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She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband iq option 30 seconds home a mistress and demanded a divorce. I accept this divorce And I request an approval of my remarriage. In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold. Castle Swimmer. Wendy Lian Martin. What happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy your future foretold by people you ve never met, who died long before you were born.

Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself and a romance that nobody could have predicted.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King. Born a humble peasant, Kihara Mei has lived simply day by day as a merchant in the capitol, and never assumed things would change. But, one fateful day would change the course of her life, when faced with a deadly challenge against dangerous royal assassins. Now, with the eyes of the dreaded Blood King upon her, her life of simplicity would now become a tangled web of secrecy, deceit, and desire.

I m the Grim Reaper. On earth there are bad people, and then there are REALLY BAD people. If you re one of the latter, you don t just get sent to Hell, you get sent to Hell and get assigned a job collecting the souls of some of the worst people on Earth. Such is the career path of a young woman named Scarlet, who dies and is delivered down to the fiery underworld only to find herself in an entry level position as The Grim Reaper.

Garam has always loved to draw, but his dreams of being an artist have been on hold ever since his mother passed away. Wanting to become more independent and focus on his art, he moves into his grandmother s empty house by the ocean. There, he meets his greatest muse a mystical water creature with no memories of her past. Now it s up to Garam to help her uncover what she has forgotten. A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy. Before We Knew It. An ordinary editor who has only experienced romance through novels finds herself caught up in a complex relationship with the flirtatious and mysterious best-selling author she is assigned to work with.

New to WEBTOON. Love Doesn t Talk. They say third time s the charm, right. After three misunderstandings, sparks start to fly between classmates Yuzuki and Kou, and what stems from fate turns into friendship and eventually blossoms into love. But you can t have a high school romance without a love triangle. Enter Subaru, a boy from another class who isn t afraid to go after Yuzuki s heart. Who will Yuzuki choose in the end the quiet and inexpressive Kou or the bold and friendly Subaru.

Horang s Nightmare. Have you ever gotten that eerie feeling that someone s watching you. That when you turn off the lights, you re not alone. Read these terrifying ghost stories and try not to scream. A collection by Korea s master of horror, Horang. Jaeshin sees dead people, and Officer Han can sniff out evil. Their search for a missing friend leads them and professional stuntwoman Yuhyeon into a tangled web of vile cover-ups and twisted violence. Can they handle the overpowering stench of evil.

She s cold as ice. Can he melt her iq option 30 seconds. Most Popular by Genre. Most Popular by Age Group. WEBTOON CANVAS. Have a story to tell. Share it on WEBTOON CANVAS. Find everything you need to get it published. Toaster Dude. Ezra, a powerful exorcist with no faith in God, is tasked to protect a seemingly normal human from rising demonic forces. With his church under scrutiny and the threat of war on the horizon, will Ezra find his conviction in time.

Or will Sunny suffer the consequences. The Wolf Red Riding Hood. High school student Anna wakes up one day to find that she s super hairy, incredibly strong, and craves meat all the time. Her mom thinks it s puberty until Anna grows ears and a tail. Definitely not puberty. Can she figure out how to stop herself from becoming a werewolf before the full moon. What if you had the power to erase people s memories.

Would you use it to help those in need. Or would you use it to become the most powerful person in the world. For Kyle, this newfound power was going to change his life. for better or for worse. Lisensi untuk pedagang secara mengejutkan lemah, yang berarti bahwa, di sebagian besar wilayah hukum, Anda tidak memerlukan bentuk izin atau lisensi khusus yang diberikan untuk.

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Pada umumnya, syarat untuk mendapatkan No-Deposit Bonus yang diberlakukan broker forex ada tujuh, yaitu. Ask apakah bisa mengembalikan program windows 10 yang terhapus setelah mereset. Ask install windows 10. Windows Portal Indonesia. Ask Saat mau booting muncul garis kedip. Baterai penuh, pas chargernya dilepas laptop mati sendiri. Ask Help gan. Ask kursor gak karuan saat buka office word. salam kenal. Los nuevos mutantes ver cine online gratis completas HD español. Proses install terhenti pada 97,9.

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Penerimaan Murid Baru TA 2020 2021 TKIT IQRO. Penerimaan Murid Baru TA 2020 2021 SDIT IQRO. Penerimaan Murid Baru TA 2020 2021 SMPIT IQRO. Pendaftaran Murid Baru LDK IQRO Bekasi. Klik disini untuk cek status Pendaftaran TKIT, SDIT SMPIT. KAJIAN FIQIH NISA ONLINE. PELATIHAN PENDIDIKAN GURU. KAJIAN TAFSIR. PROGRAM BARU. Berita dan Artikel. PENERIMAAN MURID BARU TKIT IQRO TP 2020 2021. April 17th, 2020. Pengumuman Lomba Pemenang 17an Virtual SMPIT IQRO Tahun 2020.

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August 10th, 2020. PENGUMUMAN PENDAFTARAN. INFORMASI PENDAFTARAN. SDIT IQRO 021 846 7189 wa 0821 2595 4467. SMPIT IQRO 021 8459 2429 wa 0813 1170 3076. TKIT IQRO 021 8499 4777 wa 0822 4443 6114. LTQ 6221 8497 9461. Yayasan IQRO Bekasi. 78 Kelurahan Jatimakmur Pondok Gede Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17413 Indonesia. email info iqro. id phone 62 21 849 946 70. Lokasi Kami. Instagram Yayasan IQRO Bekasi. Twitter Yayasan IQRO Bekasi. Pengumuman Lomba Pemenang 17.

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2016 Yayasan IQRO Bekasi. DXing is our life. horizon tab. Friday, December 30, 2011. IOTA 50th ANNIVERSARY MARATHON. Persiapan Kontes Stew Perry dan Tata Letak Hamschack, Nopember 2011. 10m series different mode contest. Ah, susah amat nih bikin judul. Thursday, December 29, 2011. Ya, di awal bulan Desember 2011 kondisi propagasi di high-band 10m bener-bener menantang untuk dipergunakan untuk dx-ing dan contesting.

Itulah mengapa para jawara contester di W-land dan ARRL menyelenggarakan seri kontes di 10m; dan beruntungnya yb2ecg bisa mengikuti seri 10m contest tersebut. Contest pertama, pada tanggal 4 Desember adalah 10M-RTTY contest yang diselenggarakan oleh rttycontesting. com dan disponsori oleh Muns Vineyard, Ed Mun, pengusaha vineyard dari California; dan bahkan top-ten single operator berkesempatan meraih sebotol fine-California vineyard.

Bekerja, eh, berkontes-ria di single band dan single mode sangat menyenangkan; QSY-ing nggak banyak terjadi, tuning antenna juga lebih enak, dan didukung oleh kondisi propagasi yang mendukung dengan SFI-144 cukup menyengangkan; TS450 cukup running 80-90Watt saja, dengan USB soundcard dan homebrew ptt-interface dan tentu saja dengan Acer notebook 4720 dengan wide-screen Samsung LED, wow kokpit di hamshack cukup memuaskan; satu-satu-nya intruder adalah kewajiban ternak alias antar dan jemput anak ke sekolah.

First run lumayan lah dapat beberapa station di pantai barat termasuk VE-land, British Columbia, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington dan tentu saja beberapa JA-land. Dan sampai hari ini, berdasarkan log-received Don Hill, AA5AU telah menerima sejumlah 675 logs dari seluruh dunia. Bagaimana dr YB-land. Dan nampaknya hanya the one and the only, YB2ECG yang nangkring di laman log-received. Kontes yang kedua adalah 10M ARRL Contest pada tanggal 10 Desember; nah dari judulnya sudah jelas penyelenggara-nya adalah ARRL; dengan mode CW SSB.

Pertukaran mirip dengan 10M-RTTY yaitu serial number untuk DX dan country untuk W-land. Sampai akhir contest terkumpul 108 QSO s dengan diselingi family matter. Hal yang menarik adalah QSO skip antara YB2ECG dan YB2DX OM Hans di Grobogan; cukup sulit ternyata ber-QSO Semarang-Grobogan; barangkali karena antena mengarah ke NA jadinya mesti dua kali kesempatan yang berbeda baru bisa confirm itupun masih diperlukan re-konfirmasi via BBM, ha ha Thanks OM Budi.

Secara umum cukup menikmati kesempatan langka dengan dua buah seri kontes di 10m; sebelum siklus SFI-144 yang katanya kembali lagi 11 tahun berikutnya. Jadi cukup beruntung khan. Applying for DXCC Credits with Logbook of the World. Welcome to the DXCC awards section of Logbook of the World LoTW. Here is where you can put to use those QSO confirmations that exist in your LoTW account.

And, even better, if you have any DXCC award already issued after 1993 you can have that information displayed here too. Diselingi dengan hujan deras dan aktifitas keluarga hanya berhasil mengumpulkan sejumlah 54QSO s. In short, you will 1 need to tell us which of your call signs should be combined for DXCC purposes; 2 tell us what call sign is currently listed as having DXCC if you have one now ; 3 select which entities you would like to have credited towards your DXCC awards; 4 supply payment information.

Once you have linked your DXCC records with your LoTW account, you will see how powerfully LoTW can work for you and help you enjoy working and confirming QSOs easily and less expensively than ever before. LoTW will search through your confirmations in its database and compare those to your DXCC records and produce the data for you to display on your computer.

This is the first time that DXCC participants have been given such access to their records. LoTW will provide many options for you to use your confirmations, from using a single mouse click which applies for credit for everything possible, right down to allowing you to go into your list of confirmations and choose the specific QSO that you want to use for an award. Each screen you will find under Awards will have an information box on the right side.

In this information box will be instructions and explanations dealing with the options you have on that particular page. As you complete the steps appropriate to your accounts, more information will appear in these boxes that show your progress. To begin participating in the fascinating world of DXCC and LoTW, there are a few simple steps that must be undertaken. The following steps are similar to what is found in the information boxes. You must be logged into the LoTW user site to follow along.

Click on Awards. Coming soon is finally here. This is your introduction to the DXCC award using Logbook of the World. Under Your LoTW ARRL DXCC DX Century Club Account s there will be a box that shows your call sign and an arrow for a drop-down menu. This drop down menu will include each of the calls that you have responsibility for inside LoTW--and which also have QSO confirmations.

If one of your call signs does not appear in this menu that means there are no matches for that call. Award accounts are created automatically when a QSO is matched QSLed for any of your call signs. At this time, if you have more than one call sign listed, pick your primary station call sign. The program will then close the menu and then you should click on the Select DXCC Award Account button. If you have only one call sign, then pick that call.

The program will not allow you to pick more than one call sign at this stage. Account Status. Then, LoTW will send you to the Account Status page notice now that each step takes you to the next box amongst those listed on the left side of your screen. On this page your attention is immediately drawn to the pink chart in the middle that shows you how many country credits LoTW finds for this call sign.

Go ahead, read through this. On the right side of the screen you can see your call sign, and notes about the next steps you may take at this point. Once you combine data it cannot be undone. We repeat Combining your data will will make all of the award credits for the QSOs made with those call signs part of the same DXCC record. This change is irreversible. Make sure you only merge accounts whose operations can be combined under the DXCC Rules.

Note that for operators in the U. participating in DXCC, you should not merge accounts of club calls or other call signs for which you are the trustee, with the accounts of your personal call signs. If in doubt about which of your call signs can be combined for DXCC credit, contact lotw-help arrl. org for assistance. If you are a station outside the U. If you have data in LoTW using any other call signs your old call signs, for example that you would iq option 30 seconds to combine with the data for this call, now is the time to do it.

This is a very important step. and you have more than one call it may be OK under DXCC rules to combine your calls. If you have any questions please contact lotw-help arrl. org and we will be happy to help you make any decisions. There is no hurry necessary in any of these steps. Feel free to take your time and read and understand what is happening in LoTW. This system is going to be here for as long as there are amateur radio operating awards, so relax and absorb the material.

Modify Account. In order to merge call signs, you will click on the Modify Account button. Then, you will see a list of call signs that match the same DXCC Country as the call you have already selected. Here you may select any call sign that you would like to combine with the first call selected. Remember, only do so if selecting this call sign meets DXCC rules. stations you may only select old call signs that were issued to you.

You may NOT select club call signs, or call signs belonging to other people for whom you may be acting as a QSL manager. If there are more than one additional call to select, you may use the Control button in combination with your mouse to select them. If you want to include more than one call sign in this merger, you can hold down the CTRL button while you click on additional calls.

You then are prompted again about merging these call signs, and if you agree that this is what you want to do, click on Merge Accounts. After you have merged accounts a message like this will appear on your screen. DXCC Merged 8P1A - BARBADOS account into 8P5A - BARBADOS account Credits added 278 Duplicate credits 322 Errors 0 DXCC Merged 8P9JG - BARBADOS account into 8P5A - BARBADOS account Credits added 18 Duplicate credits 91 Errors 0.

Once you have made your selection s click on Submit Modifications. In this example we merged both 8P1A and 8P9JG into the account of 8P5A. LoTW found 278 new credits by adding 8P1A s logs, and then found an additional 18 new credits by adding the 8P9JG logs. In the notes on the right side of the screen you will see. Click on the Awards item in the menu at the top of the page to select a different LoTW award account.

You can click on the links in the Account Status table to view the credit list for an individual award. If you want to merge other DXCC award accounts different call signs with this one, use Modify Account. If you want to link this account with your existing DXCC record, use Link Account. This will allow the LoTW system to keep track of those QSLs that would give you new DXCC credits. This will also allow you to view your DXCC record here on the LoTW Web site.

Link Account. One of the most powerful parts of LoTW is now within reach. If you have a DXCC award, you can link the data from the DXCC program s computers right into LoTW. Click on Link Account and you will be brought to a screen that asks for the current call sign which is listed for your DXCC award s and then you are asked for any old or new call signs that may have been used.

Because so many of us have changed call signs, the linking process is approved manually iq option 30 seconds HQ. Sometimes the DXCC awards are recorded under old calls and thus need a little investigative help. Normally the link approval process is quick and can be handled in the same business day. Plus, the list of other calls will help us identify problems and help speed the process along. You can list multiple calls by simply leaving a space between them, such as 8P1A 8P5A 8P9JG etc. Then press Request Linking and stand by.

A message will appear that confirms your request. It will be reviewed by LoTW staff and you will be notified there on the Web site when your request has been processed. You can leave the web site at this time and come back later to check and see if your account has been linked. You will also receive a message that will be waiting for you on the user site.

At the LoTW user site, click on Awards and then again on Select DXCC Award Account, and you will then be placed on the Account Status page. If your records have been linked, there will be additional call signs in the list on the right side of the screen above the Notes section. If you do not have any indication of the linking being complete or rejected within three business days, please send a note to lotw-help arrl. If you don t have a DXCC yet, you won t have to worry about linking records in the future as long as you make applications via LoTW part of your application strategy.

If your records are linked, now is the time to have some fun. You can now see that the Awards column of data has numbers. These numbers correspond to the number of country credits you have credit for at ARRL. Each DXCC award in which you have any credit or matches at all will show up on the left side of this table. If you click on the award name, you will be shown a table of credits for that particular award.

Try clicking on Challenge and you will see each of the ten bands listed across the top. In the table you can display Pending Credits to see what credits LoTW has found for you call signs are displayedor you can select All Credits to see a list of everything. LoTW credits that are not yet applied for, will not be shown in boldface. Boldface call signs represent the calls that are already credited in the DXCC program. You can display the data in any of these three categories for every DXCC award.

You can also click on All Entities which includes deleted countries even though they don t apply to the Challenge Award. Isn t this great. In the rare event that you come across a call sign for which you have been given credit that looks like it is wrong, feel free to let us know at lotw-help arrl. We can fix that. If you identify any other issues with data in the tables, also please let us know.

In the Awards table, the last column, under Total Current, you are shown the total number of countries you have credit for in DXCC including deleted countriesand the total number of current countries for which you have DXCC credit. The current countries total is used for the Challenge, 5 band DXCC, and the Honor Roll. At any time while you are playing in LoTW, you can click on Home or Awards and get back to the start again. The next logical step is to click on the Application button.

This page, DXCC Application Part 1, is the paperwork of the DXCC program and it is going to provide the way for you to tell us what you want to do with all of your credits. This is actually a very simple process as we have provided many ways for you to select what confirmations to use for awards credit. On any page you can go Back, or Cancel, or simply click on Awards at the top of the page to stop what you are doing, or return to change something.

The most simple and efficient, and we think most popular, method for using Logbook confirmations is to click on Check All in the third column. Every confirmation that is in LoTW for you will then be ready to submit to the DXCC program. Or, if you want to just spend enough money to finish your RTTY award, just click on RTTY and LoTW will automatically select just the RTTY confirmations. The same goes for CW, or Mixed, or 20 Meters, or anything listed in that first row.

If a particular band or mode is not listed there, that means you do not have any LoTW confirmations available for credit at this time. This will lead you to the DXCC Application Part 2, which is a simple form that is necessary for ARRL in order to help process your application correctly. Because you can combine a LoTW application with either a Field-Checked application, or a traditional QSL application which is sent to HQ, you are given the opportunity to indicate that here.

When you have answered what you need to on this page, click on Continue. If you have any doubts, click on Cancel. You will now be on DXCC Application Part 3. This page provides a summary of the confirmations you intend to use at this time. From this page you can go back to the beginning and add or remove QSOs to this list if you desire. If you are ready to move forward, click on Continue. Now you should be at DXCC Application Part 4. Here is where you tell us how you would like to pay for these credits.

If you elect to pay by credit card, you will be taken to a secure server. You can also choose to pay by mail or even FAX your credit card information. If you have previously purchased LoTW credits, you will see that here. You can check on your bank account for Purchase Credits by clicking on Your Account and then Payment Credits on the left side of the screen. It is OK to buy large quantities of credits ahead of time in order to enjoy a lower cost-per-credit.

Here on Part 4 of the application, the summary will tell you how many Purchase Credits are needed. If the number of credits needed here is less than 25, than the price for the credits is set at 25 cents per credit. If there are 80 credits needed, the price is set at 22. 5 cents per credit. The pricing chart is also shown on the Payment Credits page just mentioned. When you have decided which credits you want to use, click on Continue.

If your application is OK, click on Submit Application and you will be done. You will see a Transaction screen that shows you what credits were purchased, a fee summary, an LoTW application number, your ARRL membership identification number if you are a member and further instructions if you are also sending traditional QSLs to a Card Checker, or to HQ. challenge to be a dxer, dare to be a dxer. A Word or two about Fees.

Logbook of the World is designed to be an alternative to the traditional method of collecting confirmations and award credits. It can also provide an alternative to submitting cards that are already in hand, but its primary purpose is to lessen the costs associated with traditional QSLing printing, mailing, tracking, filing, and then packaging and sending them to awards sponsors. Logbook is a stand-alone system, with a fee structure to help offset its development and operating costs.

There is a perception that LoTW is an integral part of the DXCC program, and that the Logbook per-credit fee replaces the usual DXCC fee. Perhaps part of the reason for this perception is that we have allowed the submission of old logs, which contain many QSOs that have already been QSLed. Another part of this misperception may be that LoTW will initially be coupled only to the DXCC program. But what happens when Logbook credits are applied to other, non-ARRL awards.

As soon as possible, Logbook credits will be offered for awards other than DXCC and others sponsored by ARRL. In the end, we feel it is practical only to separate the award program from Logbook and deal with fees separately, and that is what we have chosen to do. While there are situations where a slight cost advantage can be attained if one has hundreds of traditional QSLs that need to be checked by submitting cards to ARRL, over the use of LoTW for the same credits, although in most cases it will benefit the participant to use LoTW confirmations first.

How would Logbook recover expenses in these cases. Bought in bulk, LoTW credits can cost as little as 15 cents 0. And LoTW removes the following costs from the traditional course of DXCC submissions Postage, handling, boxing and shipping materials, insurance, return shipping charges, risk of loss or damage to cards, and the time it takes to do all of these tasks as well as the time it takes to organize an application, write an application, find the proper QSLs to submit, and record these actions in your log.

On the DXCC side will there be a discount for credits submitted through Logbook. The answer in general is yes in several ways but again, remember to think of Logbook and DXCC as separate entities. To the extent that the DXCC software can accept data input electronically and reduce DXCC operating expenses, we will adopt a price schedule that reflects this.

For up to 120 cards, there is currently no per-card charge. From the beginning of LoTW operation, you will be able to submit an unlimited number of LoTW credits without incurring the 0. 15 per-card charge after 120 credits. That fee will continue to apply only to paper-based credits, sent direct to HQ or via Card Checkers. In addition, and for a limited time, you will be able to submit second and subsequent applications without the 10 surcharge as long as Logbook credits are included in your application.

Pricing example 1. has 150 confirmations in LoTW for DXCC awards. LoTW Cost 22. 50 depending on bulk purchase rate. has a Mixed DXCC award, but made no submissions in 2004, so this LoTW-only application will be submitted to the DXCC desk. DXCC desk will charge a 10 application fee for the first DXCC application of the year.

Pricing Example 2. has 120 traditional QSLs ready for his first application to be sent to ARRL HQ for checking. He also has 17 LoTW confirmations that he wants to use. He starts his application on the LoTW web site, and notes there that he is sending a paper application also, making this a hybrid application. The LoTW charge is 0.

25 for each of 17 credits 4. Has a Mixed DXCC award, and this is his first submission in 2004, so DXCC will charge 10 for the application fee, which includes checking 120 QSLs. Needs to have his QSLs returned via registered mail at a cost of 15. Pricing Example 3. Has never applied for DXCC. Has 101 confirmations in LoTW, and submits his application entirely via LoTW to the DXCC desk. He buys 500 credits for LoTW. These 101 LoTW credits cost 0. 15 at this rate, and totals 15.

15 his purchase credit balance is reduced by 101 leaving a surplus of 399 purchase credits. Because this is his first DXCC ever, the DXCC desk will charge 10, and this includes a Mixed DXCC Certificate, a Mixed DXCC pin, and the application. Has many different DXCC awards, and is working mainly on individual band countries for his Challenge award.

He has purchased 500 LoTW credits previously, at a rate of 0. He has 74 confirmations in LoTW that he would like to use for a DXCC application.

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