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The Division of Services for People with Disabilities DSPD promotes opportunities and provides supports for people with disabilities to lead self-determined lives by overseeing home and community-based services for more than 5,000 people who have disabilities. We serve children and adults who have intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and autism.

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In some cases you may also have the right to proceed iq option funciona to a Formal Hearing before the Department of Health. Please contact DSPD immediately if you have misplaced or have not received a Notice of Agency Action and Hearing Rights Form in the mail, following a decision affecting your services.

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If you believe you have been discriminated against for any of these protected categories, please send your written, oral TTYor electronic complaint. State Headquarters. Individuals Families Providers Staff Data Research About. gov Home Utah. gov Terms of Use Utah. gov Privacy Policy Utah. gov Accessibility Policy Translate Utah. Crisis Line Mobile Outreach Team 1-801-587-3000. Short-term memory. Short-term memory or primary or active memory is the capacity for holding, but not manipulating, a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily available state for a short period of time.

The duration of short-term memory when rehearsal or active maintenance is prevented is believed to be in the order of seconds. For example, short-term memory can be used to remember a phone number that has just been recited. A commonly cited capacity of items to remember is The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two also called Miller s Law, despite Miller calling the figure little more than a joke Miller, 1989, page 401.

Cowan 2001 suggests that a more realistic figure is 4 1 items. Short-term memory should be distinguished from working memory, which refers to structures and processes used for temporarily storing and manipulating information see details below. 1 Existence of a separate store 1. 1 Evidence 1. 1 Anterograde amnesia 1. 2 Distraction tasks 1.

1 Unitary model 1. 2 Another explanation 2 Biological basis 2. 1 Synaptic theory 3 Relationship with working memory 4 Duration 5 Capacity 5. 1 Rehearsal 5. 2 Chunking 5. 3 Factors affecting 6 Conditions 6. 1 Alzheimer s disease 6. 3 Schizophrenia 6. 4 Advanced age 6. 5 Posttraumatic stress disorder 6. 6 Intelligence 7 Measuring digit span and short term-memory 8 Short-term memory in literature and popular culture 9 See also 10 References 10. 2 Bibliography 11 External links.

The idea of the division of memory into short-term and long-term dates back to the 19th century. A classical model of memory developed in the 1960s assumed that all memories pass from a short-term to a long-term store after a small period of time. This model is referred to as the modal model and has been most famously detailed by Shiffrin.

1 The model states that memory is first stored in the sensory memory which has a very large capacity but can only maintain information for milliseconds. 2 A partial content of the rapidly decaying memory is moved to Short term memory. Short term memory does not have a large capacity like sensory memory but holds information longer for several seconds or minutes. The final storage is the long term memory which has a very large capacity and is capable of holding information as long as one s lifetime.

The exact mechanisms by which this transfer takes place, whether all or only some memories are retained permanently, and indeed the existence of a genuine distinction between the two stores, remain controversial topics among experts. Evidence Edit. Anterograde amnesia Edit. One form of evidence, cited in favor of the separate existence of a short-term store comes from anterograde amnesia, the inability to learn new facts and episodes.

Patients with this form of amnesia, have intact ability to retain small amounts of information over short time scales up to 30 seconds but are dramatically impaired in their ability to form longer-term memories a famous example is patient HM. This is interpreted as showing that the short-term store is spared from amnesia and other brain diseases. In contrast, long-term memory holds information indefinitely. Other evidence comes from experimental studies showing that some manipulations e.a distractor task, such as repeatedly subtracting a single-digit number from a larger number following learning; cf Brown-Peterson procedure impair memory for the 3 to 5 most recently learned words of a list it is presumed, still held in short-term memorywhile leaving recall for words from earlier in the list it is presumed, stored in long-term memory unaffected; other manipulations e.semantic similarity of the words affect only memory for earlier list words, 4 but do not affect memory for the last few words in a list.

These results show that different factors affect short-term recall disruption of rehearsal and long-term recall semantic similarity. Together, these findings show that long-term memory and short-term memory can vary independently of each other. Models Edit. Unitary model Edit. Not all researchers agree that short-term and long-term memory are separate systems. The Unitary Model proposes that Short term memory consists of temporary activations of long term representation.

5 Some theorists propose that memory is unitary clarification needed over all time scales, from milliseconds to years. 6 Support for the unitary memory hypothesis comes from the fact that it has been difficult to demarcate a clear boundary between short-term and long-term memory. For instance, Tarnow shows that the recall probability vs. latency curve is a straight line from 6 to 600 seconds ten minuteswith the probability of failure to recall only saturating after 600 seconds.

7 If there were really two different memory stores operating in this time frame, one could expect a discontinuity in this curve. Other research has shown that the detailed pattern of recall errors looks remarkably similar for recall of a list immediately after learning it is presumed, from short-term memory and recall after 24 hours necessarily from long-term memory. Further evidence against the existence of a short-term memory store comes from experiments involving continual distractor tasks.

In 1974, Robert Bjork and William B. Whitten presented subjects with word pairs to be remembered; however, before and after each word pair, subjects had to do a simple multiplication task for 12 seconds. After the final word-pair, subjects had to do the multiplication distractor task for 20 seconds. In their results, Bjork and Whitten found that the recency effect the increased probability of recall of the last items studied and the primacy effect the increased probability of recall of the first few items still remained.

These results would seem inconsistent with the idea of short-term memory as the distractor items would have taken the place of some of the word-pairs in the buffer, thereby weakening the associated strength of the items in long-term memory. Bjork and Whitten hypothesized that these results could be attributed to the memory processes at work for long-term memory retrieval versus short-term memory retrieval. Tzeng 1973 also found an instance where the recency effect in free recall did not seem to result from the function of a short-term memory store.

Subjects were presented with four study-test periods of 10 word lists, with a continual distractor task 20-second period of counting-backward. Distraction tasks Edit. At the end of each list, participants had to free recall as many words from the list as possible. Both the initial free recall and the final free recall showed a recency effect. After free-recall of the fourth list, participants were asked to free recall items from all four lists.

These results went against the predictions of a short-term memory model, where no recency effect would be expected in either initial or final free recall. As evidence, they provided the results of their experiment, in which the long-term recency effect disappeared when the distractor after the last item differed from the distractors that preceded and followed all the other items e.arithmetic distractor task and word reading distractor task.

Thapar and Greene challenged this theory. In one of their experiments, participants were given a different distractor task after every item to be studied. According to Koppenaal s and Glanzer s theory, there should be no recency effect as subjects would not have had time to adapt to the distractor; yet such a recency effect remained in place in the experiment.

Another explanation Edit. One proposed explanation of the existence of the recency effect in a continual distractor condition, and the disappearance of it in an end-only distractor task is the influence of contextual and distinctive processes. 12 According to this model, recency is a result of the final items processing context being similar to the processing context of the other items and the distinctive position of the final items versus items in the middle of the list.

In the end distractor task, the processing context of the final items is no longer similar to the processing context of the other list items. At the same time, retrieval cues for these items are no longer as effective as without the distractor. Therefore, the recency effect recedes or vanishes. However, when distractor tasks are placed before and after each item, the recency effect returns, because all the list items once again have similar processing context.

Synaptic theory Edit. Koppenaal and Glanzer 1990 attempted to explain these phenomena as a result of the subjects adaptation to the distractor task, which therefore allowed them to preserve at least some of the functions of the short-term memory store. Various researchers have proposed that stimuli are coded in short-term memory using transmitter depletion. 13 14 Iq option funciona to this hypothesis, a stimulus activates a spatial pattern of activity across neurons in a brain region.

As these neurons fire, the available neurotransmitters in their store are depleted and this pattern of depletion is iconic, representing stimulus information and functions as a memory trace. The memory trace iq option funciona over time as a consequence of neurotransmitter reuptake mechanisms that restore neurotransmitters to the levels that existed prior to stimulus presentation.

The relationship between short-term memory and working memory is described differently by various theories, but it is generally acknowledged that the two concepts are distinct. They both do not hold information for very long but short term memory simply stores information for a short while, while working memory retains the information in order to manipulate it. 15 Short term memory is part of working memory but that doesn t make it the same thing. Working memory is a theoretical framework that refers to structures and processes used for temporarily storing and manipulating information.

As such, working memory might also be referred to as working attention. Working memory and attention together play a major role in the processes of thinking. Short-term memory in general refers, in a theory-neutral manner, to the short-term storage of information, and it does not entail the manipulation or organization of material held in memory. Thus, while there are short-term memory components to working memory models, the concept of short-term memory is distinct from these more hypothetical concepts.

Most of the research referred to here involves the phonological loop, because most of the work done on short-term memory has used verbal material. Since the 1990s, however, there has been a surge in research on visual short-term memory, 16 and also increasing work on spatial short-term memory. The limited duration of short-term memory. 18 seconds without a form of memory rehearsal 18 quickly suggests that its contents spontaneously decay over time 19 citation needed. Within Baddeley s influential 1986 model of working memory there are two short-term storage mechanisms the phonological loop and the visuospatial sketchpad.

The decay assumption is usually paired with the idea of rapid covert rehearsal In order to overcome the limitation of short-term memory, and retain information for longer, information must be periodically repeated or rehearsed either by articulating it out loud or by mentally simulating such articulation. There is also another type of rehearsal that can also be used to improve short term memory is attention based rehearsal.

The information is mentally searched in a particular sequence or list. The decay assumption is part of many theories of short-term memory, the most notable one being Baddeley s model of working memory. 15 The information is likely to re-enter the short-term store and be retained for a further period using either of these ways.

Several researchers; however, dispute that spontaneous decay plays any significant role in forgetting over the short-term, 20 21 and the evidence is far from conclusive. Thereby, new content gradually pushes out older content, unless the older content is actively protected against interference by rehearsal or by directing attention to it. Authors doubting that decay causes forgetting from short-term memory often offer as an alternative some form of interference When several elements such as digits, words, or pictures, or logos in general are held in short-term memory simultaneously, their representations compete with each other for recall, or degrade each other.

Whatever the cause or causes of forgetting over the short-term may be, there is consensus that it severely limits the amount of new information that we can retain over brief periods of time. This limit is referred to as the finite capacity of short-term memory. The capacity of short-term memory is often called memory span, in reference to a common procedure of measuring it.

In a memory span test, the experimenter presents lists of items e. digits or words of increasing length. An individual s span is determined as the longest list length that he or she can recall correctly in the given order on at least half of all trials. In an early and highly influential article, The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Iq option funciona, 24 psychologist George Miller suggested that human short-term memory has a forward memory span of approximately seven items plus or minus two and that that was well known at the time it seems to go back to the 19th-century researcher Wundt.

More recent research has shown that this magical number seven is roughly accurate for college students recalling lists of digits, but memory span varies widely with populations tested and with material used. For example, the ability to recall words in order depends on a number of characteristics of these words fewer words can be recalled when the words have longer spoken duration; this is known as the word-length effect25 or when their speech sounds are similar to each other; this is called the phonological similarity effect.

26 More words can be recalled when the words are highly familiar or occur frequently in the language. 27 Recall performance is also better when all of the words in a list are taken from a single semantic category such as games than when the words are taken from different categories. 28 A more up-to-date estimate of short-term memory capacity is about four pieces or chunks of information.

29 However other prominent theories of short-term memory capacity argue against measuring capacity in terms of a fixed number of elements. Rehearsal Edit. Rehearsal is the process where information is kept in short-term memory by mentally repeating it. When the information is repeated each time, that information is reentered into the short-term memory, thus keeping that information for another 10 to 20 seconds the average storage time for short-term memory.

Chunking Edit. Chunking is a process by which one can expand his her ability to remember things in the short term. Chunking is also a process by which a person organizes material into meaningful groups. For example, in recalling a phone number, the person could chunk the digits into three groups first, the area code such as 123then a three-digit chunk 456and, last, a four-digit chunk 7890.

This method of remembering phone numbers is far more effective than attempting to remember a string of 10 digits. Practice and the usage of existing information in long-term memory can lead to additional improvements in one s ability to use chunking. In one testing session, an American cross-country runner was able to recall a string of 79 digits after hearing them only once by chunking them into different running times e.the first four numbers were 1518, a three-mile time.

Factors affecting Edit. It is very difficult to demonstrate the exact capacity of short-term memory STM because it will vary depending on the nature of the material to be recalled. There is currently no way of defining the basic unit of information to be stored in the STM store. It is also possible that STM is not the store described by Atkinson and Shiffrin.

In that case, the task of defining the task of STM becomes even more difficult. However, capacity of STM can be affected by the following Sleep deprivation has a major effect on performance of short term memory research has shown that people who are chronically sleep deprived perform worse on a task that requires working memory than the non-deprived participants. Research has shown that short term memory capability tends to decrease with age. The short term memory tends to increase during adolescence and the decline appears to be constant and continuous at the beginning of twenties gradually till old age.

Emotions may have a minor effect on short term memory as research has shown. Moreover, emotion in itself does impair cognition and hence influence working memory performance. Diseases that cause neurodegeneration, such as Alzheimer s disease, can also be a factor in a person s short-term and eventually long-term memory. Short term memory performance is majorly influenced by the nature of diet that one takes. More intake of blue berries has shown to improve short term memory after continuous use whereas alcohol decreases short term memory performance.

35 Damage to certain sections which. of the brain due to this disease causes a shrinkage in the cerebral cortex which disables the ability to think and recall memories. Memory loss is a natural process in aging. One study investigated whether or not there were deficits in short-term memory in older adults. This was a previous study which compiled normative French data for three short-term memory tasks Verbal, visual and spatial.

They found impairments present in participants between the ages of 55 and 85 years of age. Alzheimer s disease Edit. Memory distortion in Alzheimer s disease is a very common disorder found in older adults. Although the average person may retain only about four different units in short-term memory, chunking can greatly increase a person s recall capacity. Performance of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer s disease was compared with the performance of age matched healthy adults.

Episodic memory and semantic abilities deteriorate early in Alzheimer s disease. 38 Researchers concluded the study with findings that showed reduced short-term memory recall iq option funciona Alzheimer s patients. Since the cognitive system includes interconnected and reciprocally influenced neuronal networks, one study hypothesized that stimulation of lexical-semantic abilities may benefit semantically structured episodic memory. 39 They found that with Lexical-Semantic stimulation treatment may improve episodic memory in Alzheimer s Disease patients.

It could also be regarded as a clinical option to counteract the cognitive decline typical of the disease. Aphasias are also seen in many elder adults. Semantic aphasia common among stroke patients lack the comprehension of words and objects in a flexible way. Many language-impaired patients make several complaints about short-term memory deficits, with several family members confirming that patients have trouble recalling previously known names and events. The opinion is supported by many studies showing that many aphasics also have trouble with visual-memory required tasks.

Aphasia Edit. Core symptoms of schizophrenia patients have been linked to cognitive deficits. One neglected factor that contributes to those deficits is the comprehension of time. 42 In this study, results confirm that cognitive dysfunctions are a major deficit in patients with schizophrenia. The study provided evidence that patients with schizophrenia process temporal information inefficiently.

Advanced age Edit. Advanced age is associated with decrements in episodic memory. The associative deficit is in which age differences in recognition memory reflect difficulty in binding components of a memory episode and bound units. 43 A previous study used mixed and blocked test designs to examine deficits in short-term memory of older adults and found there was an associative deficit for older adults.

44 This study along with many other previous studies, continue to build evidence of deficits found in older adults short-term memory. Even when neurological diseases and disorders are not present, there is a progressive and gradual loss of some intellectual functions that become evident in later years. There are several tests used to examine the psychophysical characteristics of the elderly and of them, a well suitable test would be the functional reach FR test, and the mini mental state examination MMSE.

The FR test is an index of the aptitude to maintain balance in an upright position and the MMSE test is a global index of cognitive abilities. These tests were both used by Costarella et al. They found a loss of physical performance FR, related to height as well as a loss of cognitive abilities MMSE. 45 to evaluate the psychophysical characteristics of older adults.

Posttraumatic stress disorder Edit. Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD is associated with altered processing of emotional material with a strong attentional bias toward trauma-related information and interferes with cognitive processing. Aside from trauma processing specificities, a wide range of cognitive impairments have been related to PTSD state with predominant attention and verbal memory deficits. There have been few studies done on the relationship between short-term memory and intelligence in PTSD.

However, 47 examined whether people with PTSD had equivalent levels of short-term, non-verbal memory on the Benton Visual Retention Test BVRTand whether they had equivalent levels of intelligence on the Raven Standard Progressive Matrices RSPM. There are many tests to measure digit span and short term visual memory, some paper- and some computer-based, including the following.

Digit Span Test by Cambridge Brain Sciences. 48 Digit Span and Backwards Digit Span implemented in Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Memory Game implemented in Mental Attributes Profiling System. 49 Infant Memory Development implemented in The Infant Cognition Lab of UCDavis Infants were placed in front of a screen possessing different colored squares.

The squares changed color in order to catch the infants attention. They found that people with PTSD had worse short-term, non-verbal memory on the BVRT, despite having comparable levels of intelligence on the RSPM, concluding impairments in memory influence intelligence assessments in the subjects. If the infants looked at the screen for a longer duration, scientists were able to determine that the participants noticed the color shift, effectively displaying their ability to identify that the squares were the same object, just different in color.

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What if some of my segments are not synced to my Garmin. At this time we only sync 100 segments this include the 20-30 Popular segments if you have them enabled. Supersonic IQ-3525 IQ Sound Bluetooth Karaoke Speakers. What s more, the severity of these mutations might also explain why many aspects of autism spectrum disorder ASD are more pronounced in some than in others. A new study on the genetics behind the disorder has revealed the kinds of mutations associated with lower IQ are also linked with impeded motor skills.

This New Autism Genetics Study Could Help Explain Why It s Such a Huge Spectrum. In most cases, a diagnosis for ASD is based on a mix of social and physical behaviours, including difficulties in communicating and sensory processing, repetitive movements, and impeded motor functions. Diminished motor skills appear to be an almost universal property of children with autism, says molecular geneticist Michael Wigler from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Genes responsible for a number of autism s characteristics come in two varieties, which could help explain not only the condition s diversity, but also how it s inherited. For example, intellectual and learning disabilities can affect a significant proportion of individuals with ASD, with just under half of those with a diagnosis also having an IQ lower than 70. Yet there are also traits that commonly coincide with an ASD diagnosis, without necessarily being considered as a defining part of the condition.

But it s still something of a mystery as to what really gives rise to this rich spectrum of characteristics. There are strong implications that a number of genes are involved, and that numerous epigenetic changes can be responsible for switching them on and off. Many of these genetic changes are known to be inherited, but past research has linked so-called de novo mutations coding differences that aren t found in the parents with learning difficulties among those with ASD.

Another recent study also concluded that de novo mutations happening after fertilisation could account for as much as 2 percent of all autism diagnoses. Researchers have now used a database consisting of over 2,700 families who had only one child affected by ASD to discover that de novo mutations in key genes can also accurately predict the presence and severity of reduced motor skills.

The same link wasn t found for other components of ASD, such as social skills and challenges in communication, meaning the genes for those autism traits are more likely to be passed on from the parents. The discovery adds much needed detail to what is an incredibly complex condition, and could even help explain how it persists in our population.

One possibility is that some of the more challenging aspects of ASD could be offset by having a higher intelligence. There is already speculation that there is a strong interplay between IQ and autism s core characteristics where social skills make it difficult for researchers to accurately predict cognitive abilities. By the same token, the researchers suggest having strong cognitive and motor skills could in turn affect how other autism behaviours are expressed.

The end result could mean we re more likely to pass on genes that impact on social and communication skills so long as they re not accompanied by genes that also affect IQ or interfere with movements. In other words, those genes giving rise to learning difficulties or affecting motor control are more likely to occur through de-novo mutations rather than inheritance.

On a more practical level, the research has implications for studying the inheritance of ASD, as well as diagnosing the disorder. The scientists suggest a new way to classify ASD based on its genetic foundations mild, with little impairment of either motor skills or IQ, moderate impairment mainly to motor skills, and severe impairment, affecting both. They also emphasise the importance of evaluating IQ and motor skills when forming a diagnosis and designing therapies.

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Courses Authored. Topics Authored. Courses by Troy. Total Ratings. TypeScript Fundamentals. This course has been updated as of March 25, 2016 for TypeScript 1. TypeScript is an open source language that provides support for building enterprise scale JavaScript applications. Although several patterns exist that can be used to structure JavaScript, TypeScript provides container functionality that object-oriented developers are familiar with, such as classes and modules. It also supports strongly-typed code to ensure inappropriate values aren t assigned to variables in an application.

This course will walk you through the key concepts and features that you need to know to get started with TypeScript, and use it to build enterprise scale JavaScript applications. You ll learn the role that TypeScript plays as well as key features that will help jump-start the learning process. TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft that is a superset of JavaScript.

It is designed for developing enterprise scale JavaScript applications. The main difference is that JavaScript is a scripting language used to make interactive web pages and applications, while TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Other differences include. TypeScript code needs to be compiled, but JavaScript does not TypeScript uses types and interfaces while JavaScript does not TypeScript has some additonal features for functions TypeScript has a certain feature of prototyping that JS does not.

In this TypeScript tutorial you will learn the key concepts and features to get started building applications with TypeScript. What is TypeScript and why use it. TypeScript features, syntax, and keywords Tooling and Framework Options How to create a class TypeScript variables and functions TypeScript declarations TypeScript classes and interfaces Much more. Topics that are covered include. This course is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn TypeScript.

This is a beginner level TypeScript tutorial, however, a knowledge of JavaScript will be very helpful. If you have no exposure to JavaScript you should consider taking one of Pluralsight s several JavaScript courses, either before or after this course. It will be especially useful for anyone wanting to build large scale JavaScript applications. John Papa is a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft and an alumni of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP programs.

Vue from 20,000 Feet Vue. js Fundamentals and Best Practices. Learning Angular from Scratch. Angular AMA. Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting, which provides consulting and training services on JavaScript, Angular, Node. NET MVC, Web API, and Docker. He is a Google GDE, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world. Getting Started with Docker Containers.

Building and Running Custom ASP. NET Core Containers. Docker for Web Developers. The Science Museum has now re-opened to the public. All visitors are now required to pre-book a free ticket in advance. If you have any further questions, please see our re-opening FAQs or you can contact us. Download a map of the Museum Download In this page Opening times Getting here Family visit School visits Accessibility Restrictions. Opening times.

Open Wednesday Sunday 10. 00 last entry 17. Galleries start to close 30 minutes before the museum closes. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 13 to 16 must provide parents or guardians contact details in line with the Government s Track and Trace initiative. Our top priority is the health and safety of our visitors. In line with official advice, the museum is open and our activities are running as advertised as we continue to closely monitor the situation with coronavirus.

Closures please check before visiting. Before you visit, please read the list below to check whether any of our galleries or spaces will be closed. School holiday opening times. Summer holidays 19 August 1 September 2020 October half term 24 October 1 November 2020 Xmas holidays 19 December 2020 3 January 2021. Science Museum Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD.

The Transport for London website can help you plan your journey by public transport. By Underground. The nearest tube station is South Kensington. This is on the District, Circle and Piccadilly lines and is a 5-minute walk from the Museum. A pedestrian subway connects South Kensington station to our main entrance. Gloucester Road tube station is also on the District, Circle and Piccadilly lines and is a 15-minute walk from the Museum. Bus routes 14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, 430 and C1 stop outside South Kensington Underground Station.

Bus routes 9, 10, 52, 452 and 70 stop outside the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Gore. There is a coach drop-off point in Exhibition Road outside the Museum. The nearest coach parks are located at Warwick Road, Bayswater Road and Park Lane. For more information visit Transport for London s Information for Coach Drivers page.

Transport for London Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations are available outside the Museum on Exhibition Road and on Thurloe Place near South Kensington tube station. We do not have car parking facilities and local parking is very limited. There is no visitor parking in Exhibition Road. The nearest pay and display car parking is in Prince Consort Road and Queen s Gate. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have more information about parking near the Museum.

Disabled parking. A small number of disabled parking spaces are available outside the Museum on Exhibition Road. Blue Badge holders may park here for four hours between 08. Family visit. Wonderlab The Equinor Gallery. Fuel your imagination and immerse yourself in a world of wonder at the most spectacular interactive gallery in the world. What to see and do for families. Explore all exhibitions, films activities and events at the museum suitable for families.

Treasure Hunters app. Play our award-winning photo challenge app specially redesigned to support the Year of Engineering in the museum, at home or just about anywhere you like.

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