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Alt-right vlogger Paul RamZPaul Ramsey describes them as LARPers or Live-Action Role Players a disparaging comparison to nerdy nostalgists who dress up as medieval warriors. Paul even goes as far as to suggest some in this toxic mix of kooks and ex-cons may be there solely to discredit the more reasonable white identitarians. Hitler is dead. Quit larping that it is perpetually 1933 Germany. I have no interest in the 1488 crowd. A toxic mix of kooks and ex-cons turned informants.

LARPing the Third Reich. Every ideology has them. Humourless ideologues who have no lives beyond their political crusade, and live for the destruction of the great. They can be found on Stormfront and other sites, not just joking about the race war, but eagerly planning it. They are known as Stormfags by the rest of the internet. Based on our research we believe this stands in stark contrast with the rest of the alt-right, who focus more on building communities and lifestyles based around their values than plotting violent revolution.

1488ers are the equivalent of the Black Lives Matter supporters who call for the deaths of policemen, or feminists who unironically want to KillAllMen. Of course, the difference is that while the media pretend the latter are either non-existent, or a tiny extremist minority, they consider 1488ers to constitute the whole of the alt-right. Those looking for Nazis under the bed can rest assured that they do exist. On the other hand, there s just not very many of them, no-one really likes them, and they re unlikely to achieve anything significant in the alt-right.

What little remains of old-school white supremacy and the KKK in America constitutes a tiny, irrelevant contingent with no purchase on public life and no support even from what the media would call the far-Right. Admittedly, these days that includes anyone who votes Republican. THE ESTABLISHMENT S FRANKENSTEIN. Not all alt-righters will agree with our taxonomy of the movement. Hacker and white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer, better known as weev, responded in typically jaw-dropping fashion to our enquiries The tireless attempts of you Jews to smear us decent Nazis is shameful.

There are a myriad of disagreements between its supporters over what they should build, but virtual unity over what they should destroy. For decades since the 1960s, in fact the media and political establishment have held a consensus over what s acceptable and unacceptable to discuss in polite society. The politics of identity, when it comes from women, LGBT people, blacks and other non-white, non-straight, non-male demographics is seen as acceptable even when it descends into outright hatred.

Any discussion of white identity, or white interests, is seen as a heretical offence. It s a fact observed as early as 2008 by Yarvin. Ethnic pride is one thing. Hostility is another. But as progressives often observe they tend to travel together. It strikes me as quite incontrovertible that if an alien anthropologist were to visit Earth and collate expressions of hostility toward human subpopulations in Western culture today, the overwhelming majority would be anti-European. Anti-Europeanism is widely taught in schools and universities today.

Its converse most certainly is not. 0, why do non-European ethnocentrism and anti-European hostility not seem to bother you in the slightest. Do they maybe even strike you as, um, slightly cool. The current consensus offers, at best, mild condemnation of identity politics on the Left, and zero tolerance for identity politics on the right. Even for us a gay man of Jewish descent and a mixed-ethnic half-Pakistani the dangers of writing on this topic loom large.

Though we do not identify with the alt-right, even writing an article about them is akin to prancing through a minefield. The pressure to self-censor must be almost overwhelming for straight white men and, for most of them, it appears to be, which explains why so much of the alt-right operates anonymously. While movements like third-wave feminism and Black Lives Matter often draw criticism from conservatives and libertarians, advocacy on behalf of those causes is not a career-ending offence.

Quite the reverse. It s possible to build successful and lucrative careers off the back of those movements. Just look at Al Sharpton, Anita Sarkeesian and Deray Mckesson. In the past five years, left-wing identity politics underwent a renaissance just as the crisis of white males especially young white males in the west became obvious.

As feminism entered its fourth wave, obsessed with trivialities like online trolling, sexist t-shirts and microaggressions, male suicide rates were reaching crisis levels. Delving into the depths of the alternative right, it quickly becomes apparent that the movement is best defined by what it stands against rather than what it stands for. As minority advocates on college campuses raised Hell about offensive Halloween costumes and demanded safe spaces in which they could be insulated from differing points of view, working-class white males became the least likely group to attend university in the U.

To politically alert Millennials, the contrast between the truly marginalized and those merely claiming victim status has become stark. The Establishment bears much of the blame. Had they been serious about defending humanism, liberalism and universalism, the rise of the alternative right might have been arrested. All they had to do was argue for common humanity in the face of black and feminist identity politics, for free speech in the face of the regressive Left s censorship sprees, and for universal values in the face of left-wing moral relativism.

Instead, they turned a blind eye to the rise of tribal, identitarian movements on the Left while mercilessly suppressing any hint of them on the Right. It was this double standard, more than anything else, that gave rise to the alternative right. It s also responsible, at least in part, for the rise of Donald Trump.

While the alt-right is too sophisticated to be mistaken for a mindless knee-jerk reaction, opposition to this prevailing consensus is the glue that holds it together. So here is my challenge for progressives, multiculturalists, dynamists, and the like if your antiracism is what it claims to be, if it is no more than Voltaire 3. Some enjoy violating social norms for shock value, while others take a more intellectual approach, but all oppose the pieties and hypocrisies of the current consensus from both Left and Right in some form or another.

In that, the alt-right has much in common with the cultural libertarian movement first identified in these pages. And there are many people who would identify with both labels. THE MASK OF RACISM. To young people and the politically disengaged, debate in the public square today appears topsy-turvy. The regressive Left loudly insists that it stands for equality and racial justice while praising acts of racial violence and forcing white people to sit at the back of the bus or, more accurately, the back of the campus or in another campus altogether.

It defends absurd feminist positions with no basis in fact and ridicules and demeans people on the basis of their skin colour, sexual orientation and gender. Meanwhile, the alt-right openly crack jokes about the Holocaust, loudly albeit almost entirely satirically expresses its horror at race-mixing, and denounces the degeneracy of homosexuals while inviting Jewish gays and mixed-race Breitbart reporters to their secret dinner parties.

If you re this far down the article, you ll know some of the answers already. For the meme brigade, it s just about having fun. They have no real problem with race-mixing, homosexuality, or even diverse societies it s just fun to watch the mayhem and outrage that erupts when those secular shibboleths are openly mocked. These younger mischief-makers instinctively understand who the authoritarians are and why and how to poke fun at them. The intellectuals are animated by a similar thrill after being taken for granted for centuries, they re the ones who get to pick apart some of the Enlightenment s dead dogmas.

The 1488ers just hate everyone; fortunately they keep mostly to themselves. The really interesting members of the alt-right though, and the most numerous, are the natural conservatives. They are perhaps psychologically inclined to be unsettled by threats to western culture from mass immigration and maybe by non-straight relationships. Yet, unlike the 1488ers, the presence of such doesn t send them into fits of rage. They want to build their homogeneous communities, sure but they don t want to commit any pogroms along the way.

Indeed, they would prefer non-violent solutions. They re also aware that there are millions of people who don t share their inclinations. These are the instinctive liberals, the second half of Haidt s psychological map of western polities the people who are comfortable with diversity, promiscuity, homosexuality, and all other features of the cultural consensus. Their goal is a new consensus, where liberals compromise or at least allow conservative areas of their countries to reject the status quo on race, immigration and gender.

Others, especially neoreactionaries, seek exit a peaceful separation from liberal cultures. Natural conservatives know that a zero-sum battle with this group would end in stalemate or defeat. Should the liberal tribe and let s not deny it any longer that s both the Democratic and GOP Establishments these days do business with them. Well, the risk otherwise is that the 1488ers start persuading people that iq option quando comprar e vender solution to natural conservatives problems is the only viable one.

The bulk of their demands, after all, are not so audacious they want their own communities, populated by their own people, and governed by their own values. In short, they want what every people fighting for self-determination in history iq option quando comprar e vender ever wanted, and what progressives are always telling us people should be allowed unless those people are white.

This hypocrisy is what has led so many Trump voters groups who have in many cases not voted since the 1970s or 80s to come out of the woodwork and stand up for their values and culture. The Establishment need to read their Haidt and realise that this group isn t going away. We can no longer pretend that divides over free trade and the minutiae of healthcare reform really represent both sides of the political spectrum in America.

The alt-right is here, and here to stay. Allum Bokhari is a reporter for Breitbart. He can be followed on Twitter at LibertarianBlue. Milo Yiannopoulos is a senior editor for Breitbart. He can be followed at Nero. There will be no progress that erases the natural affinities of conservatives. You can follow their work by downloading the Milo Alert. app and hear them on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show. Please let us know if you re having issues with commenting.

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Please complete the security check to access my. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2be4e37e0cd6e5 Your IP 95. Cloudflare Ray ID 5d2be52bbb05c2db Your IP 95. Hambrick, Madeline Marquardt on December 5, 2017. Superior IQs are associated with mental and physical disorders, research suggests. Bad News for the Highly Intelligent. There are advantages to being smart. People who do well on standardized tests of intelligence IQ tests tend to be more successful in the classroom and the workplace.

Although the reasons are not fully understood, they also tend to live longer, healthier lives, and are less likely to experience negative life events such as bankruptcy. Now there s some bad news for people in the right tail of the IQ bell curve. In a study just published in the journal Intelligence, Pitzer College researcher Ruth Karpinski and her colleagues emailed a survey with questions about psychological and physiological disorders to members of Mensa.

A high IQ society, Mensa requires that its members have an IQ in the top 2 percent. For most intelligence tests, this corresponds to an IQ of about 132 or higher. The average IQ of the general population is 100. The survey of Mensa s highly intelligent members found that they were more likely to suffer from a range of serious disorders. The survey covered mood disorders depression, dysthymia and bipolaranxiety disorders generalized, social and obsessive-compulsiveattention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

It also covered environmental allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders. Respondents were asked to report whether they had ever been formally diagnosed with each disorder or suspected they suffered from it. With a return rate of nearly 75 percent, Karpinski and her colleagues compared the percentage of the 3,715 respondents who reported each disorder to the national average. The biggest differences between the Mensa group and the general population were seen for mood disorders and anxiety disorders.

More than a quarter 26. 7 percent of the sample reported that they had been formally diagnosed with a mood disorder, while 20 percent reported an anxiety disorder far higher than the national averages of around 10 percent for each. The differences were smaller, but still statistically significant and practically meaningful, for most of the other disorders.

The prevalence of environmental allergies was triple the national average 33 percent vs. To explain their findings, Karpinski and her colleagues propose the hyper brain hyper body theory. This theory holds that, for all of its advantages, being highly intelligent is associated with psychological and physiological overexcitabilities, or OEs. A concept introduced by the Polish psychiatrist and psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski in the 1960s, an OE is an unusually intense reaction to an environmental threat or insult.

This can include anything from a startling sound to confrontation with another person. Psychological OEs include a heighted tendency to ruminate and worry, whereas physiological OEs arise from the body s response to stress. According to the hyper brain hyper body theory, these two types of OEs are more common in highly intelligent people and interact with each other in a vicious cycle to cause both psychological and physiological dysfunction. For example, a highly intelligent person may overanalyze a disapproving comment made by a boss, imagining negative outcomes that simply wouldn t occur to someone less intelligent.

That may trigger the body s stress response, which may make the person even more anxious. The results of this study must be interpreted cautiously because they are correlational. Showing that a disorder is more common in a sample of people with high IQs than in the general population doesn t prove that high intelligence is the cause of the disorder. It s also possible that people who join Mensa differ from other people in ways other than just IQ.

For example, people preoccupied with intellectual pursuits may spend less time than the average person on physical exercise and social interaction, both of which have been shown to have broad benefits for psychological and physical health. All the same, Karpinski and her colleagues findings set the stage for research that promises to shed new light on the link between intelligence and health. One possibility is that associations between intelligence and health outcomes reflect pleiotropywhich occurs when a gene influences seemingly unrelated traits.

There is already some evidence to suggest that this is the case. In a 2015 study, Rosalind Arden and her colleagues concluded that the association between IQ and longevity is mostly explained by genetic factors. From a practical standpoint, this research may ultimately lead to insights about how to improve people s psychological and physical well-being. If overexcitabilities turn out to be the mechanism underlying the IQ-health relationship, then interventions aimed at curbing these sometimes maladaptive responses may help people lead happier, healthier lives.

Hambrick is a professor in the department of psychology at Michigan State University. His research focuses on individual differences in cognitive ability and complex skill. How Research on Working Memory Can Improve Your Romantic Relationship Looks Matters, but so Does Smarts In Search of a Subjective Fountain of Youth. Madeline Marquardt. Madeline Marquardt is an undergraduate student at MSU majoring in neuroscience and professional writing. 2 hours ago Adam Mann. 3 hours ago Andrea Thompson.

4 hours ago Jillian Kramer. It s Time to Rein in Inflated Military Budgets. 4 hours ago Elliott Negin Opinion. Polar Bears Dropped GPS Collars Reveal How Ice Drifts. 5 hours ago Chris Baraniuk. 6 hours ago Avi Loeb Opinion. Barron Trump. Five children and ten grandchildren carry on the Trump lineage. Barron Trump s school may not reopen despite president s insistence. Donald Trump s family tree Who are his children and grandchildren.

The private Maryland school will make a final decision between on-line classes and a hybrid model the week of 10 August. Melania Trump criticises TV host for Father s Day tweet about Barron. Melania Trump delayed move to DC so she could renegotiate prenup. Trump says teenage son Barron isn t as happy as he could be. Stephen Colbert mocks Trump s comments about his son playing football. US Secret Service alerted over Peter Fonda s tweets about Barron Trump.

Florida victim s mother invokes Donald Trump s son in gun control plea. Trump holds umbrella over himself as he, Melania and Barron board jet. Attack on Barron Trump s choice of clothing by website sparks outrage. Melania Trump thanks Chelsea Clinton for defending her son Barron. Melania and Barron Trump finally move into the White House. Barron Trump is having a hard time with the beheading photo.

Barron Trump takes classmates to meet US President on White House tour. Melania Trump should have NYPD paid protection taken away. 500,000 sign petition demanding Melania Trump moves to the White House. Trump could reverse cuts to education if Melania lived in White House. White House demands privacy for all of Trump s children. SNL writer fired over Twitter joke about Trump s 10-year-old son. The 13-year-old was towering over his mum and dad as he walked with them across the South Lawn of the White House, having flown back on Air Force One from New Jersey where they had gone on holiday at Bedminster golf club.

Barron was dressed in a black Ralph Lauren T-shirt and jeans and wore a thick iq option quando comprar e vender chain necklace and white trainers. Barron Trump is more often than not kept out of the public eye by his protective parents, but on Sunday the teenager was pictured travelling back to the White House with his parents President Donald Trump and Melania and he s certainly growing up quickly.

He was also seen rocking a shorter haircut. Barron Trump is all grown up †see his evolution since Donald Trump became president. Barron Trump is now taller than his dad Donald. It s evident that the teen has grown a lot in just a few months, as back in February when he was last pictured with his parents, Donald who is over 6ft - was still slightly taller than his son. Barron s older brother Eric is currently the tallest in the family at 6 5but it looks like he may well exceed his sibling in the near future.

Barron pictured with his parents at the beginning of 2019. Just like his mum, Barron is showing a keen interest in fashion and has developed his own style. In February while walking with his parents to board Air Force One to Florida, he was pictured wearing a puffy red jacket, which co-ordinated with a red polo, grey chinos and trainers. The youngster with his parents in 2018. His recent appearances contrast with far more formal occasions that Barron has been pictured at, most memorably at Donald s inauguration in January 2017.

Then 11, Barron stepped into the spotlight as he joined his older siblings at Capitol Hill for the historical moment, looking sharp in a suit and wearing his hair slicked back. Barron is the only child of Donald and Melania. Barron at his Donald Trump s inauguration in 2017. The First Lady has previously spoken about motherhood, saying it is the most important and joyous role she has ever had.

The former model gave a speech during a luncheon at the US Mission to the United Nations in September and said The most important and joyous role I ever had is to be a mother to my young son. What could possibly be a more essential focus in everyone s life than that of loving, educating and bringing up our next generation to be happy, productive and morally responsible adults.

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Melania Trump s son Barron, 11, makes rare official appearance at White House. Melania Trump admits most important and joyous role is being a mother to Barron. Barron Trump shows sweet bond with nephew Joseph Kushner. Melania Trump and son Barron postpone moving in to the White House †find out why. Barron Trump becomes the first White House son in 50 years. WATCH Barron Trump plays peek-a-boo with Ivanka s baby son Theodore. Chelsea Clinton comes to the defence of Barron Trump.

Monica Lewinsky comes to defence of Barron Trump, as SNL writer is suspended for offensive tweet. White House issues statement in support of Barron Trump following cruel jokes. About Us Advertising Disclaimer Cookies Policy Privacy settings Privacy Policy Subscription Terms and Conditions News archive Contact В 2001-2020, hellomagazine. Activate HELLO.

alerts and find out about everything before anyone else. Barron Trump Scholar s shock apology to US President s son amid impeachment row exposed. BARRON TRUMP was mentioned multiple times in his father s impeachment hearing last year but Pamela Karlan, a professor of Law at Stanford, was forced to apologise for comments she made during the inquiry about the US President s son.

Barron, 14, has sometimes been the target of hurtful comments online simply by virtue of being his father s son. He was even dragged into politics during President Donald Trump s impeachment hearing last year. Professor Karlan made a joke about Barron and monarchical barons during the House Judiciary Committee s first impeachment inquiry hearing on December 4, but was called out for bringing a child into the debate. She was branded mean and Melania Trump even jumped in to defend her son s right to privacy.

Professor Karlan said The Constitution says iq option quando comprar e vender can be no titles of nobility, so while the President can name his son Barron he can t make him a baron. She was criticised by Matthew Gaetz, a Republican representative for Florida s 1st congressional district, who took issue with the joke. He said Let me also suggest that when you invoke the President s son s name here, when you try to make a little joke out of referencing Barron Trump, that does not lend credibility to your argument.

Pamela Karlan mentioned Barron Trump in the hearing Image GETTY. Republican representative for Florida s 1st congressional district Matt Gaetz Image GETTY. It makes you look mean, it makes you look like you re attacking someone s family, the minor child of the President of the US. Not long after this exchange, the First Lady tweeted A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics.

Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering and using a child to do it. Professor Karlan later apologised for her comment. Barron Trump with his parents Donald and Melania Trump Image GETTY. She said I want to apologise for what I said earlier about the President s son, it was wrong of me to do that.

I wish the President would apologise, obviously, for the things that he has said and done, but I do regret having said that. This incident was just one way in which the children of presidents are often joked about to make a point about their parents. Barron even has an unlikely defender in Hillary Clinton s daughter Chelsea, who was the target of mockery and vitriol while she was a youngster in the White House. Mr Gaetz attacked Professor Karlan for her comment during the impeachment hearing Image GETTY.

Chelsea was 12 years old when her father Bill Clinton became US President, just a year older than Barron was in January 2017. While she has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, Chelsea insisted it was abhorrent to drag his son into it. Reflecting on her own experiences on The Graham Norton Show in November 2019, she said she takes it very personally when people on her side of the political spectrum attack Barron, or use him as a pawn to attack his father.

The former First Daughter insisted such attacks were not fair and that she would stand on the barricade to defend the teenager s right to privacy. She said I do take it very personally when people attack Sasha and Malia Obama, and even Barron Trump. I mean, Barron was 11 when his father was elected, so just a year younger than I was when my father was elected. I was 11 when he announced, 12 when he won. And I just find it abhorrent that people who are arguably on the same side of the political spectrum as I am think it s OK to make whatever point they re trying to make about his father through making fun of his kid.

I mean, I disagree with President Trump on everything, but I would stand on the barricade to defend his son s right to privacy and his son s right to have the childhood that I think every kid deserves, whatever their address. Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on The Graham Norton Show Image GETTY. However, Chelsea does make the distinction between minor children who did not have a choice in being thrown into the spotlight versus adults who are wilfully defending the President, like Ivanka Trump.

In an article with The Guardian in 2018, she insisted she felt no sympathy for her former friend. She told the newspaper She s an adult. She can make choices for herself. I mean, she s 36. We are responsible for our choices. Real use of Donald Trump s red button exposed Ivanka Trump warning How US President ignored advice about daughter Hillary Clinton s shock at White House response It was like war.

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Man Utd urged to sign Jadon Sancho alternative who will get fans off their seats. Liverpool star s agent appears to confirm 20m decision which could affect Thiago transfer. China FURY Beijing punishes Australia signalling dire warning over trade - tensions soar. Coronavirus cases Are covid cases really rising. Latest maps, graphs and updates. Ireland crisis Dublin government on brink of COLLAPSE as leader faces coup. Russia poisoning Putin rival Alexei Navalny WAS poisoned - Germany releases major update.

China vs EU Huge clash as Brussels takes on new iq option quando comprar e vender - showdown TODAY. South China Sea China to use world crisis to aid territorial advance expert warns. Kate Middleton inspired Queen with emotional lockdown photo project of resilient Brits. Melania Trump sparks Twitter row after standing in SILENCE during of Pledge of Allegiance. Ivanka Trump rages at protesters as officers injured in shooting are blocked from hospital. China India war US offers nation cutting-edge new fighter jet as clashes intensify.

Donald Trump stuns US as he vows to negotiate THIRD term entitled to it. North Korea HORROR Economists executed after criticising Kim Jong-un at dinner party. WW3 India and Japan sign military alliance against China as world braces for war. Trump s EU fury President claimed bloc s vicious chief hated America in fiery rant. South China Sea threat Beijing warned to fear US influence as WW3 alarm bells ring.

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Inside the National Guard Cyber Security Team fights to keep U. elections safe. Residents describe massive wildfires taking over West Coast as a horror. Rescuers pull workers from rubble of Atlanta parking garage collapse. Trump awards Medal of Honor to soldier who rescued hostages in Iraq. Biden lays wreath at Flight 93 National Memorial. Trump announces deal between Bahrain and Israel to normalize relations. The history of Black voter suppression and the fight for the right to vote.

WATCH Video appears to show Louisiana police officer punching Black teen during arrest. Bells ring at Ground Zero site honoring September 11th attacks. death toll is due to more testing RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blames the high mortality rate in the U. on an unrelated testing metric, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press. NBC News Despite promises, U. may not get back to normal until mid or end of 2021 As President Trump cautions against panic on the coronavirus, the president took to Twitter this week and used scare tactics that have animated his campaign.

NBC News Full Ronna McDaniel History will look back on Trump well on pandemic response In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel talks to Chuck Todd about the president s pandemic response and his campaign for reelection. Telescope observations spy a gas high in the atmosphere of Venus that on Earth is made by microbes.

Brexit talks in danger of DERAILING as EU makes outrageous demand. A BREXIT deal that will make it easier to extradite criminals and catch terrorists moved a step closer tonight. Britain has rejected EU demands that it commit to remaining part of the European Convention on Human Rights, blocking progress on intelligence sharing and a treaty to replace the European Arrest Warrant system. Brussels had argued the commitment was legally necessary before EU countries could surrender wanted criminals or share data from criminal databases.

But senior EU officials now see no reason why a compromise cannot be found and are bullish a breakthrough can be found in the intensified talks that start in July. We will have done everything to reach an agreement, said Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission. A UK source said We come from different positions but behind it is a question of good faith.

We are a good faith member of the ECHR. But they added Clearly there s still a big difference on the question of our domestic legislation and our right to evolve it. The Convention is an international agreement drafted by the Council of Europe and enforced by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Council of Europe, which includes Russia and Turkey, is not an EU institution and the UK did not leave it after Brexit on Jan 31. Boris Johnson has rejected EU demand to remain part of ECHR Image Getty.

We will have done everything to reach an agreement. Ursula von der Leyen. UK officials told EU counterparts they would not accept a deal that controlled implementation of the ECHR in British law, which would be unprecedented and one-sided, and insisted the Government had no plans to ditch human rights law. In the last round of Brexit talks, the UK team offered a termination clause on future police cooperation, allowing either side to suspend or cancel any agreement if either party had fears for human rights protection.

Negotiators also briefed the EU on British human rights law during detailed technical talks on extradition, the Europol police agency and the Passenger Name Record directive. They said it was of mutual interest to strike a deal that protected UK and EU citizens. The Council of Europe is not an EU institution Image Getty.

Vladimir Putin - Russia - is part of the Council of Europe Image Getty. However, progress risks being derailed over the European Court of Justice, as the UK wants no role for the EU s top court in the new agreements. Brussels is adamant the ECJ, the supreme arbiter of the bloc s rules and regulations, must have a role whenever there is a need to interpret EU law. Failure to agree on police cooperation before Jan 1 will mean it will be based on older, pre-EU agreements, which are less efficient.

ECHR rules are incorporated into national law in the Human Rights Act 1998. When Theresa May was home secretary, she said the UK should quit the ECHR as it made it hard to deport criminals such as Abu Qatada, the radical Islamist cleric. How Nicola Sturgeon descended into chaos with Scotland-EU claim How Denmark threatened EU retribution in Brexit fisheries taunt Brexit POLL Should Boris walk away from talks if UK to abide EU law.

EU fighting desperately like wounded animal to stop other countries leaving after Brexit. Brexit plea MPs urged to show UK is not villain in EU exit negotiations. Brexit rebellion MP resigns over Boris Johnson s controversial new EU exit plan. Meghan Markle fans attack Kate s Hold Still photography project - ZERO impact. SPITTING FEATHERS. COVID CROOKS.

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