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You ve researched all the options, spent hours deciding on the colour and chosen the perfect car for you. Your delivery driver will keep a 2 metre distance at all times and will be wearing protective gloves and, where possible, a face mask. Make sure to keep your phone close as your delivery driver will call you when they arrive, rather than knocking on the door. The handover process. Your car will be delivered with a driver seat cover that your delivery driver will remove on arrival and dispose of appropriately.

They will also wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant to make sure your car is in pristine condition. There will be a small amount of documentation to finalise on the day to make sure you re completely satisfied with the delivery. It s all yours. You ve completed your paperwork, now just take a look on the driver s seat to find a set of sanitised keys. You car has arrived. You will also receive a digital handover video, recorded by your Retailer, showing you the key features of your new car so you are ready to take to the road.

As always, if any questions pop up after the handover, please get in contact with your chosen Retailer. If your dick s in someone s mouth, there are certain unspoken rules that you boys clearly haven t heard. Here s what the girls had to say. Don t push my head down if you want a blow job. If you want one, just ask. That will at least give me the option of saying no.

When boys do this, we tell our friends about it. And then no one will want to fuck you. Stop pushing my head so far down my throat it s practically coming out the other side. We get it, you like to be deep throated. But we ll get there in our time. Do not shove my head down whilst i m sucking you off, the end result won t be pretty. Give me attention too.

Don t get so obsessed by the fact that your dick s being sucked that you completely forget that there is a naked girl wanting to cum too. Make some noise. Grab my boobs, finger me or you know, reciprocate in a 69er. Come on boys, a little groaning, dirty talk or simply tell us how much you love it will work wonders. Sometimes we need a little distraction from the grim suction and slurping noises. Don t take all year long. You might want a 30 minute BJ, but we certainly do not want to be sucking you off for that long.

Our jaw hurts, we start to gag, our breathing goes out the window just have a bit of consideration for us please. You might be living the dream lying there taking it all in, but we re down there cramping up and struggling to breath. Don t start thrusting. We ve got our rhythm and routine down. We re going fast, then slow, then teasing you at the top for a bit.

We know you ll like it. So stop manically thrusting because it s putting us off our tried and tested method. Don t make us keep going until you re about to cum. The sex will last for approximately two minutes, and you ll deff say that was greateven though it definitely was not. We wouldn t have written this if you didn t need it, so get your notepad out and get revising because exam relief shagging season is almost upon us and we want you on your best behaviour. No doubt you ll ask to have sex there and then because apparently foreplay is over.

So, in come the disappointed girls to tell you the rules loud and clear. You re lucky to be here, mate, so don t ruin it now. Please don t ask for us to keep going a bit longer when we ve gone way over full-time. Three tears have fallen down my face from gag reflex and I don t think I ll be able to chew for the next week. Don t expect us to be able to deep throat if you have a big dick.

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Give me direction. Faster, slower, with a hand job, playing with your balls, sucking your balls just tell me what you want. After you re done, if you haven t made the girl come already, do it. My turn, my turn. Don t make me feel like I m asking for too much if I ask you to reciprocate. How much are you actually going to spend in your first term. Tell us how you eat duck pancakes and we ll tell you what you re like to date.

The most scientific quiz to date. Left shook by The Social Dilemma. These nine shows will make you hate your phone more. Boys, this is how you should behave while getting a blow job, by girls. Brb deleting all my social media apps forever. Put on your best pink outfit and then take this quiz to see which Mean Girl you are. Get in loser, we re taking a quiz. This is how much the people on Netflix s The Social Dilemma are actually worth.

The guy who invented the Facebook like button is worth 150million. Local residents in student areas want unis to pay police to shut down parties. The smart thing to do is just invite them. Ok, but why is everyone on Twitter making meatier meteor jokes. It turns out the girl behind the joke is an actual paleontologist. If you re the seventh friend, enjoy these memes while your six mates are at the pub. We are sorry for your loss. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion is now available on Airbnb.

I watched Netflix s Cuties and yikes, here s everything wrong with it. Sorry but whose idea was it to make us watch an 11-year-old twerking. QUIZ Can you match the artist to their noughties banger. This is a Daniel Bedingfield fandom safe space. Which packet of crisps are you, really. I wanna be as boujee as a packet of Walkers Sensations x. A definitive list of the Pret menu items you know, deep down, to be terrible. Face it, we have spent years getting excited about bang average sarnies.

Only a true Hot Fuzz superfan will get full marks in this trivia quiz. No luck catchin them swans then. In the name of science, I tasted the weirdest vodka shot chasers so you don t have to. Um, it s only 30 a night. Okay but let s talk about pickle juice for a minute. QUIZ Decorate your uni room and we ll tell you what type of housemate you are. Your tapestry makes you the annoying indie one that everyone secretly hates, sorry. Take a look inside Rihanna s 32m London mansion which is now up for sale.

She rented it for 18k a WEEK. Police will be able to break up any parties held in student accommodation. Scotland is officially banning uni house parties from Monday. People cancel their Netflix subscriptions after Cuties is accused of sexualising young girls. A Netflix user tweeted saying We can no longer be funding this filth.

An etiquette guide. Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. If you re interested in joining the Craftadia Minecraft server, you re in the right place. How to Play Craftadia IP gg. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so much more. Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before.

If you don t have a Java Edition account, you ll need to purchase one here. To get started, you ll need a Minecraft Java Edition account. You should also copy the IP to our server. Once you ve got your Minecraft account, open the game and press Multiplayer. Once you re in the Multiplayer server list, hit the Add Server button at the bottom.

Under Server Address type in gg. Make sure you are on version 1. com and adjust the Server Resource Packs setting to Enabled. Once you re finished, press Iq option home. Press the play button in the top left of the server or double-click it. You re on your way to entering the Craftadia Minecraft server. To get started with playing, follow the instructions on your screen. Subscribe to Craftadia Survival.

Vaping brands like Smok have become an industry leader within the vaping world for releasing highly technical yet easy to use vaping products while throwing themselves into new avenues of research and development. How to update Smok Mag Firmware. The vaping industry has grown significantly over the last couple of years with the products available iq option home the market showing how much electronic cigarette technology has advanced.

It s this research and development that has brought rise to the growth of modified vapes and adjustable firmware that can be completed at the click of a mouse. With the technology within a vape constantly changing it helps to possess a vape that can move with the times and adapt to new features without having to go to any greater expense.

This guide will go into some of the finer details surrounding the Smok Mag firmware and how to update your device to create the perfect personalised vaping experience. What is Smok Mag Firmware. Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 27th Feb 2019. Firmware is the technology within your device that allows you to upgrade and modify your vape without having to buy new pieces of equipment. The industry has since moved on from temperature adjustable vapes, but this offers a valuable example when referring to how we update firmware.

Let s say some new technology is released onto the market. A new material used in vapes to deliver higher temperatures and a more enjoyable vaping experience. Some of your current vapes won t be suited to the new technologies and may need updating. Smok Mag vapes can be plugged into your computer via USB, enabling you to download new software and capabilities onto your vaping device. Firmware upgrades are available across a number of different areas, from improving the wattage capabilities and temperature settings on your vape to updating the on-screen information visible on your device.

If you want to stay up-to-date and possess all the latest vaping products, possessing a Smok Mag vape with adjustable firmware is the only way to do so. How to update Smoke Mag Firmware. Updating the firmware on your Smok Mag device couldn t be simpler. All the latest smok mag vapes come with USB capabilities meaning you can connect your device to your computer in no time at all and update your firmware while charging your device.

The UK mag kit is Smok s most ergonomically designed device yet, with an easy-to-use functionality and a range of settings that can be altered by connecting your device via USB to your computer. The decision to update your Smok Mag is completely down to you. Some say that if it isn t broke don t fix it, but this doesn t really apply if you re looking to procure the cutting edge of vaping technology.

Simply connect your vape to your computer and consider your upgrade options. How to enjoy the best vaping experience. The vaping community has grown significantly over the last couple of years with more and more people finding their own little niches within the industry. As the number of global smokers decreases to around 1.

1 billion worldwide, forecasts within the vaping community expect there to reach almost 55 million by 2021. It s important, however, to remain healthy and on the ball when maintaining and using your e-cigarettes. This enjoyment and safe usage can be created by ensuring that you re updating your firmware when necessary and always changing your liquids to ensure rich flavours and huge vapours are prominent within your vape. Take a look across our website to discover the products we have on offer.

As with the previous i10, this new version is built at Hyundai s Izmit plant in Turkey for European markets and it shares its platform with the Kia Picanto. Hyundai i10 design styling. In its metamorphosis from second- to third-generation form, Hyundai s smallest model has experienced a bit of a growth spurt, but the changes to its overall footprint aren t drastic and should improve interior spaciousness. Overall length has crept up by 5mm, but it s the fact that its wheelbase has been stretched by 40mm that should have the greatest effect in the cabin.

The roofline has been lowered by 20mm and width increased by 20mm to lend the i10 a more squat, athletic stance than before. In fact, the general consensus among our testers is that this new car s styling is one thing that Hyundai has well and truly nailed. Where its predecessor was an attractive if largely featureless device, this new third-gen car has all the chiselled good looks, chic visual trinketry and premium appeal to see it confidently mingle with the established class elite.

In any case, Hyundai has long claimed that a healthy amount of its sales stem from customers taking a shine to its vehicles designs, and we ve no doubt the i10 is on a strong footing to see this continue. From launch, the i10 is available with a choice of two naturally aspirated petrol engines a 66bhp 1. 0-litre triple and the 1. 2-litre four-pot that straddles the front axle of our test car. Both powerplants are available with either a five-speed manual or five-speed automated manual transmission, and ours uses the five-speed manual to direct its 83bhp and 87lb ft to the front wheels.

There s enough visual aggression about its sharp front end to shake off the cutesy image that s so often attached to cars in this class, but not so much that it appears contrived or try-hard. A sportier N Line model with a 98bhp turbocharged three-pot will arrive in the summer. As for its suspension, the new i10 doesn t deviate from the established class formula. MacPherson struts are employed at the front axle and a torsion beam sits across the rear.

The rear torsion bar is now U-shaped as opposed to triangle-shaped to improve stability, while a stronger steering torsion bar and quicker steering gear should help to sharpen steering response. These days, it s rare for a meme to last more than a week before the online culture cycle bludgeons it into oblivion. This is how it survived for 5 years without losing its charm.

In fandom circles, however, the case is a bit different good memes stick around, becoming cultural touchstones that people can refer back to without fail. Although anime fandom is becoming more and more mainstream on apps like TikTok, there are memes in the community that have their roots in content from earlier in the decade and have, against the odds, remained beloved reference points. One of anime s most popular memes is an absurd joke about soup.

I m at soup also known as soup store is a perfect example. Soup store is one of anime fandom s best-known memes, featuring a now-iconic format two characters have a gradually escalating conversation that starts civil but ends with iq option home of them screaming, WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE. While still somewhat of a niche meme in terms of the overall zeitgeist, soup store has become such a fixture in certain corners of the internet that even vague references are enough to make iq option home connection.

Soup store was originally a clip from abridged series Code MENT. Soup store is perhaps best enjoyed with as little context as possible, but it actually originated as part of a much larger work. The clip in question is part of the 16th episode of Code MENT, a parody of popular late aughts anime series Code Geass called an abridged series.

Code MENT was created by Nick Lizzo, better known by his YouTube handle PurpleEyesWTF. Per The Artifice, this trend of dubbing over popular anime series in a comedic way traces back to the early 2000s, with 2006 s Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series frequently heralded as the first anime abridged series to be popularly labeled as such. Arguably the best-known parody of anime series Code Geass, the series was known for its absurdity and the fact that it completely flipped the script on its protagonist, turning cunning into exaggerated idiocy.

While Lizzo published the first 15 episodes of this iteration of Code MENT on YouTube from 2010 to 2013 there was an earlier version of the series that he mostly scrapped, although the sixth episode is still uploaded on his channelthe soup store clip originated from what is currently the series sixteenth and final episode. Inspired by other contemporary abridged anime series, Lizzo started the project in college in the late 2000s, editing and dubbing over footage in Windows Movie Maker. Out of the full canon of his work, soup store stands out and ultimately enjoyed viral fame due to its simplistic humor.

It s about two people talking past each other, getting answers to their questions, but clearly not communicating as well as they could, Lizzo said. To an audience member, you laugh because the expectation for each person is well-understood, but somehow, it subverts your expectation. Both people are getting their questions met and their desires met at the same time, but they re also not getting what they re actually after. Inspiration for the clip came from real-life. According to Lizzo, the inspiration for the soup store bit actually came from a real-life conversation.

He decided to call up a friend that he hadn t seen in a while, asking him what he was doing. How s his family. I was wondering, like, how is his job. I m eating chicken, Lizzo said the friend replied. The friend replied, Oh, I m at Gap. Lizzo heard a ding from a cash register and asked, Where are you right now. He just assumed that I had known everything that was going on because we had been in each others lives for so long But as I was pulling details out of his story, it started making no sense.

It was so funny, I could not help but laugh. We were such close friends, it never missed a beat, Lizzo explained. Ultimately, that conversation was what pushed Lizzo to finish the 16th Code MENT episode, publishing it on May 2, 2015, nearly two years after the most recent episode in the series. That organic inspiration is part of why he thinks the clip went viral in the first place, and why it has staying power today.

I did it almost instantaneously after getting off the phone with my friend, he said. The magic was still there. The idea was still there. I think you can almost feel the experience. Soup store s meme legacy began with parodies featuring other popular franchises. One YouTube channel uploaded an animated Dark Souls parody of the dialogue on the same day May 2, 2015 that the original episode went up; an isolated clip of the soup store bit was re-uploaded by YouTube channel AndeePasta on May 4 and later posted on r Videos the same year.

The clip s began to gain attention not long after its original upload. A Team Fortress 2 version of the meme uploaded in June 2015 helped to popularize the meme by attaching it to already popular video memes made in Source Filmmaker. The parodies racked up over the years as people made iq option home featuring franchises like Gravity Falls in late 2015Danganronpa in 2016or Undertale also in 2016. Popular YouTuber Markiplier reacted to the Team Fortress 2 version of the video in 2017. Parodies of the original clip are still going strong take this video from March 2020 featuring characters and music from 2019 anime film Promare.

What truly makes soup store such a powerful iq option home, however, is its staying power. While only an approximate metric, per Google Trends, search interest in I m at soup has wavered over the years but remained relatively steady since 2015 related topics include Undertale, Meme, and Code Geass. A cursory Twitter search will reveal plenty of people cracking low-effort soup store jokes; even vague references are enough to make a good soup store joke.

Curi quarantine pls everybody srslycuriousTTV February 4, 2020. While some hailed it as the best meme of the previous decade Comedy peaked in 2015 and we ve been going down hill sic ever since, one tweet reads soup store has arguably lasted so long because it never truly broke into mainstream consciousness. Rather than exploding like Twitter memes that tend to live fast and die young, soup store has been a slow burn, spreading like an inside joke in fandom circles online.

In this case, the conversation was more of a muted whisper that left people in on the joke, ironically in sharp contrast to the ridiculous shouting that made the clip so popular in the first place. I literally taught me things about how the internet talks, Lizzo said. Read more Anime could give Netflix a major advantage against Disney in the streaming war Celebrities like Dolly Parton are using a k-pop idol s sexy legs in the latest meme taking over the internet 60 viral moments that delighted us, disappointed us, and defined the 2010s.

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Funny, I ve tried a bunch including your old username. image tagged in gifs,matrix,mia,imgflip users,unfeatured,resubmitted made w Imgflip video-to-gif maker. I like that stream, I think I was follower 2. Can t even sneak a unicode combining character into a username change, it will work on the end of a link though. You would get more traffic if you made it a listed stream, the stream link would show up on your profile page, also submissions and user comments would show on the corresponding user s profile more ways for users to see what s happening there.

I ve been meaning to make a submission there. Go to your stream settings imgflip. stream_name Imgflipmyths and pick the listed option, hit the Update Stream button. Is that really a thing. A user seems to can t comment or is it won t. Lol just asking. Thanks, yea that actually explains a few things. Always slips my mind to check settings lol. I ll make few more memes promoting.

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Running a Business. If you have a question or would like to become an operator, click here. IMO offers a range of car washes to protect your car from the 7 signs of ageing with a 100 non-scratch guarantee. By using the IMO website you consent to the use of cookies I Agree. We recycle up to 80 of the water we use and dispose of waste products responsibly. Informatique Maëlle. Travaux d Informatique 4ème.

TP sur Prezi. Grâce à une familiarité avec le site, le travail a été une réussite. Ce moyen de présenter des diaporamas est le plus pratique que j ai trouvé. Le maitrisant plutôt bien, et l ayant expériencé de nombreuses fois, je considère Prezi avec un oeil positif. Il y a une possibilité de personnalisation infinie, en plus d une praticité qui est ma raison même de l utilisation fréquente de ce moyen.

S il faut y trouver un défaut, je dirais peut-être qu il y a des options payantes, ce qui est bien dommage. TP sur Powtoon. Le travail a été une réussite, grâce à mon extrême facilité à manipuler les outils informatique. Le concept en lui même est intéressant. Il permet la fabrication de diaporama d une manière éducative et nouvelle. Malgré celà, je ne souhaite pas vraiment réutiliser le support. Bien qu il soit distrayant de l utiliser, il est vite ennuyant de naviguer longuement parmi les options et de trouver celle qui nous convient.

Finalement, la façon dont est présenté l interface n est, de mon point de vue, pas pratique, et à améliorer. Je me nomme Maëlle Le Roux, et ce blog a pour but de consigner des travaux d informatique, principalement. J ai 14 ans, je suis Bélier, et je cotoye la technologie sous toutes ses formes depuis ma petite enfance, et j ai reçu mon ordinateur autour de mes 8 ans.

Quand aux jeux-vidéos, il est impossible de mettre une date sur la première fois ou j ai touché à une manette de ma vie, mais c est aujourd hui une passion de tout les jours qui compte énormément pour moi. J apprécie aussi l écriture, la lecture et le dessin, mais qui sont par moins importants par rapport à mes liens avec l informatique et les technologies en tout genre.

Bonne journée, bonne soirée. Devine qui je suis. Quatrième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Créer une image avec un anachronisme. Troisième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Scratch en peinture. Deuxième partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Deux chats au laboratoire. Première partie de l atelier Photofiltre. Know Your Meme is a website dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more. Does TikTok have any good singers. The Best Rendition Of Crazy Frog Came From A TikTok Duet.

Welcome new visitor. Oracle Wins Bid For TikTok s US Operations, Surprisingly Edging Out Microsoft. Details of the partnership remain murky and fail to address the national security concerns cited by the White House as the reason for the pressure on the app. September 14th, 2020 1 15 PM. It s The Circle Of Cheese.

September 14th, 2020 12 50 PM. Captain America Actor Leaks Nudes Fans Defend Chris Evans Privacy After Captain America Actor Leaks Nudes. Chris Evans accidentally gave the world a look at America s penis this weekend, when he shared a screen recording of his camera rol on Instagram Stories. But some fans are urging the public to respect the actor s privacy and ignore the pictures. September 14th, 2020 12 00 PM. Everyone s Day Be So Fine, Until Something Like This Happens.

Not long after JFK from Clone High ascended to the memedom, he got busy making meme offsprings, and My Day Be So Fine just happens to be his firstborn. September 14th, 2020 10 57 AM. September 14th, 2020 1 30 PM. By Gareth Beavis 04 May 2020. iPhone 11 review. The cheaper iPhone 11 is Apple s top phone from 2019. The iPhone 11 - the successor to the iPhone XR - has gone from secondary handset to firmly taking the limelight.

Offering most of the top-end camera technology of the powerful iPhone 11 Pro, it packs good spec and manages to do so for a lower cost than many would expect - this is the one to go for if you want a good value new iPhone. Improved camera New range of colors Good battery life remains. Design is almost identical to XR No headphone dongle in the box Camera bump a little sharp. Two-minute review. Update Apple has confirmed that iOS 14 - the company s next big software update - will be coming to the iPhone 11 later in 2020.

The iPhone 11 is something of a surprise - it brings more advanced technology namely in the camera capabilities and the processing power under the hood and yet offers it for less than the iPhone XR cost in 2018. It combines a large 6. 1-inch display with a premium-feeling body, and comes in an array of colors too. The most eye-catching feature of the new iPhone is to the imaging capabilities with two sensors on the rear, you can now take wider-angle snaps alongside the normal main images.

The night mode is the most impressive part of the iPhone 11 imaging quality, bringing brightness and clarity to impossibly dark scenes, and the Portrait mode, defocusing the background, is improved on the new iPhone too. These sensors are 12MP each, and are raised from the rear of the phone in a square glass enclosure - which we re not enamored with visually.

The design hasn t updated much from the iPhone XR in 2018, although there are now six colors - including a new lilac and mint green shade to choose from. The edges of the iPhone 11 still have the same feel as the older iPhone 6, 7 and 8, although the larger 6. 1-inch display in the middle takes up most of the front of the phone although with slightly thick borders around the screen.

That display is bright enough and responds well under the finger, with bright sunlight performance good and the overall movie and video streaming playback strong - although not in the same league as the OLED-toting iPhone 11 Pro range. The general design is similar to last year s iPhone range. Apple claims that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is an hour longer than that of the impressive iPhone XR, and in our tests this largely bore out.

We were able to eke 24 hours use out of it without needing to try too hard - although sadly there s no fast charger in the box, so if you do deplete the power pack you ll need to wait around three hours before it s fully juiced up. The overall speed and performance of the iPhone 11 is robust - and especially so for the price. It s still one of the most powerful phones out there, according to our early benchmarks.

In reality that just translates to a solid experience when flipping in and out of apps - although we did note that the speed in firing up the camera was a little slow, and processing pictures took longer than expected for a modern phone. That said, given you can edit 4K footage at 60 frames per second on a smartphone, it seems like a pretty powerful device to have in your pocket - especially if you re a social influencer.

Overall the iPhone 11 is a triumph for Apple - if, for nothing else, the fact it s managed to lower the price year-on-year. We feel enough people are going to be won over by the hard-working camera check the night mode samples further down this review to see what we mean and the safety that buying a modern smartphone gives you. You should be able to get years of use from this phone, and sure, you could also consider the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max if you want more power and higher spec, but we found the iPhone 11 to be fun to use and often outperformed what we would expect given the price - and that s a feat some wouldn t have expected from Apple.

The notch remains, but the Liquid Retina LCD screen is clear and bright. Image credit TechRadar These are the best iPhone 11 cases. iPhone 11 price and release date. iPhone 11 launch date September 10 iPhone 11 release date September 20 iPhone 11 price started at 699 729, AU 1,199. The iPhone 11 release date was September 20, 2019 around the world, and it s readily available to buy in the US, UK and Australia.

You can purchase it directly from Apple, and a variety of other retailers. The iPhone 11 price at launch was hugely impressive in the US, where it starts at 699 for the 64GB storage model. We can t begin to call this phone cheapbut that s a drop of 50 over the iPhone XR, and it s an incredible thing for Apple to do here when most expected the price to keep going up and up. In other regions the iPhone 11 price is still lower than the XR, but the saving isn t as great.

The 64GB iPhone 11 will set you back 729 in the UK and AU 1,199 in Australia, which represents a saving of 20 and AU 30 respectively over the XR. There are, as usual, a range of storage options to go for, with the aforementioned 64GB model joined by a 128GB 749, 779, AU 1,279 and a 256GB 849, 879, AU 1,449 version, if you re happy to spend more money to get extra capacity.

That gives you access to specifically commissioned TV shows and films directly from Apple, and it s something you get with most new tech purchases from the company. An additional bonus is you ll get a year free of Apple s TV Plus service when you buy the new iPhone. You ll likely be able to find the phone for a little less with some retailers, carriers and networks.

That s even more so the case now that the phone has been out for some time and rumors are already growing about the iPhone 12. Below we ve put together the best deals you can find today for the iPhone 11. This isn t something we normally do, but we re going to get right to the simple fact that the iPhone 11 camera is easily the standout feature on this handset. Apple has doubled the number of lenses on offer here where the iPhone XR had one, porthole-like sensor on the rear, things are much more grandiose for 2019, with a whole window on the rear containing two 12MP sensors.

Apple s clearly going for an iconic and uniform look with the iPhone 11 range, with the Pro and Pro Max packing the same square lens bump on the rear. Two sensors - normal and ultra-wide - now adorn the rear of the iPhone 11. It s a wide-angle array that s to say you get the regular camera you ll find on every phone, plus an ultra-wide-angle lens that brings more of the scene you re shooting into the frame. It takes some getting used to, almost to the point of it being too obtrusive visually, with your fingers playing across it far more when you re holding the iPhone in landscape, but it actually isn t as obtrusive as the bump on 2018 s iPhone, thanks to being layered up from the back the glass housing around the lenses is raised a small amount from the rear glass, and the sensors themselves a little more.

It s a setup that s pretty easy to use a toggle at the bottom of the camera interface enables you to move between focal length, and you can hold this down to activate a scroll wheel with which you can more smoothly zoom in and out. There s a slight judder when transitioning between the two cameras, and if you look closely you can see there s a difference in the light sensitivity of the two sensors as well in the preview.

The camera app is similar, but comes with a few new tweaks. The overall output is quite different - you ll get a far darker photo when zoomed out, so we d suggest only using the further-out sensor in a strong, bright scene and relying on night mode for the rest of the time. One thing that s supposed to be simple is fixing your too-narrow photos when you could be using the ultra-wide lens. We saw in a demo how the iPhone 11 would be able to take a shot using the standard lens, but during our testing could not work out how to get access to the wider shot that s supposed to be taken at the same time, so you can change the composition post snap.

The detail of both ball and sky is well-captured here. The sharpness of the varying scene is strong, and the muted colors of the chicken come across well. The detail in the cobweb is clear, and the natural defocusing this isn t Portrait mode is strong. The varying light levels are good here, but there could be more detail under the ring in the darkness.

The inbuilt filters, applied at shooting, allow you to decide on the look of the snap before pressing the shutter button. We activated all the right settings but making the picture wide after taking it is not something that s going to be easy to do for most. Side note iOS 13 brings a feature we ve been after for a long time the capability to change the aspect ratio when you re snapping.

You can choose square, 16 9 alongside the 4 3 standard image. However no matter the ratio chosen, it s still a 4 3 image on the phone. Let s talk about something that does work well the low-light performance. Historically Apple s iPhone cameras have never been great here, but with its improved AI smarts the iPhone 11 is capable of rendering some amazing night snaps.

Whether you re in a sort-of-dark situation, or focusing a tripod-mounted phone at the night sky, there s a setting that enables you to make what would normally be a badly-lit photo look as clear as well not quite as clear as day, but wonderfully bright. This works by the iPhone 11 automatically telling you to hold the handset steady for 2-5 seconds so that the shutter can stay open for longer; the phone then captures a number of photos at different exposures and sharpness levels, before merging the data to produce the very best photo possible.

If you ve braced or mounted the phone securely, the capture time can be extended to up to 30 seconds this is only really necessary if you re going to be taking photos of the night sky, and for general night shots we saw very little difference between the brightness of photos taken over 5 seconds and 30 seconds.

This scene represents how we saw the tree at night - there wasn t a lot of light around. However, the effect of brightening was startling and even the sky was well-improved. This image was taken without night mode on. Using a longer exposure can help get better images, but needs a steadier hand. and while we braced our hand for the shot, the result was a small amount of wobble ruining the whole image.

The results are startling, elevating Apple to the level of Huawei, Samsung and Google when it comes to taking low-light and night photos and in some ways enabling it to surpass its rivals. Night mode can make photos shot at 1am look as if they were taken in late afternoon, and if you can get your subjects to remain still, you ll take great snaps.

However, try to photograph a scene that includes motion people dancing at a concert, for instance and it s a world of blur. You ll need to manually turn off night mode, and that s a little bit of a nuisance when you re trying to get a quick snap. Talking of speed, there s a nice new feature added to iOS 13 whereby pressing and holding on the shutter button will allow you to take a quick video, Instagram-style, instead of burst mode photos you can still do this by sliding your finger left; if you slide right instead recording will be locked, allowing you to take your finger off the shutter button to adjust exposure and zoom.

Here s a standard photo note the larger amount of over-exposure at the edges. However, with more information from the ultra-wide angle lens, the picture looks a lot more colorful and sharp. Here s a standard picture - zoom in on the detail and you ll see the leaves are well-captured, and the sky represented well. Zooming out feels like the image should be more distorted, and while there is some slight stretching Apple has offset it well.

This is a nice feature that s going to appeal to those who want to share video clips to social media with ease. You don t get the same low-light capabilities for video more on that in a momentbut it s smooth and defaults to the settings you ve already set, so you can be shooting high-end 4K footage in a matter of seconds. We did notice on occasion that the iPhone 11 would show a black screen when we fired up the camera, meaning we would need to flick into another mode like video or slow-mo to jolt the viewfinder into showing something.

We ll keep an eye on this, as it s likely something that will be fixed soon via an update, but it seems like a bug when starting the camera app.

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