama sebulan penuh telah selesai, kolaborasi bersama dengan operator-operator Jawa Barat lainnya dan juga dengan operator-operator dari Banten akhirnya usai di penghujung Agustus 2016 dengan perolehan QSO sebanyak 16. 515 QSOs dan 128 DXCC. Pic 13 Final Result. Suatu hasil akhir dengan perolehan yang cukup baik hasil dari kerja sama yang solid antara semua operator dari Jawa Barat dan Banten. Seluruh anggota tim YE1ZAT secara khusus mengucapkan selamat untuk YB2TJV OM Dani sebagai Koordinator Nasional atas suksesnya event berskala internasional ini, juga kepada semua Koordinator Areadan tentunya kepada Seluruh Operator di Indonesia yang bertugas membawakan YB71RI p.

In August 1st, 2016, YB1CF OM Yoyon contacted all YE1ZAT members asking for willingness to take part in Special Event Station YB71RI 1 as operators. This special call was setup to commemorate 71st Indonesia Independence Day and 10 stations representing 10 Call Areas would be on air during full month of August 2016, YB71RI 0 to YB71RI 9. Coordination in national level was managed by YB2TJV as Coordinator from ORARI HQ. Call Area 1 that consists of two provinces from East Java and Banten, led by YB1KIZ OM Asep and YB1LZ OM Gun for West Java, while YB1TJ OM Djoko for Banten, respectively, worked with YB71RI 1 according to agreed schedule.

Despite of allocated schedule between East Java and Banten was setup, in fact, flexibility between those two provinces played roles considering different time availability among operators. As a matter of fact, notice conveyed by YB1CF concerning the event was 4 hours a bit late when this special event call should be on air in August 1st, 2016 0000 UTC until August 31st, 2016 2359 UTC. This certainly affected the readiness of operators to be on air precisely on time.

It did not really a matter, indeed, providing that team still have adequate time during entire month of August 2016. During August 2016, day and night, in collaboration with other operators from West Java and Banten, all operators from YE1ZAT had demonstrated passion and enthusiasm in this Special Event Call. Likewise, same thing was also demonstrated by all operators in West Java and Banten as well as all operators throughout Call Areas in Indonesia from 0 to 9.

Full month event was recently accomplished, collaboration among operators from West Java and Banten ended at the end of August 2016 and eventually revealed 16,515 QSOs with 128 DXCCs being worked. What a good achievement provided through solid team work among operators from West Java and Banten. Special complimentary need to be conveyed to YB2TJV OM Dani as National Coordinator for the success of this international event, likewise to All Area Coordinators as well as All Operators in Indonesia for YB71RI p.

STATION GEARS. TH7DX Tribanders 10, 15, 20 meters band KT34 Tribanders 10, 15, 20 meters band 12 meters band 3 El. Yagi Full Size 17 meters band 2 El. Beam 30 meters band Tubing Dipole Full Size 40 meters band 3 El. Yagi Full Size 80 meters band Wire Dipole Full Size. Transceivers. 2 ea ICOM IC-7100, running barefoot Elecraft K3, running barefoot. Accessories. Switching Power Supply 40 A for each transceiver Manual Keyer 2 PCs and 1 Laptop for logging.

Shift Operators. YB1CF OM Yoyon YB1KAR OM Heri YB1NWP OM Nyoman YC1DPM OM Awi YC1MR OM Kasmuri YC1ME OM Mawan YF1DO OM Danu YD1DGZ OM Hendar YD1JZ OM Joz. Technician. YD1OLG OM Oleng. edited by YE1ZAT, August 2016. CQ WPX CONTEST 2016 REVIEW AND ANALYSIS. YE1ZAT telah menyelesaikan 3 DX Contest pada tahun 2016 yang kesemuanya adalah CQ WPX Contest. Diawali dengan CQ WPX RTTY di awal tahun, kemudian CQ WPX SSB di bulan Maret 2016, dan CQ WPX CW di akhir Mei 2016.

Ketiga contest tersebut diikuti oleh YE1ZAT dengan kategori Multi-One Low Power. Dari ketiganya, YE1ZAT masih memegang rekor Oceania untuk skor tertinggi yang kebetulan semuanya dibuat pada tahun 2015. Di tahun 2016 ini, dengan pindahnya lokasi contest station dari yang sebelumnya di Gunung Malang, ke Grin Area Tambun, akan menarik tentunya untuk diamati apakah pencapaian yang sama bisa diperoleh tim di station yang baru tersebut.

Berangkat dari kondisi ini, tim sepakat untuk tetap menggunakan kategori yang sama dengan target untuk memperbaiki rekor sendiri sekaligus menciptakan rekor oceania yang baru. CQ WPX RTTY 2016. Skor akhir untuk kontes ini telah dipublikasikan. Dan seperti yang telah diprediksi sebelumnya, akhirnya YE1ZAT pada tahun 2016 berhasil memperbaiki rekor sendiri dan menciptakan rekor baru untuk Oceania.

Target Tim akhirnya bisa terpenuhi dan merupakan awal yang baik di tahun 2016. Standing L R YF1DO, YB1NWP, Arfan. YE1ZAT mengisi 2 slot Rekor Oceania untuk Multi-Operator pada Mode RTTY. Yang unik adalah perolehan skor yang diperoleh pada 2016 dengan kategori low power lebih tinggi dari pencapaian yang diperoleh pada 2007 dengan kategori berbeda di high power. Terlepas dari itu semua, tentunya menjadi suatu kebanggaan tersendiri bagi tim untuk bisa mempertahankan prestasi ini dan akhirnya bisa menciptakan rekor baru untuk Oceania.

Sebagai baseline, pada mode SSB dan CW, untuk kategori multi-one low power, YE1ZAT juga masih memegang Rekor Oceania yang kebetulan semuanya diperoleh pada 2015. CQ WPX SSB 2016. Kans untuk memperbaiki rekor Oceania yang dibuat sebelumnya pada 2015 terbuka lebar bagi YE1ZAT. Rekor CQ WPX SSB untuk Oceania sampai 2015.

Raw score yang diperoleh YE1ZAT pada 2016 melebihi pencapaian yang dilakukan oleh tim pada tahun sebelumnya. Meskipun baru raw scorenamun berdasarkan pengalaman sebelumnya, hasil tidak terlalu berbeda jauh. Reduksi skor pasti ada, namun mudah-mudahan reduksi yang terjadi masih dalam range sesuai prediksi sebagaimana hasil pada kontes sebelumnya. Raw score untuk Oceania pada SSB Multi-Single Low Power.

Tinggal menunggu apakah pada mode SSB dan CW, YE1ZAT bisa mendapatkan hasil yang bagus sebagaimana halnya yang telah diperoleh untuk RTTY. Merupakan seri penutup untuk kontes CQ WPX di tahun 2016, sekaligus ajang silaturrahmi tim menjelang Bulan Ramadhan yang akan tiba beberapa hari sesudah kontes, seluruh angota tim YE1ZAT berkumpul kembali di Station GA Tambun untuk mode CW.

Untung saja mereka berdua melakukan pre use check ini, karena pada salah satu sistem antenna ditemukan masalah sehingga penunjukan SWR sangat tinggi. 2 hari menjelang kontes berlangsung, pada tanggal 26 Mei 2016, YC1MR OM Kasmuri dan YF1DO OM Danu menyempatkan waktu berkunjung ke lokasi station untuk memastikan semua hardware dalam kondisi siap pakai, sekaligus melakukan setup pada software.

Dari troubleshoot yang dilakukan, akhirnya OM Kasmuri menemukan pin pada male connector di transmission line patah, dan akhirnya penggantian dilakukan pada connector tersebut sehingga penunjukan SWR kembali ke normal. Pelaksanaan kontes sendiri pada kali ini benar-benar berjalan sesuai dengan rencana yang telah didiskusikan. Kiri ke kanan YF1DO dan YC1MR melakukan pre use check 2 hari sebelum kontes. CQ WPX CW 2016. Pesawat pertama digunakan sebagai pesawat utama, dan pesawat kedua hanya digunakan untuk melakukan scan terhadap band dan multiplier.

Operator pada pesawat kedua ini memegang peranan penting untuk memberitahukan kepada operator pesawat utama pada band mana seharusnya contest station bekerja sesuai dengan kondisi propagasi sekaligus melakukan scanning untuk mencari station multiplier baru. Pada awalnya, untuk pesawat scan digunakan IC-7100, namun pada hari ke-2, tim mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mencoba pesawat baru IC-7300. 2 pesawat digunakan selama kontes.

Kebetulan salah seorang rekan ORARI Lokal Bekasi YC1LDZ OM Dicky, yang baru membeli perangkat tersebut, berkenan untuk meminjamkan perangkatnya yang baru dibuka dari bungkus untuk dicoba pada kontes ini. Seluruh anggota tim mengucapkan terima kasih untuk OM Dicky, atas peminjaman IC-7300 yang benar-benar masih dalam kondisi baru dibuka dari bungkus, dan dicoba pertama kali untuk kontes.

YD1JZ OM Joz melakukan scanning dengan IC-7300. Kiri ke kanan YC1KAF YC1ME YC1DPM. Di akhir kontes, tim berhasil memperoleh skor akhir yang sangat menggembirakan 3,947,467. Sunguh merupakan suatu pencapaian yang luar biasa meskipun masih berupa raw score. Pencapaian ini sekaligus juga menjawab pertanyaan salah seorang anggota tim YC1ME pada 2 minggu sebelum kontes berlangsung, yang menanyakan apakah mungkin tim bisa memperoleh skor di atas 3. 5 juta pada low power dengan lokasi station yang sudah tidak lagi berada di Gunung Malang.

Dan apa yang sudah ditunjukkan oleh tim berupa perencanaan dan strategi yang baik, implementasi dari strategi, serta tentunya integritas seluruh anggota tim yang sangat tinggi untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi ORARI Lokal Bekasi dalam kontes kali ini telah menjawab pertanyaan dari YC1ME tersebut. Detail pencapaian di akhir kontest CQ WPX CW 2016. Melihat dari pencapaian yang sudah diperoleh selama kontes, sesuai dengan rencana dan strategi yang didiskusikan di awal, tim memang sangat fokus pada low band mengingat pada band ini, poin lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan high band.

YC1KAF OM Terry. Bahkan saat 10 meter band cukup terbuka di hari pertama Sabtu Soretim tidak terlalu antusias untuk mengejar pencapaian di band tersebut, sehingga pada saat yang bersamaan, dari hasil scanning pada pesawat ke-2 di mana 40 meter band mulai terbuka meskipun tidak terlalu banyak station bekerja saat itu, tim langsung berdiskusi dan memutuskan segera meninggalkan 10 meter band untuk CQ pada 40 meter band.

Hal ini cukup membuahkan hasil, meski di sela-sela local pirate station dengan power besar yang bekerja dengan phone pada segmen CW, perlahan mulai banyak station di 40 meter band yang bekerja dengan YE1ZAT. Memang kendala terbesar adalah keberadaan station yang bekerja dengan phone pada segmen CW tersebut, bahkan terkadang signal mereka menutup signal dari station yang bekerja dengan YE1ZAT di saat krusial, pertukaran report, sehingga tone dengan pesan NR. atau AGN seringkali dikirimkan oleh operator pada saat bekerja di band ini.

Namun kondisi ini tidak melemahkan semangat operator, dengan tetap fokus pada target yang harus dicapai sekaligus poin tinggi pada low bandoperator tetap berusaha untuk bisa fokus bekerja di low band. Hasil yang diperoleh cukup membuktikan usaha ini. Untuk 80 meter band, tidak banyak station yang bekerja dengan YE1ZAT, tercatat hanya 3 station pada log. Hal ini disebabkan kondisi band yang kurang begitu baik selama kontes berlangsung, sehingga tim segera mengambil keputusan untuk tidak fokus pada band ini agar tidak kehilangan peluang untuk mendapatkan poin dari band yang lain.

Kiri ke kanan YC1MR YC1ME YD1DGZ YD1OLG YF1DO YC1KAF. Raw score telah dipublikasikan dan dengan pencapaian yang diperoleh oleh tim, peluang untuk memperbaiki Rekor Oceania atas nama sendiri sangat terbuka lebar dengan pencapaian ini. Rekor Oceania untuk Multi-One Low sampai 2015 oleh YE1ZAT. Tidak hanya berpeluang untuk memperbaiki rekor sendiri, bahkan pada kontes kali ini, untuk kategori Multi-One Low, YE1ZAT menempati posisi ke-3 Dunia untuk perolehan skor sementara.

Suatu prestasi yang membanggakan khususnya bagi anggota Amatir Radio di Lokal Bekasi. Semoga hasil akhir nanti tidak jauh berbeda dengan raw score yang sudah dipublikasikan. YE1ZAT Raw Score menempati posisi-3 dunia untuk Multi-One Low pada CQ WPX 2016. Harapan lainnya adalah, ke depan, Club Station ORARI Lokal Bekasi masih bisa terus exist dengan prestasi dan semoga juga bisa menjadi pemicu bagi Club Station Lokal Lain di Indonesia untuk juga makin banyak yang berkiprah pada ajang DX Contest.

Terima kasih juga untuk YD1DOQ YL Oki, yang sudah membuat masakan Nasi Rawon selama kontes berlangsung dan juga YD1DGZ OM Hendar yang terus menjamin persediaan logistik selama kontes berlangsung di sela-sela aktifitas sebagai operator. YC1DPM OM Awi YC1KAF OM Terry YC1ME OM Mawan YC1MR OM Kasmuri YF1DO OM Danu YD1DGZ OM Hendar YD1DOQ YL Oki YD1JZ OM Joz YD1OLG OM Oleng. YE1ZAT had just accomplished 3 DX Contests in 2016 and they were part of CQ WPX Contest Series.

Starting with CQ WPX RTTY in the beginning of the year, followed by CQ WPX SSB in March 2016, and CQ WPX CW at the end of May 2016 thereafter. The three contests altogether were participated by YE1ZAT in the Multi-One Low Power Category. Of all contests with different modes above in Multi-One Low Power category, YE1ZAT still hold Oceania All Time Records and made in 2015. In 2016, followed by station relocation that formerly located in Gunung Malang, to Grin area GA Tambun, it certainly be interesting to see if this team could gain same achievement in the new station with sama category.

Based on the condition, team agreed to go through the contest with same category, targeting to improve own record and set new Oceania Record for Multi-One Low Category. As predicted before, final score of this contest eventually brought YE1ZAT improving their own record as well as setting New Oceania All Time Record. Very good start in 2016. Unique thing revealed achievement in 2016 with Low Power Category even higher than those being achieved in 2007 with High Power Category. Apart from all mentioned above, this certainly become a pride to the team member to maintain achievement and set New Oceania Record.

We will see if in other modes SSB and CW, YE1ZAT could gain same result as RTTY. For baseline, in SSB and CW, Multi-One Low Category, likewise, YE1ZAT still hold Oceania All Time Records set in 2015. Opportunity to improve Oceania Record made by YE1ZAT in 2015 was visible. Raw score obtained by YE1ZAT in 2016 exceeded achievement made by team in the previous year. Despite of just a raw score being published, based on previous experience it should have reflected achievement as published for final with no big difference.

Score reduction would certainly exist without no doubt, however, this reduction was expected to be within allowable range as predicted. It was a closing contest of CQ WPX series in 2016, as well as team gathering moment prior to facing Holy Month Ramadhan in the next few days, all team member again got together in GA Station Tambun to take part in CW mode. 2 days prior to contest started, in May 26th 2016, YC1MR OM Kasmuri and YF1DO OM Danu spent their time to visit contest station and making necessary preparation for hardware and software to ensure that contest gear is ready.

Fortunately, they came to verify things with pre use check, since they encountered problem on one of antenna system that exhibited high SWR. Further troubleshoot undertaken, OM Kasmuri eventually found broken pin of coax male connector, replacement was then carried out, hence SWR was just resumed back to normal. The contest run as planned. 2 rigs were used in a contest. The first one was used as main rig while another one was used only for scanning on the bands as well as multipliers.

2nd rig operator played role in the game to inform main operator on which band should team worked based on propagation, likewise, scanned new multipliers worked during the period. In the beginning of the contest, IC-7100 was used as 2nd rig, however, in Day-2, team had a chance to try newly launched rig IC-7300. It happened when one of Bekasi Chapter Member YC1LDZ OM Dicky, was willing to lend his brand new rig and tested for contest purpose.

Team was really grateful and would like to convey many thanks to OM Dicky for sort of opportunity in conducting equipment testing for contest. At the end of contest, team could gain promising final score 3,947,467. It was a great achievement though still a raw score. This also answered a question raised by one of team member YC1ME 2 weeks prior to contest, whether team could get score above 3.

5 millions with low power from station that no longer located in Gunung Malang. What team had exhibited i. good planning and strategy, strategy implementation, and of course high integrity to deliver the best thing for ORARI, mainly Bekasi Chapter had answered sort of question eventually. Even when 10 meters band was favorable in Day-1 Saturday Eveningteam did not expect to spend much time on this band.

When scanning from 2nd rig revealed 40 m was open at the same time though not many stations working, snap decision was made by immediately switched the antenna to 40 meters and followed by CQ. This attempt was successful. What had been implemented and achieved during contest, was just exactly as planned and discussed in the beginning, where team paid focus on low band due to point wise. Despite the presence of local pirate station on 40 m with high power working with phone on CW segment, gradually YE1ZAT found many stations being worked.

Well, that was a biggest handicap working on 40 with the presence of pirate station on phone, where sometimes their signal masked the station being worked in the very crucial moment, exchange report, resulted in too frequent tone sending with NR. or AGN sent by YE1ZAT Operator. However, this would not weaken spirit and team focus in having communication on low band. Resulted score had proven this.

On 80 meters, not many stations YE1ZAT worked with, only 3 stations being logged. This was due to unfavorable band condition during contest, therefore team took snap decision to leave this band right away in order not to loose points on other bands. Raw score was just published and with kind of achievement, team might improve own record and set new Oceania All Time Records for Multi-One Low by YE1ZAT last year.

Not only have a chance in improving own record, even for this contest, with Multi-One Low Category, for the time being YE1ZAT finished 3rd position on World Contest Standings. What a great achievement exhibited by ORARI Bekasi Chapter in DX Contest, and hopefully final score would not be reduced too much. Also, we expect this ORARI Club Station will still keep exist in the future with great achievement and triggering other chapters in Indonesia to take part in DX Contest.

POTENTIAL OC RECORD-BREAKING ON CQ WPX RTTY 2016. Thanks to YD1DOQ YL Oki, who cooked and served us with delicious Nasi Rawon during contest, and also YD1DGZ OM Hendar who kept maintaining availability of logistic supply while sneaking as Contest Operator. CQ WPX RTTY is the first contest agenda for YE1ZAT to take part in 2016. Team went through this event with promising result eventually. Occupying new room though still in the same building where this station was built, had introduced new spirit to entire team member.

At the end of January 2016, following renovation on previous operator s room, all gears as well as transmission and electricity line hook up were undertaken and relocated to a new room at GA building. Afterward, when this relocation was accomplished, the first agenda was about to come in February 2016, CQ WPX RTTY Contest. The target being set up was to break previous score achieved in the same contest last year 2015 with same category, Multi Operators Single Transmitter Low Power.

Apart from target settlement by team, one of team member, Danu YF1DO challenged us to reflect on past achievement in 2007 when former team could set Oceania Record 1,580,558 with high power as shown below. We thought that nice to have it broken at the beginning, moreover this time we went with low power category powered up from an entry level rig Yaesu FT-450 barefoot. So that would be just a dream and we headed up for it but not to be piled on pressure to make it happened.

Three times power outage had been experienced by team, either planned and unplanned. The first one was due to massive lightning strike occurred around station area that forced us to put all electricity breaker off, while the other two were due to outage from electricity network. Those disruption occurred in Day-2 of contest with total loss time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. It was not expected situation indeed while we aimed to break our own record. Off-Air period due to power outage.

All member s passion and commitment even though with disruptions that followed, finally brought to the target achievement when at the end of the contest we scored higher than this team gained in 2007 with different category. YC1MR in action during CQ WPX RTTY. Raw score of this contest result was just published and we will probably break our own record and set new Oceania Record as follow.

It was still just a raw score, and we will look forward to upcoming final score published, anyway. However, based on previous result and experience, the standings will not change significantly despite of potential change in actual score upon final review. Below was situation when team enjoyed nasi uduk as breakfast after contest ended.

Pic Enjoying Breakfast. Other than complimentary to all operators involved, special thanks need to be conveyed to Kasmuri YC1MR, Oleng YD1OLG, and Rizal YD1ORZ for hooking up 7 elements tribanders and 3 el full size that made our FT-450 barefoot power efficiently transmitted very well. This entry level rig with all its limitation really talked a lot than ever been expected. Left to Right YC1ME, YC1MR, YF1DO, YD1DGZ, YC1DPM. Now we believe that efficient antenna is the most powerful amplifier and play big role in a successful communication.

Heads up for upcoming CQ WPX SSB in March 2016. CQ WW CW 2015. It had been planned before that for the very first time, ORARI Lokal Bekasi Local District of Bekasi would participate the contest with 2 teams, YE1ZAT for Low Power and YE1K for High Power. Everything was completely prepared few days before as well as how coordination should be made to prevent interference each other during contest. Pre-Contest Technical Meeting. On Friday, November 27 2015 16 00 Local Time 09 00 UTCall team members conducted a technical meeting.

Many aspects were discussed herein. Whether 2 teams would participate in 2 different categories, this was outlined in several options Strategy and job assignment. First agenda in determining category should be resolved first since this would affect the strategy in the contest. Each of team member involving Old Generation and New Generation raised their opinion to which option should be taken in facing this.

This was sort of team s tradition that has been lasting for long. The good thing was contingency had been organized for any of options. Left to Right YD1DGZ, YC1MR, YC1DPM, YB1KAR, YD1DOQ, YC1ME, YF1DO explained the strategy. Voting was taken as way to take decision based on various considerations delivered by each team member. Having considered many aspects might coexist, eventually voting revealed YE1K for contest station with 1 category at this time Multi-Two High Power.

Target being set by team was minimum 4000 QSOs or 5,500,000 minimum score. After its vacuum for about 2 years in DX Contest, this was the first comeback of YE1K, merging the skill of Old Generation and New Generation. 2 Left to Right YC1NWE, YB1CF, YC1KAF, YD1DGZ, YC1MR, YC1DPM, and YB1KAR. This technical meeting was not only attended by present contest team member.

To express support for contest team, we had a visit from YC1NWE OM Toto as one of Board Member in ORARI Lokal Bekasi, YB1NWP OM Nyoman as one of YE1K member, and YD1ARM OM Aris that became part of YE1K also. Both YB1NWP and YD1ARM are well known as the most eligible technician here in the team. They had contributed a lot for the team and still actively engage mainly to those requiring technical decision based on their nature and area of expertise.

Within minutes just after technical meeting was closed, YB1PR OM Faisal and YB0QA OM Erdius came over and shared their experience as well as encouraging all team members prior to contest. 3 YB1CF explained club station history to YC1NWE, YB0QA, and YB1PR. 4 YC1DPM led team to pray together prior to contest. 5 Enjoying Sate Kambing and Sop Kambing.

One of the moment that had been waited by all team members was about to come DINNER. Unlike previous 2 contests preparation at this station, this time we had special menu cooked and served by YD1DOQ, YL Oki who brought all dinner food and stuff from her place. Many thanks, Oki all that you served were so tasteful, mainly Sop Kambing and Sate Kambing. 6 YD1JZ, OM Joz with glasses in front of monitor explained team regarding tactical things should be paid with more concern, mainly due to Multi-Op with 2 Transmitters to be used was the first time contest category to all team members.

7 Just 90 minutes to go. Many aspects when taking Multi-Two Category should be taken into account. Good thing that YD1JZ and YF1DO managed these hardware and networking exceptionally well, days prior to D-Day. We were up to this point, with having all hardware as well as networking passed function test and loop check. What an outstanding job that resulted in outstanding setup. No surprise in Day-1 that would lead to contest disruption in term of hardware failure.

8 Left to Right YF1DO, YC1ME, YB1CF, YC1KAR, YD1DGZ, YD1DOQ, YC1DPM, and YG1LZO. Small incident occurred in starting Day-2 of Contest. One of the rig used for contest gear and probably the most demanded gear that this team member like to play with, Elecraft K3 experienced a problem. None of us but YD1JZ, OM Joz had in depth skills in how to explore all available menus and technical aspect of the rig.

It happened when YC1ME started to operate this after his rest, he felt this rig behaved quite unusual compared to previous use. Soon afterward, troubleshoot was conducted by YF1DO, and he found that plastic cap at rig s grounding lug melted and suddenly it switched off automatically. EUREKA having routed the ground line to find the real culprit revealed loosened end point of this line and in contact with switching power supply was the root cause. We then decided to switch off all appliances and rearrange grounding system.

Once all grounding system was completed and properly wired to prevent inadvertent contact that undesirable, things were powered up. Gotcha, this beautiful gun was back and normal, except a small plastic grounding lug cap that being melted must be replaced someday. There was always new lesson learned that team always gained in every contest, this contest was no exception. 9 YD1DGZ and YB1KAR. 10 YC1KAF and YC1ME. In general, propagation always plays a significant role in any on-the-air activity, and contest was no different situation that being affected.

Team thought that 10 meters band was not favorable this time. This applied to all contestants where achievement on 10 meters band was not satisfying though. This contest ended with final claimed score 5,356,233 of all 3796 QSOs. This was away of target set before. 11 Contest Claimed Result. Post-Contest Technical Evaluation. Led by YB1CF, OM Yoyon, team conducted evaluation immediately an hour just after contest ended.

First evaluation was raised by YD1JZ as he actively monitored from time to time the team progress over years as well as each operator progress. Several things became his primary concerns. There are still some gaps need to be filled in by this team in the future as he thought that this team should achieve better than what was just gained. Not to mention technical aspects that might differ for each operator, non technical aspect concerning rest management was pointed out also.

Progress of each operator, he delivered his opinion that some of us made good progress in performance but some degraded. It is certainly a human nature, but some affecting the performance should be manageable based on his opinion. Special complimentary was conveyed to YB1KAR as he made an outstanding progress. At the same time, YB1KAR shared his experience why he could manage this better compared to previous contest.

One thing to be noted herein that he made absolutely well preparation through practice and exercise a month prior to contest. He led this by real example mainly to all team members. Despite along with YD1JZ, YC1KAF, and YB1CF, he is one of the experience team member, he felt that he still need more practice, practice, and practice, certainly need to be balanced with maintaining health prior to contest. Pesawat baru IC-7300 yang digunakan selama kontes. Knowledge and skill transfer between Old Generation and New Generation Team.

Just like pre-contest technical meeting, each member had opportunity to share their mind related to what we had just gone through and what to improve in the future. For new generation team, as successor of YE1K someday, this contest was a tool in bridging skill and knowledge transfer from senior. It takes long process for them to be in the same level and cannot be instantly achieved, but nothing is impossible.

At least, from this contest, new generation had learned not limited to technical aspect but also non technical aspect that greatly affects end result. Looking at big picture, very good thing that more Indonesian Amateur Radio Stations took part in this CW contest had evidently showed new enthusiast in enjoying this hobby. The doomsday prophecy that Morse Code is a dying art again again. and again proved to be false.

This hobby will keep alive and occupying room in amateur radio. SKY IS THE LIMIT. Yes, it sounds too exaggerated. But no better words to describe effort that YE1ZAT had demonstrated recently. In the first week of November 2015, with purpose of getting better performance on both TX and RX, improvement was made on the antenna. To get better gain on existing GA station antenna, 7 elements were installed instead of 4 elements ones that previously served for few months only. Furthermore, the tower that supporting this antenna was also raised from 20 meters to 43 meters.

1 Process in raising tower for 7 El. Tri-banders, viewed from distance. 2 Final Assembly of 7 El. Tribanders, supervised by YC1MR, OM Muri. Another improvement made on the yard was the presence of antenna rotator compared to manual effort in rotating the antenna using tag line on boom tip before. This would in certain introduce ease of operation for team as well as performance enhancement. 3 Main Antenna was completely assembled and raised, viewed from bottom of tower. It looks like team had seriously prepared the upcoming CQ WW CW Contest by the end of November 2015.

Herewith the most updated technical information of latest GA installed antenna. 4 7 El Tribanders and 3 El. Tribanders 10-15-20 m 43 meters up Full size 3 El. for 40 meters band 23 meters up 3 El. Hidaka Tribanders 10-15-20 m 22 meters up 25 meters up Full size 80 meters band wire dipole 35 meters up. Full Size 40 meters band.

Having this done, will there be other modification might follow. None can tell, since more than adequate room for improvement is always there. Again sky is the limit. CQ WW SSB 2015. YE1ZAT again took part in CQWW SSB Contest 2015 from station in Grin Area, Tambun. Some troubles with contest gears occurred within contest period 24-25 October 2015. Day-1 24 October 2015.

Achievement up to first 8 hours evidently described the actual situation when only 100 QSOs could be managed following problem with tribanders antenna. In spite of propagation was favorable on 15m band during first 8 hours where QSOs were focused on DX station in north, however, above condition would not much help unless main problem was sorted out. Upon all team members felt that something went wrong with current installed tribanders antenna, meanwhile that was not a good time to transmit on 40m, YE1ZAT contest coordinator Danu, YF1DO decided that game plan should be changed immediately by a iq option pode falir main root cause as soon as possible.

Soon afterward, Muri, YC1MR came with his crew along with some materials required to build new antenna for 10-15-20 meters band. Contest should move on, no matter problem still existed and not being rectified at the time. In order to maintain contest continuation, while some repairs were conducted on main antenna, team worked together in assembling temporary antenna.

1 Emergency antenna preparation while main antenna required some repairs during contest. This new temporary antenna was installed no higher than 6 meters above ground and certainly not much to be expected from kind of installation for DX purpose. Problem seemed would not end, at around 12. 00 UTC in the first day of contest 19. 2 Repair process on main antenna. 00 local timepower outage occurred in the station and surroundings resulted from electricity network trouble followed by computer hardware problem once power resumed to normal.



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