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Here s my list remember everyone is interchangeable, cause we can t compare geniuses, they all have earned the title genius. Newton The father of physics, who changed our world of viewing things. Mozart Although Beethoven and Bach are truly legends, and comparable to Mozart, but I choose him because of his heavenly music and the age that he started composing. Tesla The greatest inventor of all time, who can recite whole book in one read, his contributions are enormous to the society.

Da Vinci The greatest polymath of all time. Goethe The greatest philosopher of all time. My definition for creativity is short and simple. Creativity is a mental process involving intellectual inventiveness and ingenuity coupled with a capacity for intellectual originality and uniqueness. And this too is a mark of Genius. Then if its about genius then people like Messi or Ronaldinho should be here there passes accuracy on the ball and there vision is in a way similar to Da Vinci artistic brilliance.

I m sorry, I didn t quite catch that. Did you just say that Messi and Ronaldo need to be added to this list. Did they invent something. Did they discover something new. Did they help the whole world progress. Exactly, I didn t think so. Just because they can kick a soccer ball with accuracy does NOT mean they are geniuses. Please do your research on the word genius. It is the idea that there are different kinds of intelligence.

In a lot of athletics, your brain is doing hundreds of calculations in an instant, incorporating relative speeds of the players and the ball, angles, wind velocity, rate of closure, force required, etc. Similarly, Beethoven might have been our greatest genius, but could he write an effective essay instead of a symphony. We have brilliant mathematicians that can barely put a sentence together. It seems the more a genius is an outlier in one field, the more likely he is to have a serious deficiency in another.

The price of genius. All white males. What does that say about what the IQ test is looking for. it says that males have been statistically way more likely to be geniuses, it isn t their fault that they are white or males get over yourself, not everything is oppression or an sjw topic. Men are as a class more intelligent than women. Look at the track record. How many world class discoveries were made by females.

Precious few. In the language of Adam, men are compared to the sun, women to the moon, and children to the stars. The moon not only has less light than the sun, but it is of altogether a different quality. It is reflected light, not radiated light. Isaiah prophesies of a time in the last days when women are your rulers which would indeed be lamentable. Men often marvel at female logic, which is often seriously defective. This test was about Europeons if you actually read it the majority or Europeons back then were white please read the whole article before making retarded comments.

maybe because through recorded history white males had the most credited ideals. because of racism. why write a comment like this. obviously certain groups of people had more opportunity than others. it was the past, id like to think the present has learned and moved on. stop trolling. He s not trolling. He s pointing out that all of the great scientists from Asia and the Middle East not to mention the Americas have been left out in favour of white, European males, perpetuating the myth that white Europeans are in some way, intellectually superior.

i mad that Einstein isn t there i had he s the most brilliant man in the world because he used only 10 of his brain yet had so many achievement like making of atomic bomb and he s also one of my successive role model and also why isn t Thomas Edison also added, i love him for one reason his high patient, persistence, consistence, and believe which made him become the world greatest scientist, also made to possibility electricity bulb.

Why don t you try reading the description on top of the page. By the way, William James Sidis was the most brilliant guy in th world. He mastered over 40 languages and has done many achievements. Albert Einstein s IQ level is 160-190. Tesla was miles in front of thomas. Love how everyone is mad Einstein is not here, but so little mention of Tesla, who s vision was brilliant. Also, this list is focused on IQ, which is not really a true or accurate measure of intellect.

Look up the people with the highest IQ, and their achievements will be nothing compared to others whose intelligence has a basis in imagination and vision. I think Albert einstein should be at least in top three. His IQ was above 180. He was real genius in physics and mathematics. For all the people complaining about Einstein Moreover, the list didn t include twentieth-century geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Stephen Hawking.

Apparently some people can t read. The article starts off by stating that Einstein would not be on the list. I agree with others that Darwin, Tesla and Beethoven should have made the list. Especially Tesla. what about Leonard Euler or C. What about L. Beethoven, W. If you know them and understand their music, you ll see Bach is the greatest composer by far. Wow you just nailed the ones I was thinking of exactly. I m not sure how you justify having some religious guy who literally just made stuff up about the afterlife and fed it to gullible people, but not have Euler, who was so smart it s frightening.

Gauss and Euler were awesome. Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach as well. The whole idea of genius is so difficult to evaluate and understand. The vast contributions of so many minds make the yardstick quite difficult to calibrate, especially throughout the years. what about Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. I hoped that Archimedes would be there. I think there is an unproven but probable fact that he knew calculus, long before the world credited Isaac Newton with the crown of laurel.

He is the probable architect of the Antikythera device for calculating celestial precessions. That all involves, at the very least, an understanding and a facility for differentials. u guys forgot EINSTEIN. as if it wasn t bad enough. where is tesla,Pythagoras,achimedes,William Shakespeare. William James Sidis is way smarter than everyone on this list, and the people you just named.

but your right some of them belong even though einstein onlY had an iq of 160 or 161. Try actually reading the article instead of skipping to the names pictures. The entire intro explains exactly why they are not on the list. why do u guys always forget Tesla. What about Tesla. why the hell isn t Darwin on here. His IQ has been widely estimated to be between 185 to 220. He will certainly make it to the top 3 of the list and perhaps one of the most influential human beings that ever lived. Galileo These are my rankings in intellectual influence to everyday life in order.

Although this is subjective, I believe what they have done is pretty extraordinary. What I read about Darwin is that he was in fact not very special. I read that in mastery from Robert Greene. But I also read some other sources that he was a very ordinary pupil. He was not very special in any big regard. So a no for him. I find Einsteins insights much deeper and fascinating than Newtons, although, Newton has a place close to Einstein as a consequence of his great impact on physics and science in general.

I have never heard of Galileo in one of the top spots but Nietzsche describes Goethe as a big European, one of the greatest. And Nietzsche was way deeper than any philosopher before him. So, next to my knowledge about Goethe, I give that a lot of credit and consider Goethe to be somewhere in the top 5. What about albert einstein. Though his IQ is not upto 200 but he is regarded as a genius and one of the most intelligent people.

When you talk of intelligency you talk of him. What about Nikola Tesla. Christian Birkeland. Blaise Pascal. Einstein is actually greatly overrated try to think of what contributions he made to making human life a better thing or more secure or to produce more goods or services. He is far surpassed by many other Geniuses not on the list such as Henry Ford Adam Smith Thomas Alva Edison Nikola Tesla Willis carrier and the list goes on and on Einstein actually didn t contribute anything to help you manatee in any concrete weigh he is greatly overrated.

His genius was actually very narrow and was limited to the fields of physics and Mathematics even the ancient Greek Archimedes contribute more to this day to human life on Earth with his invention of the Archimedes screw which is still used throughout much of the world to help irrigate fields to grow food Einstein in my opinion was the idiot of geniuses. he made it possible to create the plasma screen. he made a ammonia refrigerator. without screens we would not know half of what goes on in this world.

Well then I think u don t know this guy Einstein. Einstein might have created something that caused destruction on a large scale but I assure u dat dis guy is even underrated. I discovered dat he had been said to have a lower IQ than most but he gave de best of himself. It well sounds like you are not science inclined else u shud knw him better.

Einstein broke too many rules, scrabbed theories and rewrote laws. His ideas were de craziest but they were feasible. Like I mean he created an era. Just read about him. Aristotle and Ayn Rand are the top geniuses because they created observation-based, systematic knowledge of existence as a whole, ie, philosophy. This requires more IQ than mere science, which is merely about parts of existence, eg, physics, psychology.

Art, while about existence as a whole, merely shows but does not explain. Aristotle _discovered_ iq option excluir conta, rational system, ie, systematic logic and scientific method, ie, the method that the listed scientists used and that the listed artists implicitly used. IQ is less important than chosen achievement. Genius is NOT intelligence. Genius is creative ability of the highest possible kind. True most Geniuses are highly intelligent --but this depends on the field their Genius was recognized in.

And here there is a plethora of problems. Recognized by whom; which people, what Society, when and where. There is an old joke that goes something like I will believe in Psychologists devising tests from Geniuses when Monkeys devise tests for Psychologists. Yes it is off the mark and makes you wonder. Between species there is another problem and it is not the same thing as WITHIN a species.

It is said I think correctly that Apes have been taught to answer in sign language but none so far has ever ASKED A QUESTION using such sign language. Puts one in mind of the problem of A. in the Computer Field. No answer exists for this and it seems to me there is a comparison here Human intelligence does not reach the point where it can solve such a problem.

I hope I m wrong, but I doubt this. I do have ideas of my own on this, but so far no one seems interested in this. I was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records 7 editions 1982-88 under Highest I. and was given a Certificate for this. I was also listed in 500 Great Minds of the Early 21 st Century in 2002. All such lists-comparisons are temporary.

There appears less and less match between persons and outcomes these days. Humanity hangs by it s intellectual neck on the tree of tragedy --there are no Leonardo s in the 19 th, 20th, and so far in the 21 st Century. Yet he she must still exist we should think. With mass education has come the noisy ones but no Geniuses to show for it all. Bad money has driven out good money, bad people good people. The masses have come to judge the best and are part of this process to drive out the very people they need most, all in the name of incorrectly accessed political correctness.

Today the system has driven down performance; today big institutional science has been a spoiler of great insights delaying progress everywhere. Today it is business as usual. The criminal come to the top. My greatest fear is that an end is coming to the centuries of progress that mankind has grown use to. The age of Genius may be at an end. I m sorry to ramble on this in such a scatter gun way. Harding Found I. Chris, the cat s out of the bag for Anonymous User, when you sign your name to your post.

Congrats on being on the list, though I am not sure how someone can come up with this sort of list without being tongue in cheek. Talk about presumptuous. I assume it has to do with published articles, etc. I agree with the idea of associating genius more relevantly to creativity, than to the mixed bag you get in IQ tests, where math, vocabulary, spatial recognition all come in.

On the idea that white men dominate the list, to the exclusion of Asians in particular, yes, I think this piece is geared to those of us in Western Civilization. And when you talk about that, it is pretty definitively white men. I mean, I kind of cringe when folks feel they have to put Marie Curie on the list. She identified two radioactive isotopes, working along side her husband and under the direction of another professor.

She died of radiation poisoning, the thing she was an expert in kind of puts a dent in the idea of being one of the all-time smartest. Good comments. I really do believe that the strictures of science and the politics of course mean that ideas not founded on the material matter as reality supposition, creates a limitation. Those seeing beyond that have little support or acknowledgement from the usual suspects. DO something about the problem.

Maybe you can or can t but trying is where it starts. Even the entire universe the biggest thing is the smallest thing at the same time it is not. You could say at the beginning it was the smallest thing and things that expanded with such intensity and scope and and acceleration that with one small thing this maybe all universe can change.

the human mind is just that human. some of evolution ape-man machine-etc which change. entropy is the true nature of everything without it you can have order logically but most times you don t. mans greatest achievement was curiosity without it we are just apes and that is the difference between us to apply that to a machine. well machines can t ever truly achieve emotion it its just machinery.

but the other thing is that we are programming the computer not just giving it a way to express its self through sign language in this instance we are evolution to the machine and the machine given it nature which we can never truly go inside will correct its self. change and entropy govern everything.

the concept of genius is relative just a term from a high evolved ape but genius is just a difference in the brain like Einsteins his was examined by normal people who found out some of what made him him but to measure that defeats the purpose of the iq test which was just made for people who were not normal or Einstein if you catch my drift and also current machines have the processing power more than any human ever and we made the dang thing so nothing is off the table kinda. Einstein s IQ was only a few points above the borderline for genius, 152.

His IQ was only 160, so he is not one of the most intellegent. Reply to one of the many anonymous, but this in particular. His IQ was only 160, so he is not one of the most intelligent. Yet he had a profound effect on the modern world. Think not about Henry Ford who single handily changed modern production. I wonder how all of us compare to these. IQ has a threshold. Once a person has met a certain requirement of IQ, other factors become more important in determining their success and overall impact on the world.

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I Want To Fart So Hard Funny Fart Meme Image. Is There An Intruder At The Door Or Did I Just Fart Myself Awake Funny Fart Meme Image. 3 Registration is not iq option excluir conta, and the site s users generally post anonymously; threads receiving recent replies are bumped to the top of their respective board and old threads are automatically deleted as new ones are created. As of June 2020 update4chan receives more than 22 million unique monthly visitors, with approximately 900,000 posts made daily.

4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher moot Poole in October 2003, 4chan hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Imageboard Available in English Owner Hiroyuki Nishimura Created by Christopher Poole URL.

org NSFW www. Alexa rank 1,079 global, June 18, 2020 1 Commercial Yes Registration None available except for staff Launched October 1, 2003 ; 16 years ago 2003-10-01 2. The site was created as a counterpart to the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel, also known as 2chan, 6 and the first boards were created for posting images and discussion related to anime. 4chan has been described as a hub of Internet subculture, with the site s community being influential in the formation and spread of prominent Internet memes, including lolcats, Rickrolling, and rage comics, as well as activist and political movements, such as Anonymous and the alt-right.

7 8 4chan has often been the subject of media attention as a source of controversies, including the coordination of pranks, harassment, attacks against other websites and Internet users, and the posting of illegal content, threats of violence, misogyny and racism. The Guardian once summarized the 4chan community as lunatic, juvenile.

brilliant, ridiculous and alarming. 1 Background 2 History 2. 1 Christopher Poole 3 Notable imageboards 3. 2 b 4 Internet culture 4. 1 Early internet memes 4. 2 Anonymous and anti-Scientology activism 4. 3 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fandom 5 Other media attention 5. 1 Arrests for animal abuse 5. 2 This post is art 5. 3 Death of Jeffrey Epstein 6 Controversies 6. 1 Internet attacks 6. 2 Threats of violence 6. 3 Arrests for child pornography 6. 4 Celebrity photo leaks 6. 5 Cyberbullying 6.

6 Gamergate 6. 7 Incel spree killers 6. 8 Murder in Port Orchard, Washington 6. 9 Bianca Devins murder 7 ISP bans 7. 1 AT T temporary ban 7. 2 Verizon temporary ban 7. 3 Telstra ban 8 See also 9 Notes 10 References 11 Further reading 12 External links. The majority of posting on 4chan takes place on imageboards, where users have the ability to share images and create threaded discussions. 10 11 The site s homepage lists 70 imageboards and one Flash animation board, divided into seven categories Japanese Culture, Video Games, Interests, Creative, Other, Misc.

NSFWand Adult NSFW. Each board has its own set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. As of 2019, the pol Politically Incorrectv Video Gamesvg Video Games Generalsand b Random boards receive the most daily posts. 4chan is the Internet s most trafficked imageboard, according to the Los Angeles Times. 12 4chan s Alexa rank is 1042 as of June 2020 update 1 though it has been as high as 56.

13 It is provided to its users free of charge and consumes a large amount of bandwidth; as a result, its financing has often been problematic. Poole has acknowledged that donations alone could not keep the site online, and turned to advertising to help make ends meet. 14 However, the explicit content hosted on 4chan has deterred businesses who do not want to be associated with the site s content. 15 In January 2009, Poole signed a new deal with an advertising company; in February 2009, he was 20,000 in debt, and the site was continuing to lose money.

16 The 4chan servers were moved from Texas to California in August 2008, which upgraded the maximum bandwidth throughput of 4chan from 100Mbit s to 1Gbit s. Unlike most web forums, 4chan does not have a registration system, allowing users to post anonymously. 18 19 Any nickname may be used when posting, even one that has been previously adopted, such as Anonymous or moot. 20 In place of registration, 4chan has provided tripcodes as an optional form of authenticating a poster s identity.

21 As making a post without filling in the Name field causes posts to be attributed to Anonymousgeneral understanding on 4chan holds that Anonymous is not a single person but a collective hive of users. 22 Moderators generally post without a name even when performing sysop actions. A capcode may be used to attribute the post to Anonymous Modalthough moderators often post without the capcode. 23 In a 2011 interview on Nico Nico Douga, Poole explained that there are approximately 20 volunteer moderators active on 4chan.

note 1 4chan also has a junior moderation team, called janitorswho may delete posts or images and suggest that the normal moderation team ban a user, but who cannot post with a capcode. Revealing oneself as a janitor is grounds for immediate dismissal. 4chan has been the target of occasional denial of service attacks. For instance, on December 28, 2010, 4chan and other websites went down due to such an attack, following which Poole said on his blog, We now join the ranks of MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, et al.

an exclusive club. The site was launched as 4chan. net on October 1, 2003 by Christopher Poole, a then-15-year-old student from New York City using the online handle moot. 26 Poole had been a regular participant on the Something Awful subforum Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehousewhere many users were familiar with the Japanese imageboard format and Futaba Channel 2chan.

18 When creating 4chan, Poole obtained Futaba Channel s open source code and translated the Japanese text into English using AltaVista s Babel Fish online translator. note 1 27 After the site s creation, Poole invited users from the ADTRW subforum, many of whom were dissatisfied with the site s moderation, to visit 4chan, which he advertised as an English-language counterpart to Futaba Channel and a place for Western fans to discuss anime and manga. 11 28 29 At its founding, the site only hosted one board b Anime Random.

Before the end of 2003, several new anime-related boards were added, including h Hentaic Anime Cuted Hentai Alternativew Wallpapers Animey Yaoiand a Anime. Additionally, a lolicon board was created at l Lolikon31 but was disabled following the posting of genuine child pornography and ultimately deleted in October 2004, after threats of legal action. 32 33 In February 2004, GoDaddy suspended the 4chan. net domain, prompting Poole to move the site to its current domain at 4chan.

On March 1, 2004, Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month s server bill, but was able to continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users. 34 In June 2004, 4chan experienced six weeks of downtime after Paypal suspended 4chan s donations service after receiving complaints about the site s content. 35 Following 4chan s return, several non-anime related boards were introduced, including k Weaponso Autoand v Video Games.

36 In 2008, nine new boards were created, including the sports board at spthe fashion board at fa and the Japan General the name later changed to Otaku Culture board at jp. In January 2011, Poole announced the deletion of the r9k ROBOT9000 and new News boards, saying that new had become devoted to racist discussions, and r9k no longer served its original purpose of being a test implementation of xkcd s ROBOT9000 script.

38 During the same year, the soc board was created in an effort to reduce the number of socialization threads on b. r9k was restored on October 23, 2011, along with hc Hardcorepreviously deletedpol a rebranding of new and the new diy board, in addition to an apology by Poole where he recalls how he criticized the deletion of Encyclopedia Dramatica and realized that he had done the same. In 2010, 4chan had implemented reCAPTCHA in an effort to thwart spam arising from JavaScript worms.

By November 2011, 4chan made the transition to utilizing Cloudflare following a series of DDoS attacks. The 4chan imageboards were rewritten in valid HTML5 CSS3 in May 2012 in an iq option excluir conta to improve client-side performance. 17 On September 28, 2012, 4chan introduced a 4chan pass 40 that, when purchased, allows users to bypass typing a reCAPTCHA verification when posting and reporting posts on the 4chan image boards ; the money raised from the passes will go towards supporting the site.

On January 21, 2015, Poole stepped down as the site s administrator, citing stress from controversies such as Gamergate as the reason for his departure. 42 43 44 On September 21, 2015, Poole announced that Hiroyuki Nishimura had purchased from him the ownership rights to 4chan, without disclosing the terms of the acquisition.

29 45 46 Nishimura was the former administrator of 2channel between 1999 and 2014, the website forming the basis for anonymous posting culture which influenced later websites such as Futaba Channel and 4chan; 47 Nishimura lost 2channel s domain after it was seized by his registrar, Jim Watkins, 48 49 after the latter alleged financial difficulties. In October 2016, it was reported that the site was facing financial difficulties that could lead to its closure or radical changes.

51 In a post titled Winter is ComingHiroyuki Nishimura said, We had tried to keep 4chan as is. But I failed. I am sincerely sorryciting server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees. On November 17, 2018, it was announced that the site would be split into two, with the work-safe boards moved to a new domain, 4channel. org, while the NSFW boards would remain on the 4chan. In a series of posts on the topic, Nishimura explained that the split was due to 4chan being blacklisted by most advertising companies, and that the new 4channel domain would allow for the site to receive advertisements by mainstream ad providers.

Christopher Poole. Poole kept his real-life identity hidden until it was revealed on July 9, 2008, in The Wall Street Journal. Prior to that, he had used the alias moot. In April 2009, Poole was voted the world s most influential person of 2008 by an open Internet poll conducted by Time magazine. 54 The results were questioned even before the poll completed, as automated voting programs and manual ballot stuffing were used to influence the vote.

55 56 57 4chan s interference with the vote seemed increasingly likely, when it was found that reading the first letter of the first 21 candidates in the poll spelled out a phrase containing two 4chan memes mARBLECAKE. ALSO, THE GAME. On September 12, 2009, Poole gave a talk on why 4chan has a reputation as a Meme Factory at the Paraflows Symposium in Vienna, Austria, which was part of the Paraflows 09 festival, themed Urban Hacking.

In this talk, Poole mainly attributed this to the anonymous system, and to the lack of data retention on the site The site has no memory. In April 2010, Poole gave evidence in the trial United States of America v. David Kernell as a government witness. 61 As a witness, he explained the terminology used on 4chan to the prosecutor, ranging from OP to lurker.

He also explained to the court the nature of the data given to the FBI as part of the search warrant, including how users can be uniquely identified from site audit logs. pol Politically Incorrect is 4chan s political discussion board. A stickied thread on its front page states that the board s intended purpose is discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

63 pol was created in October 2011 as a rebranding of 4chan s news board, new39 which was deleted that January for a high volume of racist discussion. Media sources have characterized pol as predominantly racist and sexist, with many of its posts taking an explicitly neo-Nazi bent. 7 64 65 66 The Southern Poverty Law Center regards pol s rhetorical style as widely emulated by white supremacist websites such as The Daily Stormer ; the Stormer s editor, Andrew Anglin, concurred.

pol was where screenshots of Trayvon Martin s hacked social media accounts were initially posted. 67 68 The board s users have started antifeminist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-Arab Twitter campaigns. Many pol users favored Donald Trump during his 2016 United States presidential campaign. Both Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr.appeared to acknowledge the support by tweeting pol -associated memes.

Upon his successful election, a pol moderator embedded a pro-Trump video at the top of all of the board s pages. The random board, bfollows the design of Futaba Channel s Nijiura board. It was the first board created, and was described in 2009 as 4chan s most popular board, accounting for 30 of site traffic at the time. 76 77 Gawker s Nick Douglas summarized b as a board where people try to shock, entertain, and coax free porn from each other.

10 b has a no rules policy, except for bans on certain illegal content, such as child pornography, invasions of other websites posting floods of disruptive contentand under-18 viewing, all of which are inherited from site-wide rules. The no invasions rule was added in late 2006, after b users spent most of that summer invading Habbo Hotel. The no rules policy also applies to actions of administrators and moderators, which means that users may be banned at any time, for any reason, including for no reason at all.

78 Due partially to its anonymous nature, board moderation is not always successful indeed, the site s anti-child pornography rule is a subject of jokes on b. 13 Christopher Poole told The New York Timesin a discussion on the moderation of bthat the power lies in the community to dictate its own standards and that site staff simply provided a framework.

The humor of b s many users, who refer to themselves as b tards79 80 is often incomprehensible to newcomers and outsiders, and is characterized by intricate inside jokes and dark comedy. 80 Users often refer to each other, and much of the outside world, as fags. 13 They are often referred to by outsiders as trolls, who regularly act with the intention of doing it for the lulza corruption of LOL used to denote amusement at another s expense.

79 81 The New York Observer has described posters as immature pranksters whose bad behavior is encouraged by the site s total anonymity and the absence of an archive. 82 Douglas said of the board, reading b will melt your brainand cited Encyclopedia Dramatica s definition of b as the asshole of the Internets sic. 10 Mattathias Schwartz of The New York Times likened b to a high-school bathroom stall, or an obscene telephone party line79 while Baltimore City Paper wrote that in the high school of the Internet, b is the kid with a collection of butterfly knives and a locker full of porn.

13 Wired describes b as notorious. Each post is assigned a post number. Certain post numbers are sought after with a large amount of posting taking place to GET them. A GET occurs when a post s number ends in a special number, such as 12345678, 22222222, or every millionth post. 83 A sign of 4chan s scaling, according to Poole, was when GETs lost meaning due to the high post rate resulting in a GET occurring every few weeks.

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