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How did you arrive at these numbers. If Einstein, who iq option simulador several fields of scientific study, and still hasn t been proved wrong, presumably had a IQ of about 130, how do you tie ficticious IQs with a raking of intelligence through out history. It would be helpul and honest if you publish your answer for all to see, thank you. I don t think IQ is an accurate means of measuring someone s intelligence. The people who say that IQ is meaningless are usually the ones who come out at the wrong end of it.

Over and over again when the IQ of children is taken in the lower grades, it is a valuable predictor of later success in life. Alad You stated The wise go for knowledge and fools ignore knowledge. Here are 13 of the most intelligent geniuses in the world, or at least as far as two Western scientific studies had afforded us. Estimating the IQ s of smart people who lived long ago is difficult but can be extrapolated by a number of factors such as how many areas did they excel in and examining their body of work.

There s no doubt that the polymath Leonardo da Vinci was extraordinarly intelligent because he had a broad variety of things that he excelled at and was able to come up with ideas that nobody else had thought of. IQ tests are environmentally dependent. An American would flunk an English IQ test and vice versa. Nobody on the planet knows how to judge intelligence.

What was your greatest discovery. How long did it take you to make it. The greatest and most basic principle in the universe is the attributes of cycles in time and space. When these are known, it is then and only then understood how and why the addition of one proton to a nucleus can affect the chemical attributes of the outer electron shell. I read this - and a number of Gould s other books - many years ago and still feel that it demonstrates so much wisdom.

I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops. Stephen Jay Gould, The Panda s Thumb More Reflections in Natural History. The notion of IQ is based on the assumption that intelligence stops increasing at 15.

This is pure baloney. There is no upper limit to human intelligence. My intelligence has increased all my life and will continue to do so throughout all eternity. I have translated 72 modern and ancient languages professionally and will continue to pursue my interest in ancient languages, which are far superior than modern languages. The very fact that every language on the planet is inferior in every way to its parent language proves that Darwin s theory of organic evolution is pure trash.

The ancients lived longer and were far more intelligent than anyone on the planet today. Nobody on the planet knows how to read Egyptian Hieratic. The entire book entitled The Pearl of Great Price was translated from seven lines of Hieratic, about one half of one side of an index card. Nobody on the planet understands this.

There is no such critter as Anubis. It is a butchered translation of Moroni. His hieroglyph is the jackal, and his titles are He who stands upon his hill and the guardian of sacred records by which the world shall be judged. In the hieroglyphs he is represented as a recumbent jackal atop a iq option simulador full of sacred records. I take these as just to invite discussion. I would put Da Vinci 1 but I have seen lists with Goethe 2, so I am endeavoring to learn about that, and note there is no discussion here so far on that ranking of Goethe 1.

What about Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Einstein. Agreed that an IQ test isn t a great measure of intelligence, just the best we have. Geniuses cannor be compared. The further back in history the less was known about many more subjects, therefore they were able to create more firsts steps on the ladder. So much has been discovered now they are reztricted to specialised fields.

You cannot compare geniuses. They all have a specialised field. The further back you go the less was known so geniuses began the first step to climb. Plural for Genius is Genii by the way guys. NOT geniuses. Rubbish - we are reading and writing English, in which the plural of genius is definitely geniuses. If you want to pretend the plural is genii, then you should write the rest of your sentence in Latin as well. Go ahead - let s all see how you go with that.

Leonardo de Vinci was not a mathematician. He had to visualize a problem or theory. Could not do math well. The opening paragraph communicates the authors intention. It clearly states that the list is based on other peoples studies. I understand that many great minds may have been omitted and this is a sample list that shows people who have passed on. I think labelling a person as a true genius is something that is agreed upon based on their field of expertise, contribution to humakind and changed the course of future generations.

We probably need to categorise geniuses based on the period of time they lived in and how their work has influenced subsequent cutural, scientific, etc advancement. I think geniuses can only be nominated many years after their death when society has the chance to reflect on their work. At present I am sure there are many clever people living amongst us but we are not able to assess their impact on humanity at the moment. It is strange that Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, and Nicola Tesla are not mentioned.

No one yet fully understands how the mind works. I personally believe we have an upper mind and a lower mind, the latter bearing the brunt of the labor. Every person understands My mind is not clear today OR my mind is not functioning well today. Upon what basis is this made and yet ALL understand. The upper mind is making a judgment call on the lower mind and it is usually accurate. Also, since mental storage starts then propagates in each differently, then the ease of retrieval will be different in each, but since each thought is stored in a different place and differing in frequency, then by the time a person reaches 50 or so, the playing field has leveled much.

The biggest differences are noticed by the beginning and paths of chosen thoughts. I ve got a question that might arise as sort of a point. How would one know the IQ of half if not most of these individuals. if IQ tests started in the early 1900s. I m just really curious if anyone knows how these specific numbers were decided upon and why. Marie Curie. Wirginia Woolf. Dostojevski 6. Ibn Al Arabi. Malevich 10. Pretty cool list, I think you should also add Paul Dirac and Niels Bohr. I can t see James William Sidis and Nikola Tesla in the list.

There is no such thing as a genius, especially in terms of IQ. Not everyone was recognized and someone can have 300 IQ and might be useless, anyone can accomplish anything, a test can t prove anything. Someone can fail school and be the one to find out how to ex bend gravity. Have you all forgotten that maybe a lot of them were not put on there becuase of the fact that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, so if a name is not on there mayne you should double check to make sure they didn t reach insanity.

And the line is so thin that ounce they go over there is no coming back so again keep that inind before you try to say why not this person or that person, and for another comment i read the reason men are more prone to be geniuses than women is and has a lot to do with how they think and react to a lot of things compared to women, im not saying all women are like that but we women tend to over think alot and we dont think at times, when men they block everything out and can think, women are always thinking what about this or what about that, well that s why men are geniuses, now there are some women who are geniuses not disagreeing with that, I just dont get why all of you are so intelligent but yet those little things right there are meaningless to you all, like they dont matter what so ever, ok so insanity doesnt matter and being a genius doesnt matter either, I mean come on and think logically for a minute before you all call the kettle black here.

How can you assign a iq number to a person who died before there was such a system. And really they are all men, what a suprise. Artists may make us happy and provide joy. They may move people emotionally, to where they cannot understand, but that don t make them a genius. That just means the government is trying to control your emotions. And 95 of genius are men another of history s big fat lies. I think George Orwell and Helen Keller need to be added to this list. Orwell s scientific and political imagination was so great it surely was fueled by an incredible genius mind.

What Helen Keller did was so intellectually super human as to boggle the mind. If she had been born with iq option simulador and hearing her intellectual output would have been greater than any on this iq option simulador. As it was, her mind s abilities were so vast it transcended 3 dimensional space time reality while blind and draf to learn about the world, process that information, and communicate original thought back at the highest level humanly achievable.

Beethoven s monumental 9th symphony and his Missa Solemnis, music s absolute pinnacle, were composed while he was deaf. That s akin to Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel completely blind. It was good that you mentioned Helen Keller. Ben Franklin in my opinion was also a genius. He was the most innovative Founding Father. All of you forgot William Sidis. He did not use his remarkable potential and joined radical movements. He might have the highest IQ of all time. However, since he never achieved anything he is simply.

a footnote in time. According to me they were all geniuses of the same calibre. For someone to come up with an original revolutionary idea of which none similar has ever existed. That is pure genius. Emanuel Swedenborg 1688-1772 was by far the greatest genius to walk our planet; but, being from Sweden, he has been overlooked.

was too high to be measured. Truly laughable. Emmanuel Swedenborg was the inspiration of many on any list. Helen Keller was greatly influenced by Swedenborg. One thing Swedenborg concentrated on in his later years was the life of mankind after death. I don t think any saw beyond the realm of the here and now quite like Swedenborg did. Afterlife knowledge is far beyond any earthly knowledge. Here s my list remember everyone is interchangeable, cause we can t compare geniuses, they all have earned the title genius.

Newton The father of physics, who changed our world of viewing things. Mozart Although Beethoven and Bach are truly legends, and comparable to Mozart, but I choose him because of his heavenly music and the age that he started composing. Tesla The greatest inventor of all time, who can recite whole book in one read, his contributions are enormous to the society. Da Vinci The greatest polymath of all time. Goethe The greatest philosopher of all time. My definition for creativity is short and simple.

Creativity is a mental process involving intellectual inventiveness and ingenuity coupled with a capacity for intellectual originality and uniqueness. And this too is a mark of Genius. Then if its about genius then people like Messi or Ronaldinho should be here there passes accuracy on the ball and there vision is in a way similar to Da Vinci artistic brilliance.

I m sorry, I didn t quite catch that. Did you just say that Messi and Ronaldo need to be added to this list. Did they invent something. Did they discover something new. Did they help the whole iq option simulador progress. Exactly, I didn t think so. Just because they can kick a soccer ball with accuracy does NOT mean they are geniuses. Please do your research on the word genius.

It is the idea that there are different kinds of intelligence. In a lot of athletics, your brain is doing hundreds of calculations in an instant, incorporating relative speeds of the players and the ball, angles, wind velocity, rate of closure, force required, etc. Similarly, Beethoven might have been our greatest genius, but could he write an effective essay instead of a symphony.

We have brilliant mathematicians that can barely put a sentence together. It seems the more a genius is an outlier in one field, the more likely he is to have a serious deficiency in another. The price of genius. All white males. What does that say about what the IQ test is looking for. it says that males have been statistically way more likely to be geniuses, it isn t their fault that they are white or males get over yourself, not everything is oppression or an sjw topic.

Men are as a class more intelligent than women. Look at the track record. How many world class discoveries were made by females. Precious few. In the language of Adam, men are compared to the sun, women to the moon, and children to the stars. The moon not only has less light than the sun, but it is of altogether a different quality.

It is reflected light, not radiated light. Isaiah prophesies of a time in the last days when women are your rulers which would indeed be lamentable. Men often marvel at female logic, which is often seriously defective. This test was about Europeons if you actually read it the majority or Europeons back then were white please read the whole article before making retarded comments. maybe because through recorded history white males had the most credited ideals. because of racism.

why write a comment like this. obviously certain groups of people had more opportunity than others. it was the past, id like to think the present has learned and moved on. stop trolling. He s not trolling. He s pointing out that all of the great scientists from Asia and the Middle East not to mention the Americas have been left out in favour of white, European males, perpetuating the myth that white Europeans are in some way, intellectually superior.

i mad that Einstein isn t there i had he s the most brilliant man in the world because he used only 10 of his brain yet had so many achievement like making of atomic bomb and he s also one of my successive role model and also why isn t Thomas Edison also added, i love him for one reason his high patient, persistence, consistence, and believe which made him become the world greatest scientist, also made to possibility electricity bulb.

Why don t you try reading the description on top of the page. By the way, William James Sidis was the most brilliant guy in th world. He mastered over 40 languages and has done many achievements. Albert Einstein s IQ level is 160-190. Tesla was miles in front of thomas. Love how everyone is mad Einstein is not here, but so little mention of Tesla, who s vision was brilliant. Also, this list is focused on IQ, which is not really a true or accurate measure of intellect.

Look up the people with the highest IQ, and their achievements will be nothing compared to others whose intelligence has a basis in imagination and vision. I think Albert einstein should be at least in top three. His IQ was above 180. He was real genius in physics and mathematics. For all the people complaining about Einstein Moreover, the list didn t include twentieth-century geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Stephen Hawking.

Apparently some people can t read. The article starts off by stating that Einstein would not be on the list. I agree with others that Darwin, Tesla and Beethoven should have made the list. Especially Tesla. what about Leonard Euler or C. What about L. Beethoven, W. If you know them and understand their music, you ll see Bach is the greatest composer by far. Wow you just nailed the ones I was thinking of exactly.

I m not sure how you justify having some religious guy who literally just made stuff up about the afterlife and fed it to gullible people, but not have Euler, who was so smart it s frightening. Gauss and Euler were awesome. Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach as well. The whole idea of genius is so difficult to evaluate and understand. The vast contributions of so many minds make the yardstick quite difficult to calibrate, especially throughout the years. what about Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

I hoped that Archimedes would be there. I think there is an unproven but probable fact that he knew calculus, long before the world credited Isaac Newton with the crown of laurel. He is the probable architect of the Antikythera device for calculating celestial precessions. That all involves, at the very least, an understanding and a facility for differentials. u guys forgot EINSTEIN. as if it wasn t bad enough. where is tesla,Pythagoras,achimedes,William Shakespeare. William James Sidis is way smarter than everyone on this list, and the people you just named.

but your right some of them belong even though einstein onlY had an iq of 160 or 161. Try actually reading the article instead of skipping to the names pictures. The entire intro explains exactly why they are not on the list. why do u guys always forget Tesla. What about Tesla. why the hell isn t Darwin on here. His IQ has been widely estimated to be between 185 to 220. He will certainly make it to the top 3 of the list and perhaps one of the most influential human beings that ever lived.

Galileo These are my rankings in intellectual influence to everyday life in order. Although this is subjective, I believe what they have done is pretty extraordinary. What I read about Darwin is that he was in fact not very special. I read that in mastery from Robert Greene. But I also read some other sources that he was a very ordinary pupil. He was not very special in any big regard. So a no for him. I find Einsteins insights much deeper and fascinating than Newtons, although, Newton has a place close to Einstein as a consequence of his great impact on physics and science in general.

I have never heard of Galileo in one of the top spots but Nietzsche describes Goethe as a big European, one of the greatest. And Nietzsche was way deeper than any philosopher before him. So, next to my knowledge about Goethe, I give that a lot of credit and consider Goethe to be somewhere in the top 5. What about albert einstein. Though his IQ is not upto 200 but he is regarded as a genius and one of the most intelligent people.

When you talk of intelligency you talk of him. What about Nikola Tesla. Christian Birkeland. Blaise Pascal. Einstein is actually greatly overrated try to think of what contributions he made to making human life a better thing or more secure or to produce more goods or services. He is far surpassed by many other Geniuses not on the list such as Henry Ford Adam Smith Thomas Alva Edison Nikola Tesla Willis carrier and the list goes on and on Einstein actually didn t contribute anything to help you manatee in any concrete weigh he is greatly overrated.

His genius was actually very narrow and iq option simulador limited to the fields of physics and Mathematics even the ancient Greek Archimedes contribute more to this day to human life on Earth with his invention of the Archimedes screw which is still used throughout much of the world to help irrigate fields to grow food Einstein in my opinion was the idiot of geniuses. he made it possible to create the plasma screen. he made a ammonia refrigerator. without screens we would not know half of what goes on in this world.

Well then I think u don t know this guy Einstein. Einstein might have created something that caused destruction on a large scale but I assure u dat dis guy is even underrated. I discovered dat he had been said to have a lower IQ than most but he gave de best of himself. It well sounds like you are not science inclined else u shud knw him better. Einstein broke too many rules, scrabbed theories and rewrote laws. His ideas were de craziest but they were feasible.

Like I mean he created an era. Just read about him. Aristotle and Ayn Rand are the top geniuses because they created observation-based, systematic knowledge of existence as a whole, ie, philosophy. This requires more IQ than mere science, which is merely about parts of existence, eg, physics, psychology. Art, while about existence as a whole, merely shows but does not explain.

Aristotle _discovered_ observation-based, rational system, ie, systematic logic and scientific method, ie, the method that the listed scientists used and that the listed artists implicitly used. IQ is less important than chosen achievement. Genius is NOT intelligence. Genius is creative ability of the highest possible kind. True most Geniuses are highly intelligent --but this depends on the field their Genius was recognized in.

And here there is a plethora of problems. Recognized by whom; which people, what Society, when and where. There is an old joke that goes something like I will believe in Psychologists devising tests from Geniuses when Monkeys devise tests for Psychologists. Yes it is off the mark and makes you wonder. Between species there is another problem and it is not the same thing as WITHIN a species. It is said I think correctly that Apes have been taught to answer in sign language but none so far has ever ASKED A QUESTION using such sign language.

Puts one in mind of the problem of A. in the Computer Field. No answer exists for this and it seems to me there is a comparison here Human intelligence does not reach the point where it can solve such a problem. I hope I m wrong, but I doubt this. I do have ideas of my own on this, but so far no one seems interested in this. I was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records 7 editions 1982-88 under Highest I.

and was given a Certificate for this. I was also listed in 500 Great Minds of the Early 21 st Century in 2002. All such lists-comparisons are temporary. There appears less and less match between persons and outcomes these days. Humanity hangs by it s intellectual neck on the tree of tragedy --there are no Leonardo s in the 19 th, 20th, and so far in the 21 st Century.

Yet he she must still exist we should think. With mass education has come the noisy ones but no Geniuses to show for it all. Bad money has driven out good money, bad people good people. The masses have come to judge the best and are part of this process to drive out the very people they need most, all in the name of incorrectly accessed political correctness. Today the system has driven down performance; today big institutional science has been a spoiler of great insights delaying progress everywhere.

Today it is business as usual. The criminal come to the top. My greatest fear is that an end is coming to the centuries of progress that mankind has grown use to. The age of Genius may be at an end. I m sorry to ramble on this in such a scatter gun way. Harding Found I. Chris, the cat s out of the bag for Anonymous User, when you sign your name to your post.

Congrats on being on the list, though I am not sure how someone can come up with this sort of list without being tongue in cheek. Talk about presumptuous. I assume it has to do with published articles, etc. I agree with the idea of associating genius more relevantly to creativity, than to the mixed bag you get in IQ tests, where math, vocabulary, spatial recognition all come in. On the idea that white men dominate the list, to the exclusion of Asians in particular, yes, I think this piece is geared to those of us in Western Civilization.

And when you talk about that, it is pretty definitively white men. I mean, I kind of cringe when folks feel they have to put Marie Curie on the list. She identified two radioactive isotopes, working along side her husband and under the direction of another professor. She died of radiation poisoning, the thing she was an expert in kind of puts a dent in the idea of being one of the all-time smartest. Good comments. I really do believe that the strictures of science and the politics of course mean that ideas not founded on the material matter as reality supposition, creates a limitation.

Those seeing beyond that have little support or acknowledgement from the usual suspects. DO something about the problem. Maybe you can or can t but trying is where it starts. Even the entire universe the biggest thing is the smallest thing at the same time it is not. You could say at the beginning it was the smallest thing and things that expanded with such intensity and scope and and acceleration that with one small thing this maybe all universe can change.

the human mind is just that human. some of evolution ape-man machine-etc which change. entropy is the true nature of everything without it you can have order logically but most times you don t. mans greatest achievement was curiosity without it we are just apes and that is the difference between us to apply that to a machine. well machines can t ever truly achieve emotion it its just machinery. but the other thing is that we are programming the computer not just giving it a way to express its self through sign language in this instance we are evolution to the machine and the machine given it nature which we can never truly go inside will correct its self.

change and entropy govern everything. the concept of genius is relative just a term from a high evolved ape but genius is just a difference in the brain like Einsteins his was examined by normal people who found out some of what made him him but to measure that defeats the purpose of the iq test which was just made for people who were not normal or Einstein if you catch my drift and also current machines have the processing power more than any human ever and we made the dang thing so nothing is off the table kinda.

Einstein s IQ was only a few points above the borderline for genius, 152. His IQ was only 160, so he is not one of the most intellegent. Reply to one of the many anonymous, but this in particular. His IQ was only 160, so he is not one of the most intelligent. Yet he had a profound effect on the modern world.

Think not about Henry Ford who single handily changed modern production. I wonder how all of us compare to these. IQ has a threshold. Once a person has met a certain requirement of IQ, other factors become more important in determining their success and overall impact on the world. What IQ truly is, a very poor indicator of how successful someone will be throughout their life. That is why Einstein had an IQ of 160 and was the most brilliant mind ever, while Christopher Langan has an IQ of 195, and has experienced no such success, rather failure after failure.

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