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One that s resulted in our Editor buying the E-M5 for himself. For more sample photos, details and list of pros, cons, and scores Read our full Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review Read our full Panasonic Lumix G5 Review. 1Mp Megapixels 16. 05Mp Megapixels Pixels W 4608 4608 Pixels H 3456 3456 Sensor Type Live MOS Sensor Live MOS Sensor Sensor Size Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Sensor Size width 17. 3mm Sensor Size height 13mm 13mm Aspect Ratio 4 3 3 2 16 9 1 1 4 3 16 9 3 2 1 1 LCD Monitor LCD Monitor 3in 3in Screen resolution 610k dots 920k Touch Screen Yes Yes Focusing Focusing modes Autofocus Manual Face Detection AF Tracking Touch AF Spot Multi Autofocus Manual Spot Face Detection AF Tracking Multi Centre Touch AF Exposure Control Shutter speeds shortest 1 4000sec 1 4000sec Shutter speeds longest 60sec 60sec Bulb mode Yes Yes Exp modes Program Aperture-Priority Shutter-Priority Manual Scene modes Program Aperture-Priority Shutter-Priority Manual Scene modes Program Variable Metering Centre-weighted - Average Multi Pattern Spot Centre-weighted - Average Multi Pattern Centre Spot ISO sensitivity 200 - 25600 160 - 12800 White balance Auto Manual Incandescent Fluorescent Outdoors Daylight Cloudy Shade Flash Underwater Auto Manual Outdoors Daylight Cloudy Incandescent Shade Flash Exposure Comp -3 -5 Viewfinder Viewfinder Resolution 1.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Panasonic Lumix G5 Manufacturer Olympus Panasonic Image Sensor Pixels 16. 44million dots 1. 9mm Height 89. 44million dots Shooting Options Continuous shooting 9fps 6fps Video Movie mode Yes Yes Video Resolution 1920x1080 FullHD 1280x720 HD 720p 640x480 VGA 1920x1080 FullHD 1280x720 HD 720p 640x480 VGA Video FPS 30 AVCHD 1080p at 50 FPS and MP4 1080p at 25 FPS Stereo Sound Yes Yes Optical Zoom with Video Yes Yes Other Features Image Stabilisation Yes No Interface HDMI Yes Yes USB USB 2 USB 2 Wi-Fi No Data No Storage Card Type SD SDHC SDXC SD SDHC SDXC File Type RAW JPG RAW JPG RAW JPG RAW JPG Power Source Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion Battery Life CIPA rating 330shots 340shots Box Contents Box Contents Body, Flash FL-LM2, Li-ion battery BLN-1, Li-ion battery charger BCN-1, USB Video Multi cable, Shoulder strap, OLYMPUS Viewer 2 ib CD-ROM, Instruction manual, Warranty card Camera, Lens, Body cap, Battery, Battery charger, USB cable, Neck Strap, Software CD-ROM Dimensions Weight 373g 348g Width 121mm 119.

2mm Depth 41. 3mm View Full Details View Full Details. Photographs taken using the Olympus Lumix G5. Report Error Abuse 18 Jul 2012 12 04PM. This statement, more than anything, will have other manufacturers giving a lot more consideration to the CSC designs and their place in the market. People are no longer sucked into the mythology of the so called Professional cameras, and with the new crop of lenses that are becoming available the Image Quality is not only comparable but will often exceed that of the very heavy very expensive kit.

Report Error Abuse 18 Jul 2012 7 22PM. Report Error Abuse 19 Jul 2012 9 24AM. With a price performance IQ and ergonomics the G5 wins for me. I never had it in the 40 years of 35-mm picture taking. I m not worried about weather proofing, 99 of snappers don t have it any way. The E-M5 is aimed at a different market which is pretty small compared to the G series market. I think Samsung have got it right in all areas, APS-C sensor, light and compact body classed as a CSCsuperb EVF and articulated rear screen.

DSLR styling for easy holding and very high 20mp IQ with low noise. The NX lenses are excellent as well, although the choice is small, they are building on this. Report Error Abuse 21 Jul 2012 8 01AM. I don t agree about the mythology of professional cameras. In my working life I covered assignments from places as diverse as 12,000ft high in the Rockies through to the desert in Jordan.

Top range cameras lke Hasselblad and Nikon Canon cost their many thousands of pounds not because they are show off jewellery but because they perform better in every respect- as they should for the money. I can use M4 3 exclusively because as an amateur these days my cameras simply don t get the battering they used to and I don t get commissioned to do exacting location and studio work. In car terms, the professional cameras are F1 cars and the M4 3s hot hatches. Would anyone seriously consider the M4 3 cameras for this kind of work.

If you are a professional and want to save effort by using a high end consumer camera for your work you are lazy - not a good trait for a professional in a competitive environment. Report Error Abuse 21 Jul 2012 2 59PM. You make some very valid points re professionals and cameras. I was looking at the G5 and O-MD from an amateur enthuseasts point of view which I think fits my low level of photography.

I happened to go into one of his studios during that period and he was using other formats, not just 35-mm, but can t remember the makes. Horses for courses as they say. Report Error Abuse 21 Jul 2012 5 48PM. Mine too now that I m an amateur and taking pictures for pleasure and interest. In that guise, I m happy with my GH2 and G3 but would be more than happy with either of those two. One thing I notice is that while I was a professional photographer at a quite high level, as an amateur there are many people here who do the amateur thing much better than I can.

Quote I was looking at the G5 and O-MD from an amateur enthuseasts point of view which I think fits my low level of photography. Its like the David Bailey Ads he used to do on TV for the OM cameras years ago. As a pro, you are either commissioned by a newspaper, magazine, music publicist or someone like that to make real an idea they have or you are dreaming up ideas to photograph and sell. A good agent like Rex can be a real source of inspiration and guidance with that.

As an amateur you have to find time for photography, find motivation and then find ideas. That s quite tough. I had a mate who was a complete amateur and produced work that I found dazzling, a highly talented guy. Yet he could never have earned his living as a photographer as I did. And I could never have done the type of work he did and produced the results he did. Horses for courses again, I suppose. Report Error Abuse 23 Jul 2012 8 16AM. Way back in my 35-mm Canon EOS 5 and a few long lenses, all fixed primes days I did a bit of semi pro work for an aviation magazine.

I loved it because I got in free to most major air shows and air bases. However, all they wanted was pictures of planes either static or landing but you had little time to compose or make the shot more attractive, mind you I did get the odd dramatic picture that made the press. My pics of Argentine Air Force aircraft made the BBC news, but thats really my only claim to fame.

The millions of amateur phots that used to go to those shows probably took more pleasing pictures than I did. I finished my semi pro days taking pictures of properties for estate agents, what a come down. I m strictly photos for pleasure these days. I use a G3 along with a Panny 14-45, Oly 9-18, and a Panny 45-200. I also have a couple of old Olympus cameras, E-510 and a 450. They are worth nothing now to a dealer, so I will keep them, they still take the best Jpeg colours in my opinion.

I also use a Nikon D5100 with a DX 16-85, and picture quality is outstanding but it weighs a ton and gives me neck ache. I could handle the weight years ago but not now. Because I still like APS-C, picture quality I might look for a small and light DSLR, such as a Sony A55 35 37. Its more Donky s for walkies these days for me. Report Error Abuse 23 Jul 2012 3 44PM.

Quote I also use a Nikon D5100 with a DX 16-85, and picture quality is outstanding but it weighs a ton and gives me neck ache. I had a Pentax K5 which I loved but the lenses were big and heavy so I went over to M4 3 and haven t regretted it. Funny thing is, my biggest complaint about my GH2 and G3 is that they are so small I find the controls fiddly to manipulate. No pleasing some people.

Estate agents, I wish they would use proper photographers more. They take pictures themselves and if they are sharp and decently exposed they think that is enough. Any decent pro is not selling his technical ability - even estate agents can expose and focus correctly with a digital camera. A pro is selling his eye for a picture, the ability to see what is attractive or unusual, the selling points in a house and then turn those observations into attention grabbing photographs that will help market the property.

That is the value the pro adds. As an example, I recently bought a place in France. It is the house pictured from the worst possible angle, simply a camera pointed at the place. I looked at loads of places, one of which is on the right of the pic in the link. The pic is well exposed and sharp - after all, that s enough, isn t it. Given that picture, I only viewed the place at all because I had spare time before flying home.

When I went in, there on the left in my pic was the view through from windows. I m glad the agent didn t get a professional photographer in - the house would have been sold if potential buyers had known the situation of the place. Report Error Abuse 24 Jul 2012 6 02PM. It would be very interesting to see what the various performance statistics look like if the same micro 4 3 rds lens was used.

Then we would have a true undistorted comparision of the bodies. Report Error Abuse 25 Jul 2012 9 15AM. Report Error Abuse 26 Jul 2012 8 28AM. Report Error Abuse 23 Jan 2013 7 41PM. I am constantly amazed by comments like but I wish they had the larger APS sensor. The reason most buy MFT is BECAUSE of the smaller sensor which allows smaller lighter lenses.

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Contact Us Privacy Policy Shipping Returns GenPac Flame-Resistant Apparel Program. General Pacific, Inc. 22414 NE Townsend Way Fairview, OR 97024. Pengertian, Rumus, Contoh Soal Perbandingan Senilai dan Berbalik Nilai beserta Penyelesaiannya Lengkap. Pengertian, Rumus, Contoh Soal Perbandingan Senilai dan Berbalik Nilai dan Penyelesaiannya Lengkap Dalam matematika terdapat materi pembelajaran tentang perbandingan.

Materi perbandingan termasuk ke dalam golongan aritmatika. Perbandingan adalah usaha membandingkan dua objek atau lebih dengan menggunakan rumus perbandingan yang tepat. Terdapat 2 dua jenis perbandingan matematika yaitu perbandingan senilai dan perbandingan berbalik nilai. Perbandingan senilai memiliki nilai tetap yang sama, sedangkan perbandingan berbalik nilai memiliki nilai tetap meskipun terbalik.

Pengertian dan Rumus Perbandingan Senilai. Perbandingan senilai adalah cara membandingkan dua objek atau lebih dengan besar salah satu nilai veriabel yang bertambah maka membuat variabel lain menjadi bertambah juga. Misalnya jumlah barang dengan jumlah harga barang, jumlah nilai tabungan dengan waktu menyimpan, jumlah pekerja dengan gaji pekerja, dan lain sebagainya.

Berikut rumus perbandingan senilai. Dari rumus diatas dapat disimpulkan bahwa nilai a1 sama dengan nilai b1 dan nilai a2 sama dengan nilai b2. Untuk itu, perbandingan senilai memiliki jumlah nilai variabel yang sama. Pengertian dan Rumus Perbandingan Berbalik Nilai. Perbandingan berbalik nilai adalah cara membandingkan dua objek atau lebih dengan besar nilai salah satu variabel yang berubah maka membuat variabel lain menjadi berkurang nilainya.

Contohnya seperti jumlah hewan dengan waktu makanan habis, jumlah pekerja dan waktu pernyelesaian pekerjaan dan lain sebagainya. Berikut rumus perbandingan berbalik nilai. Dari rumus diatas, dapat disimpulkan bahwa nilai a1 berbalik nilai dengan b2 dan nilai a2 berbalik nilai dengan b1. Contoh Soal Perbandingan Senilai dan Berbalik Nilai dan Penyelesaiannya. Berikut ini beberapa contoh soal perbandingan senilai dan perbandingan berbalik nilai.

Di pasar, 5 kg jeruk dijual dengan harga 60. Maka berapakah harga 10 kg jeruk. Jawab Diketahui a1 5; b1 60. 000; a2 10 Ditanya b2. Maka nilai b2 a1 b1 a2 b2 rumus perbandingan senilai 5 60. 000 10 b2 Lakukan pengalian nilai secara menyilang 5 x b2 10 x 60. 000 Jadi harga 10 kg jeruk adalah Rp 120. Pembangunan rumah dilakukan oleh 6 pekerja dengan waktu penyelesaian selama 20 hari.

Jika jumlah pekerjanya menjadi 10 orang maka membutuhkan waktu berapa hari agar rumah tersebut selesai. Jawab Diketahui a1 6; b1 20; a2 10 Ditanya b2. Maka nilai b2 a1 b2 a2 b1 rumus perbandingan berbalik nilai 6 b2 10 20 Lakukan pengalian nilai menyilang 6 x 20 10 x b2 b2 120 10 b2 12 Jadi pekerja tersebut membutuhkan waktu selama 12 hari. Pembuatan kolam renang dilakukan oleh 6 pekerja dengan gaji seluruh pekerja sebesar Rp 300.

Tapi pemilik kolam renang ingin mempercepat pembuatannya, untuk itu ia menambahkan 2 orang lagi. Berapa jumlah gaji tambahannya. Jawab Diketahui a1 6; b1 300. 000; a2 2 Ditanya b2. Maka nilai b2 a1 b1 a2 b2 rumus perbandingan senilai 6 300. 000 2 b2 Lakukan pengalian nilai menyilang 6 x b2 300. 000 x 2 b2 600. 000 Jadi jumlah gaji tambahannya yaitu sebesar Rp 100. Sebuah rumah dibangun dalam waktu 20 hari dengan jumlah pekerja 7 orang. Jika pemilik rumah tersebut ingin mempercepat waktunya menjadi 14 hari.

Berapakah jumlah pekerja yang harus ditambah. Jawab Diketahui a1 20; b1 7; iq option ganhos 14 Ditanya b2. Maka nilai b2 a1 b2 a2 b1 rumus perbandingan berbalik nilai 20 b2 14 7 Lakukan pengalian nilai menyilang 20 x 7 14 x b2 b2 140 14 b2 10 Jadi pekerjanya harus ditambah sebanyak 10-7 3 orang. Sebuah pabrik sepatu memiliki 5 mesin pembuat sepatu dengan waktu pembuatan 8 hari. Jika mesin yang digunakan berjumlah 8. Berapakah waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat sepatu. Jawab Diketahui a1 5; b1 8; a2 8 Ditanya b2.

Maka nilai b2 a1 b2 a2 b1 rumus perbandingan berbalik nilai 5 b2 8 8 Lakukan pengalian nilai menyilang 5 x 8 8x b2 b2 40 8 b2 5 Jadi waktu yang dibutuhkan selama 5 hari. Perbandingan umur Dila dan adiknya adalah 1 3. Jumlah umur mereka 20 tahun. Berapakan umur Dila. Jawab Diketahui Ani Adik 1 3 Jumlah umur Dila dan adiknya 20 tahun Ditanya Umur Dila. Jumlah perbandingan Ani dan adik 1 3 4 Umur Ani 1 4 x 20 tahun 5 tahun. Demikian penjelasan yang bisa kami sampaikan tentang Pengertian, Rumus, Contoh Soal Perbandingan Senilai dan Berbalik Nilai dan Penyelesaiannya Lengkap.

Pengertian Kebudayaan Nasional, Karakteristik, Fungsi, Tujuan dan Contoh Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia Lengkap. Pengertian Kebudayaan Nasional, Karakteristik, Fungsi, Tujuan dan Contoh Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia Menurut Para Lengkap Kebudayaan Nasional adalah kebudayaan yang diakui sebagai identitas nasional. Menurut TAP MPR No. II tahun 1998, definisi kebudayaan nasional yang berlandaskan Pancasila adalah perwujudan cipta, karya dan karsa bangsa Indonesia dan merupakan keseluruhan daya upaya manusia Indonesia untuk mengembangkan harkat dan martabat sebagai bangsa, serta diarahkan untuk memberikan wawasan dan makna pada pembangunan nasional dalam segenap bidang kehidupan bangsa.

Kebudayaan nasional adalah suatu kebudayaan yang didukung oleh sebagian besar warga negara dan memiliki syarat dibanggakan serta memberikan identitas terhadap warga. Atau dengan kata lain, pengertian budaya nasional adalah budaya yang dihasilkan oleh masyarakat bangsa tersebut sejak zaman dahulu hingga kini sebagai suatu karya yang dibanggakan yang memiliki kekhasan bangsa tersebut dan memberi identitas warga, serta menciptakan suatu jati diri bangsa yang kuat. Pengertian Kebudayaan Nasional Menurut Para Ahli.

Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana. Menurut Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, kebudayaan nasional Indonesia sebagai suatu kebudayaan yang universal. Unsur-unsur dikreasikan terutama yang masih langka dan dimiliki masyarakat Indonesia masa itu, yaitu teknologi, ekonomi, keterampilan berorganisasi, ilmu pengetahuan. Upaya mengkreasi ke arah itu bisa dicapai lewat usaha mempertajam rasio akal masyarakat Indonesia dengan mengambil alih dinamisme Barat.

Sanusi Pane. Menurut Sanusi Pane, kebudayaan nasional Indonesia sebagai kebudayaan timur, harus mementingkan unsur-unsur kerohanian, perasaan, dan gotong-royong. Menurut Poerbatjaraka, kebudayaan nasional Indonesia harus berakar pada kebudayaan Indonesia sendiri, artinya harus berakar pada kebudayaan suku-suku bangsa yang ada di Nusantara. Dianjurkan pula agar manusia Indonesia banyak mempelajari sejarah kebudayaan sendiri. Ki Hajar Dewantara. Menurut Ki Hajar Dewantara, kebudayaan nasional Indonesia adalah puncak kebudayaan daerah.

Dalam hal ini ia telah memasukkan aspek mutu karena ungkapan puncak berarti unsur-unsur kebudayaan daerah yang paling tinggi mutunya. Menurut Koentjaraningrat, ada beberapa konsep kebudayaan nasional diantaranya yaitu. Kebudayaan nasional merupakan karya warga negara Indonesia, termasuk juga karya-karya zaman dahulu di berbagai wilayah tanah air. Kebudayaan nasional merupakan hasil karya warga negara Indonesia yang tema pikiran dan wujudnya mengandung ciri-ciri khas Indonesia.

Kebudayaan nasional merupakan hasil karya warga Indonesia dan umumnya dirasakan memiliki nilai yang tinggi sehingga menjadi kebanggaan orang Indonesia. Karakteristik Kebudayaan Nasional. Adapun karakteristik atau ciri-ciri kebudayaan nasional, diantaranya yaitu. Hasil budidaya masyarakat bangsa. Hasil budidaya masyarakat sejak zaman dahulu hingga kini. Hasil budidaya yang dibanggakan. Hasil budidaya yang memiliki kekhasan bangsa.

Hasil budaya yang menciptakan jati diri bangsa. Hasil budaya yang memberikan identitas bangsa. Fungsi Kebudayaan Nasional. Menurut Usman Pelly, fungsi kebudayaan nasional diantaranya yaitu. Sebagai pedoman dalam membina persatuan dan kesatuan bangsa bagi masyarakat majemuk Indonesia. Sebagai pedoman dalam pengambilalihan ilmu dan teknologi modern. Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia.

Budaya nasional Indonesia adalah budaya yang dihasilkan oleh bangsa Indonesia sejak zaman dahulu hingga kini sebagai suatu karya yang dibanggakan yang memiliki kekhasan bangsa Indonesia dan menciptakan jati diri dan identitas bangsa Indonesia yang kuat. Kebudayaan nasional sesungguhnya dapat berupa sumbangan dari kebudayaan lokal. Jadi, sumbangan beberapa kebudayaan lokal tergabung menjadi satu ciri khas yang kemudian menjadi kebudayaan nasional. Kebudayaan nasional sendiri adalah kebudayaan bangsa Indonesia yang berakar dari kebudayaan daerah.

Tujuan dari adanya kebudayaan nasional ini diantaranya yaitu. Alat perekat bangsa Semangat nasionalisme Identitas negara. Berdasarkan Amandemen ke-4 Undang-Undang Dasar 1945, disebutkan bahwa negara memajukan kebudayaan nasional Indonesia ditengah peradaban dunia dengan menjamin kebebasan masyarakat alam memelihara nilai-nilai budayanya. Kebudayaan nasional diibaratkan sebagai buah dan daun, sedangkan budaya daerah yang diibaratkan sebagai akarnya.

Akar pohon itu harus selalu dipupuk agar tetap subur dengan pengembangan dan pelestarian budaya daerah. Kebudayaan daerah yang berkembang menjadi ujung tombak kebudayaan nasional menimbulkan sikap saling menonjolkan sehingga dapat lahir dari sikap etnosentrisme. Etnosentrisme adalah sikap menganggap suku bangsa sendiri lebih baik daripada suku bangsa lain. Kuat tidaknya kebudayaan nasional ditentukan oleh kuat tidaknya kebudayaan daerah. Pemerintah menampung semua aspirasi daerah tentang pengembangan budaya daerah terutama setelah keluarnya otonomi daerah, dan memberikan keleluasaan daerah untuk mengembangkan potensinya secara maksimal, tetapi tidak melupakan kepentingan nasional.

Menurut Koentjaraningrat, ada persyaratan yang harus dimiliki kebudayaan daerah jika ingin diangkat menjadi kebudayaan nasional, diantaranya yaitu. Harus memberikan identitas kepada warga negara pendukung kebudayaan itu. Artinya, unsur kebudayaan daerah yang memiliki dan memberikan identitas dan ciri khas itulah yang dapat diangkat menjadi unsur kebudayaan nasional. Harus menimbulkan perasaan bangga kepada para pendukungnya. Artinya, unsur kebudayaan daerah dapat menimbulkan perasaan bangga bukan saja bagi suku bangsa asal, melainkan juga bagi rakyat Indonesia.

Artinya, unsur kebudayaan daerah yang memiliki mutu tinggi sehingga bisa memperkaya khazanah, derajat dan nilai kemanusiaan bangsa Indonesia. Harus bermutu tinggi. Pada masa Orde Baru, pemerintah berusaha membuat sebuah miniature mengenai khazanah budaya dengan pembuatan Taman Mini Indonesia Indah yang di dalamnya setiap budaya daerah terwakili. Jadi, sebenarnya jika seseorang berbicara tentang mengenai kebudayaan nasional, selalu terkait dengan kebijakan politik pemerintah tentang budaya.

Penetapan batik sebagai pakaian resmi pria Indonesia dan kebaya sebagai pakaian resmi perempuan merupakan salah satu contoh bagaimana kebijakan yang diambil pemerintah. Tujuan Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia. Terdapat 4 empat ketentuan arah dan tujuan pengembangan kebudayaan nasional Indonesia, diantaranya yaitu. Kebudayaan nasional merupakan perwujudan hasil upaya dan tanggapan aktif masyarakat Indonesia dalam proses adaptasi terhadap lingkungannya dalam arti luas. Kebudayaan nasional merupakan perpaduan puncak-puncak kebudayaan daerah, sehingga mewujudkan konfigurasi budaya bangsa.

Pengembangan kebudayaan nasional itu harus menuju ke arah kemajuan adab yang dapat memperkokoh persatuan dan kesatuan bangsa. Tidak menutup kemungkinan untuk menyerap unsur-unsur kebudayaan asing yang dapat mengembangkan dan memperkaya kebudayaan nasional, serta mempertinggi kemanusiaan bangsa Indonesia. Contoh Budaya Nasional di Indonesia.

Adapun contoh kebudayaan nasional Indonesia, diantaranya yaitu. Pakaian Nasional, contohnya batik dan kebaya. Rumah Adat Nasional, contohnya rumah joglo dan rumah gadang. Alat Musik Nasional, contohnya gamelan. Kesenian Nasional, contohnya kesenian wayang kulit. Masakan Nasional, contohnya masakan rendang Padang. Peninggalan Bersejarah, contohnya Candi Borobudur dan Candi Prambanan. Demikian penjelasan yang bisa kami sampaikan tentang.

Demikian informasi yang diberikan tentang Pengertian Kebudayaan Nasional, Karakteristik, Fungsi, Tujuan dan Contoh Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia Lengkap. Semoga informasi yang diberikan dapat menambah wawasan anda seputar ilmu pengetahuan. Fungsi Otak Besar Serebrum Apa fungsi otak besar. Pengertian Otak Besar Fungsi, Struktur dan Bagian Otak Besar Cerebrum.

Bagaimana struktur otak besar. Agar lebih memahaminya, kali ini kita akan membahas materi tentang otak besar mulai dari pengertian otak besar, iq option ganhos dan struktur bagian otak besar secara lengkap. Pengertian Otak Besar Serebrum. Sistem saraf pusat yang membentuk saluran pusat dangkal yang disebut dengan ventrikel dan membentuk bagian putih dan abu-abu otak.

Otak besar atau dalah bahasa Inggris Cerebrum adalah masa embrionik. Bagian putih otak mengandung akson yang diselumbungi mielin sehingga neuron berwarna putih, sedangkan bagian abu-abu otak mengandung badan sel, dendrit, neuron dan akson yang tidak diselumbungi selaput mielin. Otak besar merupakan bagian otak yang paling besar. Berat otak besar orang dewasa berkisar 1 kg atau 2 3 berat otak keseluruhan. Sebutkan bagian-bagian otak besar.

Otak besar tersusun atas bagian kanan dan kiri yang dihubungkan oleh corpus collosum yang merupakan serabut saraf. Fungsi bagian kanan otak besar adalah mengontrol fungsi tubuh sebelah kiri, sedangkan fungsi bagian kiri otak besar adalah mengontrol fungsi tubuh sebelah kanan. Fungsi Otak Besar Cerebrum. Adapun fungsi otak besar atau serebrum, diantaranya yaitu. Sebagai pengatur kesadaran dan pusat memori.

Sebagai pengontrol sebagain besar aktivitas manusia, seperti pengatur gerak sadar otot lurik atau otot rangka. Fungsi otak besar sangat vital bagi tubuh manusia, otak besar yang juga berperan sebagai bagian utama sistem saraf otak besar mempunyai ratusan neuron yang mengirimkan berbagai informasi ke bagian tubuh lainnya. Sebagai pengatur alat indera. Dan lain sebagainya. Berperan dalam fungsi belajar, emosi, memori dan persepsi.

Struktur dan Bagian Otak Besar Cerebrum. Perhatikan gambar otak besar berikut ini. Korteks Cerebrum. Korteks otak besar adalah lapisan tipis berwarna abu-abu dengan milyaran badan sel saraf. Korteks disebut juga area grey matter. Sel saraf yang saling terkait terlihat seperti untaian rantai sehingga informasi yang diterima satu sel saraf dapat diteruskan lewat komunikasi dengan sel saraf lainnya.

Berdasarkan strukturya, otak besar terbagi menjadi 2 dua bagian utama, diantaranya. Terdapat 3 area utama dalam korteks ini, diantaranya. Area sensorik merupakan area yang berperan mengartikan informasi sensorik berupa rangsangan, misalnya cahaya, pengecapan dan suara. Area motorik merupakan area yang berperan dalam mengendalikan otot sehingga terjadi suatu gerakan, misalnya ketika kaki menginjak duri, maka kaki akan secara refleks menjauhi duri tersebut.

Area asosiasi merupakan area yang berperan dalam fungsi memori yaitu merekam pengalaman yang dialami oleh tubuh memorikemauan dan kecerdasan serta mengatur beberapa fungsi bahasa. Ganglia Dasar. Ganglia dasar merupakan area berwarna putih yang banyak mengandung dendrit dan juga akson. Lapisan ini lebih tebal dibanding bagian korteks. Fungsi ganglia dasar yaitu melakukan koordinasi gerakan, pengaturan gerakan tak sadar, fungsi kognisi dan fungsi emosional.

Lobus Frontal. Letak lobus frontal berada dibagian depan otak besar. Fungsi lobus frontalis adalah untuk mengatur motorik gerak secara sadar, kemampuan berbicara, kemampuan berpikir pemecahan masalah dan emosi. Lobus Parietal. Letak lobus pariental berada dibelakang lobus frontal dan dibagian atas otak besar. Fungsi lobus pariental yang paling utama adalah sebagai pusat sensorik atau penerimaan rangsangan seperti sentuhan, tekanan, suhu, rasa sakit dan lain-lain.

Lobus temporal adalah lobus otak besar yang berada dibawah lobus pariental tepatnya dibagian sisi otak besar. Lobus Temporal. Lobus Oksipital. Fungsi lobus okspital yang paling utama adalah sebagai pusat visual atau fungsi penglihatan. Demikian artikel pembahasan tentang pengertian otak besar, fungsi dan struktur bagian otak besar secara lengkap. Lobus oksipital adalah lobus otak besar yang terletak dibagian belakang. Berdasarkan lobusnya, otak besar dibagi menjadi 4 bagian, antara lain.

Fungsi lobus temporalis yang paling utama adalahsebagai pusat pendengaran dan fungsi bahasa. Planning and Designing Microsoft 365 Identity Strategy. By Brian Alderman. Securing your content is a very important process when storing content in Microsoft 365. In this course, Planning and Designing Microsoft 365 Identity Strategy, you will learn the importance of understanding identity management, types of authentication methods available, and how the synchronization process works.

First, you will learn the available identity options, authentication options, and synchronization considerations. Next, you will discover how to install Azure AD Connect to perform synchronization of security principals between your on-premises Active Directory environment and Microsoft s Azure AD. Finally, you will explore identity management, the types of authentication methods available, and depending on the Microsoft 365 cloud deployment.

When you re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of how the synchronization process works and how to initiate the synchronization. Brian Alderman is a Microsoft MVP, and has his Master s in Computer Information Systems. Since 1995, he has held several Microsoft certifications that currently include; MCT, MCSE for SharePoint, MCSA for Office 365, MCITP for SQL Server RMCSA and MCSE for Windows Server Rand also his PMP certification.

Brian s publications include SQL Server 2000 Administration, SharePoint 2010 Administrator s Companion and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Administration Inside Out, and he is an active speaker at SharePoint Industry conferences including SharePoint Saturday s, SPLive, DevIntersection, SharePoint Fest, and Microsoft Ignite. Configuring, Managing, and Monitoring Microsoft 365 Data.

Designing, Managing, and Implementing Data Protection for Microsoft 365. Implementing and Monitoring Threat Management in Microsoft 365. Course Overview Hello everyone, my name is Brian Alderman, and welcome to my course, Planning and Designing Microsoft 365 Identity Strategy. I am a Microsoft MVP. I m also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, or MCT, for 22 consecutive years, so lots of training under my belt. I m an author of four published books.

I m a speaker at several SharePoint and Office 365 conferences around the world. And I m a trainer and consultant at my own company called MicroTechPoint. Managing how users are going to access content stored in Microsoft 365, as well as on-premises is an important step in securing your data. The Microsoft 365 deployment and the identities they use to authenticate determines what your users can access. In this course, you ll learn about the available identity options, authentication options, and how to install Azure AD Connect, which is used to synchronize your on-premises accounts to Azure AD and Microsoft 365.

Some of the major topics that we will cover in this course include the identity types available for providing access to your users, the authentication options within these identity types, and choosing the appropriate installation type of Azure AD Connect. By the end of this course, you ll know what you need to take into consideration when deciding on how your users are going to access Microsoft 365, the available authentication methods for providing that access, and how to install Azure AD Connect, which is used to synchronize your on-premises security principles to Azure AD.

Before beginning the course, you should be familiar with your organization s security requirements, have an understanding of the type of Microsoft 365 deployment you have, is it hybrid or is it all on the cloud, and be familiar with your on-premises Active Directory environment that will be synchronized to Azure AD. I hope you ll join me on this journey to learn about Microsoft 365 identity management with my Planning and Designing Microsoft 365 Identity Strategy course available here, at Pluralsight.

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Review The Olympus E-M5 Mark II. My usual deployment handheld video, with HLD-8 battery grip, Zeiss ZM 1. Better late than never or, I finally get around to trying out the second coming the Olympus E-M5 Mark II. The reasons were simple firstly, camera technology has moved on; what was an impressive size quality ratio in 2012 is not in 2015.

Many of the long-suffering readers of this site will know that I had a period of enthusiasm for M4 3 gear and specifically the original E-M5 before that abruptly came to a halt in early 2014. We were amongst the first to use the original E-M5 for video because of its stabiliser, and continued to use the E-M1s for video including all of the workshop videos after The FundamentalsOlympus and I then parted ways, and it appears they found new champions less demanding of their equipment.

Thirdly, there was no real solution to the shutter shock problem of the E-M1, which produced unusable images under basically every shooting condition from 1 90s to 1 350s. But, why the change of heart for me. I demand critically sharp pixels and can achieve them with the same camera under other conditions. The initial review unit did not, because it was a preproduction unit with a shutter module from a different batch. Secondly, my output requirements have changed; the cameras have never had sufficient resolution to make a meaningfully-sized Ultraprint.

A firmware update was subsequently released with EFC, but it only works in single shot mode. Firstly, I must apologize for the delay in this review, but it s difficult to write a meaningful summary of something you have not shot with though it never ceases to amaze me how often this happens both online and in print. And before anybody asks about the black tape, I prefer not to retouch out reflections and do not believe in free advertising undoubtedly just as Olympus Malaysia does not believe in free cameras.

And despite what armchair experts on forums think, I ve never been paid for a reviewnever worked for them you re confusing me with somebody else or gotten any preferential treatment other than loaner units, which is no different to other sites and publications. On top of that, I ve had enough product images stolen by various unscrupulous entities including major brands that I m going to make these as specific and unusable for marketing purposes as possible.

Let me make it clear before I get accused of being an Olympus fanboy again that this camera is a normal unit bought at retail with my own money. I run a photography business. If I did, good business sense would dictate I d be reviewing stuff for a living instead of working as a photographer. Any piece of equipment must therefore be able to justify itself by opening up the shooting envelope.

Those familiar with the original camera will find that simultaneously a lot and not much has changed and this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the review. Initial appearances suggest that the whole thing has gotten just a little bit meaner and more serious the paint finish is now rough, the shells are a bit thicker, the weather sealing a bit more complete, and the rubber a bit grippier. It reminds me of an E-M5 that mated with an E-M1 and an OM-4 for good measure.

It s nice in the hand, there are lots of customizable buttons, dials are positive and nothing is too amiss. But it s still obviously an E-M5. I liked the original because it moved the price quality size envelope forward dramatically forward in 2012, even though it had its share of compromises. We are now in 2015, however, and technology has moved on.

Better still are the list of meaningful changes headlining are a new IBIS system that is not only supposedly video-optimized and includes an electronic mode that matches frames and crops a little and delivers better performance for stills, but is also capable of moving in half pixel increments to combine eight images for a higher resolution image in RAW and JPEG more on this later. We gain the E-M1 s 2. 36m dot EVF, along with a rotating touch LCD on the back.

On top of that, it seems the shutter shock issue has been solved once and for all with not just electronic front curtain, but a full electronic shutter with a 1 16,000s limit and continuous drive modes with both EFC and full electronic shutters. Focus peaking is finally smooth and doesn t visibly affect the frame rate.

It is unclear if this is a new sensor or a new processor or a some combination of the two. It also has the upside of delivering an improvement in color, too. In fact, the camera appears to have been largely optimized for video aside from the stabilizer, you can now have 1080p in whatever frame rate you choose up to 60fps, with a 77mbps ALL-I codec, proper audio level monitors, audio out monitoring, phantom power, and a clean HDMI out feed.

We d already been shooting video both the workshop videos and B-roll on commercial productions with the E-M5s and E-M1s for quite some time. I still remember being laughed at by the first crew until they saw the stability of the handheld footage, and various experts on the internet. The IBIS system is really the crown jewel of Olympus cameras; even though Sony s system in the A7II derives from the same technology, the implementation just doesn t seem as effective.

The high resolution mode needs a perfectly still subject, a rock-solid tripod, and even then frequently produces gridlike artifacts where it appears the camera cannot figure out if something is detail or false signal. And though you get a 64MP raw file, there s at most. 36MP of detail in there. However, it s not all a bed of roses. Olympus claims it can fight the big boys realistically, forget about comparing it to the 50 MP medium format cameras; it s not even close.

It s really a very soft file at actual pixels and 64MP. It appears to resolve at a comparable level to the D810 the latter has better pixel level acuity even after the E-M5II file is downsampled to match, but the E-M5II has much fewer artefacts, no false color, no moiré etc. In fact, the native color out of camera is quite a bit better but you will have to shoot in the high resolution mode to get it. Still, perhaps there are creative uses for it when applied to non-static subjects.

5 times the E-M1, there doesn t appear to be three times the information. The camera is a significant improvement on the other two, but still produces soft-looking and undetailed images compared to the D810 or GH4, and dynamic range is distinctly lacking. Even if you use the most neutral profile with lowest contrast and saturation, clipping occurs very quickly; it really needs a flat profile like the Nikons for easy postproduction grading. Then we move on to the video side of things even though the data rate is three times that of the E-M5 and 2.

Fortunately, there is clean HDMI out though you cannot record both internally and using the HDMI device simultaneously. Nor can you adjust exposure parameters using the normal dial controls while recording; you ve got to poke through the on-screen menus. Again, this seems like a significant oversight given that the cameras main video strength is in handheld shooting and you re certainly not going to have a spare hand to operate the touch screen. At least rolling shutter artefacts appears to be very well controlled.

When your precarious still life imbalances partway through the HR mode capture. There s more give and take here, too even though we have L-R audio monitoring and phantom power, the camera s preamps have a very high noise floor and there is pronounced hiss from any sound recorded with the camera s line in much worse than any of the other cameras I ve used, surprisingly including the E-M5 and E-M1.

You re still going to need a separate audio recorder. It gets even better you only get audio monitoring if you buy the expensive, and poor quality with loose rubber ports and insecure stowage for the separate port covers optional battery grip the port is located on the side of that. Perhaps it s interference between the IBIS system and some audio components. To add insult to injury, if you intend to use any of the ports iq option ganhos the left side of the camera say mic in and HDMI out, which would be sensible the swivel LCD is no longer usable because it cannot swing out.

At best you can view it in the same vertical plane as if it were in the stowed position. That would appear to be quite a serious design oversight since iq option ganhos entirely defeats the point of the swivel LCD to begin with. I am using a Zoom H5 with the SSH-6 stereo shotgun and the XY-5 bidirectional mic. Recording directly, the recorder produces incredibly clean sound, and line out is clean on other recording devices.

Though the EVF is better than the original, and matches the E-M1, it doesn t seem to have the same eye relief. It s as though they plonked in a new and larger panel but never bothered to change the optics; I could see the edges of the original finder just fine with glasses, but now struggle. This was not a problem with the E-M1. Other ergonomic niggles abound, too the strap lugs are still in a very uncomfortable position unless you like pinched hands it seems this is an Olympus tradition.

Even though we have no less than six programmable buttons, there appears to be no way to do three important things assign one to AF-ON; have a consistent set between stills and video, and finally, save your preferences. Finally, beware the high resolution mode it can change your file format from RAW JPEG to JPEG only without warning unless you manually change it while set to high resolution, and then manually change it again after switching back to normal.

The setting then sticksbut who knows why. In all fairness, the Nikons also require resetting between video stills modes but at least they re consistent. That said, the D750 manages this duality best you can optimize U1 2 for video stills and thus only require a turn of the dial. Perhaps it is something Olympus can solve with firmware; after all, it wouldn t be the first time they ve had to patch something critical after release.

They should probably look into a few other glitches while they re at it the camera locks up when the card is writing and you re trying to change anything in the SCP; it still locks up under certain combinations of playback and zoom operation; it writes an additional. ORI file which is only readable if you rename the extension to. I ve also had a couple of black startups where you see shooting settings but no image and yes, I did remove the lens cap. It might have something to do with the sensors in the collapsible Panasonic 12-32 and 35-100 zooms I m playing with at the moment though you do not get a picture unless the lens is extended and locked.

I get the overall impression that the electronic portion of development was rushed and not fully tested, or at best compromised to focus on the high resolution mode. I am honestly still on the fence about this feature. On one hand, it s basically the same thing that Hasselblad has been doing for some time with its Multishot cameras; they really do deliver a bit more resolution so long as you re working under fully controlled conditions.

Unquestionably, there is more information in one of those files than a single 16MP frame. And unquestionably, color accuracy is both higher because of oversampling and higher because there are no false interpolation artefacts. I ve had more than one instance where changing button assignments in video or stills mode arbitrarily affects the other mode without prior warning. But the shooting envelop for this feature is so small I cannot see myself using it; if I m going to lug that size tripod around, I d rather use the D810 and if I stitch two of those images, the E-M5II is left in the dust.

On top of that, the pixel quality is very, very low. There isn t any more dynamic range, and acuity is lacking even with the best lenses. I ve found the best results to be had by sharpening aggressively, downsampling to approximately 50 32MPand then sharpening again. This delivers pixel-crisp results with acuity comparable to the original 16MP single capture. Practically, I doubt most M4 3 users will be inclined to add the extra weight of a suitably sturdy tripod and head.

Single capture image quality for M4 3 appears to have stagnated for the last couple of years everybody is still using the same Sony 16MP sensor, which is still good, but starting to show its age in several ways. There s visible noise even at ISO 200; dynamic range is lagging behind the 24MP APS-C cameras with similar pixel pitches, and easily three stops down on the benchmark D810 and 645Z. Note the only reason we re comparing it with these cameras is because of Olympus own claim that M4 3 can now deliver competing image quality sure, but if you re going to take eight shots and stitch them, or overlap, or whatever additional processing that means extra capture time and the inability to use it on anything other than static subjects, that takes the 645Z to 300 MP, or a 300 D3200 body to 160MP even allowing for overlap.

Part of that could probably be solved by going to a 14 bit pipeline clearly the data handling ability is there, given the camera can shoot 11fps with a full global electronic shutter and 1080P60 at 77mbps. It is unclear why Olympus still remains at 12 bit for raw files since the data pipe appears to be more than large enough. I suppose electronic front curtain diamond is the best compromise.

On top of that, it appears that some minor shutter shock still exists when using the all-mechanical shutter option necessary for flash, but you won t usually see shutter shock because of the flash duration ; full electronic heart isn t always ideal because you will land up with some color shifts banding under AC light sources and shutter speeds faster than the native power frequency.

This is not a fault of the camera but an artefact of the way our electrical system works lights flicker, but just faster than our eyes can see persistence of vision makes it look continuous. I initially wanted to use the title love and hate in small format landbut perhaps that was a bit too ambiguous even though it sums up my position at the moment.

There are things about the E-M5II I think are absolutely brilliant like the performance of the stabilizer with any and all lenses the Voigtlander 180 4 APO becomes a light, incredibly sharp and easy to focus 360mm f4; the Zeiss ZM 1. Lots of choice, but lots of confusion and you must remember to change modes or risk obviously compromised double images, color banding and unrecoverable results.

4 35 Distagon delivers an absolutely beautiful video rendering which makes both handheld stills and video very easy. That stabilizer also makes up in a big way for the sensor s age whilst I might need 1 250 to be comfortably stable with the D810 and Otus 85, I can shoot the E-M5II and 1. 4 35 at 1 20s or less. I can also focus it consistently I don t have to guess with the optical finder, or use live view and a LCD magnifier and suffer all of the operational delays and glitches.

The E-M5II is just that much more usable than the Nikon with manual focus lenses. Even discounting haptics, there s a 3. 5-4 stop advantage; it means ISO200 with the Olympus and ISO3200 with the Nikon. Whatever resolution, dynamic range and color advantage the Nikon Otus combination had is largely gone by that point. Critically sharp at the pixel level.

I honestly think I may have found a creative use for the pixel-shift-stitch thing. It s rather painterly. I can work around the audio issue since I had to buy an external recorder anyway; I had to buy the grip anyway for additional power though the power consumption of this camera is quite amazing especially considering it is running live view and IBIS all the time, easily outlasting the D810 in a similar LV VR configuration by a factor of three ; and even though the D810 delivers a bit more video resolution and dynamic range, I lose some of that when I stabilize in post.

No stabilization required with the E-M5II. The handling firmware issues are annoying, but if you only use the camera for video or stills, not a big issue. Set it up for one or the other and leave it that way. If you use the LCD, eye relief is academic.

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