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They have secured the support of membrane suppliers and hope to set up at least a pilot plant within a year. Now 2008 that the company had cleaned up its balance sheet and cleared most of the bad debts, it could maintain its focus on securing jobs that would sustain earnings. Tuesday, September 16, 2008. Its overseas contracts usually include a variation price claims clause, which help to defray the risk of rising raw material prices.

It will be looking at plantation REITs real estate investment trusts and a separate listing for its plantation unit as part of its effort to unlock the value of the group s diversified portfolio. Kulim is involved in four strategic core businesses oil palm plantations, oleochemicals, biodiesel and quick-service restaurants.

The group planned to increase its landbank in Malaysia and Papua New Guinea PNG to ensure expansion in its plantation operations. Its strong financial position allows it to explore acquisition opportunities, especially in PNG, but they are doing it cautiously due to the buoyancy and prevailing high prices. The group is also committed to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO principles as they are cautious in opening new areas that will be regarded as unsustainable.

Kulim was also open to landbank offers in Malaysia although such opportunities were quite limited. As at March 2008, the group has 31,422ha in Malaysia, 44,714ha in PNG and 6,594ha in the Solomon Islands. PNG would feature prominently in the plantation division s future expansion. Its PNG subsidiary New Britain Palm Oil Ltd NBPOL is in the midst of acquiring Ramu Agri Industries Ltd Ramuwhich is listed on the Port Moresby Stock Exchange. Upon the successful acquisition, we will be able to add 30,000ha of agricultural land in PNG.

Ongoing expansion into new areas adjacent to the group s existing operation is also taking place at 2,000ha to 4,000ha per year. NBPOL is also setting up an integrated palm oil refinery in Britain with a production capacity of about 200,000 tonnes per year. It is slated to be commissioned by end of first quarter 2010. The move will see NBPOL expanding into the European Union and will make it one of the first palm oil producers to offer fully traceable and sustainable palm oil product.

Kulim has a joint-venture with German-based Peter Cremer S GmbH to set up two biodiesel plants one in Johor and another in Singapore. As for the foods and restaurants division, QSR Operações binárias da iq option Bhd QSR and KFC Holdings M Bhd KFCH have taken measures since early 2008 to stay ahead of competition while the market re-adjusts its spending as a result of the higher cost of living.

The success in securing franchise rights for Pizza Hut and KFC in Cambodia from principle Yum. Restaurants Asia Pte Ltd could see QSR emerging as a dominant force in the country s food and beverage industry. Meltdown in US finance system pummels stock market. Banking turmoil sends a shudder through Wall Street; Dow suffers biggest point drop since 2001. NEW YORK AP -- The upheaval in the American financial system sent shock waves through the stock market Monday, producing the worst day on Wall Street in seven years as investors digested the failure of one of its most venerable banks and wondered which domino would be next to fall.

The Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 500 points, more than 4 percent, its steepest point drop since the day the stock market reopened after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. About 700 billion evaporated from retirement plans, government pension funds and other investment portfolios. The carnage capped a tumultuous 24 hours that redrew U. Lehman Brothers, an investment bank that predates the Civil War and weathered the Great Depression, filed the largest bankruptcy in American history.

A second storied bank, Merrill Lynch, fled into the arms of Bank of America. It was by far the most stomach-churning single day since a financial crisis began to bubble up from billions of dollars in rotten mortgage loans that have crippled the balance sheets of one bank after another and landed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the control of the federal government. We are in the middle of a deep, dark recession, and it won t end soon.

Here it is, and it is pretty nasty, said Barry Ritholtz, who writes the popular financial blog The Big Picture and is CEO of research firm FusionIQ. American Insurance Group, the world s largest insurer, was fighting for its very survival New York Gov. David Paterson moved to allow the company to tap one of its subsidiaries for an emergency loan to stay above water.

AIG still remains financially sound, Paterson said, even as the company s stock tumbled almost 60 percent. Almost 20 billion was was wiped off AIG s balance sheet on Monday. In Washington, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who refused to toss a financial lifeline to Lehman, was unapologetic as the Bush administration signaled strongly that Wall Street shouldn t expect more rescues from Washington. And the fallout was far from over. The American people should remain confident in the soundness and resilience in the American operações binárias da iq option system, Paulson told reporters at the White House.

to buy the firm at a fire-sale price with Federal Reserve backing. Six months ago, Paulson moved to prevent the collapse of Bear Stearns, brokering a deal for JP Morgan Chase Co. Earlier this month, he stepped in to help the government seize Fannie and Freddie in hopes of reversing the housing and credit crises. But Monday, Paulson said he never once considered it appropriate to put taxpayer money at risk to resolve the problems at Lehman Brothers, which was saddled with 60 billion worth of soured real estate holdings.

The result was one of the most momentous days in Wall Street history since legendary banker J. Pierpont Morgan helped broker the rescue of financial markets during the Panic of 1907. The Dow industrials dropped 504. 48 points to close at 10,917. 51, the first time since July they have finished under 11,000. It was the sixth-largest point drop ever and the worst since Sept. 17, 2001, when the average fell 684. 81 points on the first day of trading after the terror attacks.

In percentage terms, the fall for the Dow on Monday was its worst since the summer of 2002. The index has shed nearly a quarter of its value since its record high last October. Broader stock indicators also fell. The Standard Poor s 500 index lost more than 4 1 2 percent, and the Nasdaq composite index lost more than 3 1 2 percent.

Financial stocks fell as investors worried about the strength of banks balance sheets. Washington Mutual Inc. 27 percent to 2 a share, while Wachovia Corp. fell 25 percent to 10. While Lehman Brothers was filing for Chapter 11 and AIG was scurrying to find financing to stay afloat, Merrill Lynch was avoiding a similar fate with a 50 billion transaction to become part of Bank of America Corp. The deal would create a financial giant rivaling Citigroup Inc.the biggest U.

bank in terms of assets. Bank of America has the most deposits of any U. bank, while Merrill Lynch is the world s largest and most widely recognized brokerage. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, said Ken Lewis, Bank of America s chairman and CEO. Lewis made the announcement at a news conference where he was flanked by a smiling John Thain, Merrill s chief executive.

The two put the deal together in 48 hours, while they were taking part in marathon discussions at the New York Federal Reserve over the weekend to save Lehman Brothers. Merrill stock rose a penny Monday. One huge concern is that the Lehman bankruptcy will probably trigger even tighter credit -- making it more difficult for everyone from large companies to small businesses to American homebuyers to borrow money. It was a dark day for Lehman workers, too. Many of them brought gym bags, shopping totes and Lehman travel bags to cart home personal files and pictures from their desks at the company s midtown Manhattan headquarters.

Gawkers lined up behind metal barricades, and bystanders took pictures with their cell phones. The failure of Lehman and probable job losses at Merrill are also a blow to the New York City economy, which is still trying to absorb a blow from shrunken tax revenues after the collapse of Bear Stearns in March. The city and its outlying suburbs rely heavily on taxes paid by workers in the financial services industry. and foreign banks huddled at the New York Fed s fortress-like building in downtown Manhattan, trying to work out a way to save Lehman.

In marathon sessions Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, government officials and the chief executives of major U. They failed at that. There were also worries that Lehman s problems would infect other financial companies and spread to global stock markets, further harming the U. and global economies. The Fed meets Tuesday to decide interest rate policy. It s widely expected to keep rates at 2 percent, but some economists believe it could lower them to soothe Wall Street s frazzled nerves.

The financial turbulence could also further derail consumer confidence in the economy just as stores prepare for the critical holiday shopping season. But a group of 10 banks that includes JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup formed a 70 billion pool that banks or brokerages can tap to cover short-term funding needs. The upheaval in the financial system also means that those consumers with marginal credit history will have an even harder time getting loans, cutting into consumer spending.

The backdrop even without this was tough. This certainly adds to the worry level, said Michael P. Niemira, chief economist at The International Council of Shopping Centers. Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain assailed greed and corruption on Wall Street and promised to clean it up, while his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, blamed White House policies and said his opponent would only deliver more of the same.

Obama called it the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. McCain declared in a new TV ad that our economy is in crisis and that only he and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, could fix it. McCain also told voters in Jacksonville, Fla.The fundamentals of our economy are strong. Sunday, September 14, 2008. Saturday, September 13, 2008. Friday, September 12, 2008. Engtex, which manufactures and distributes steel pipes and building materiqals, has set its sights on expanding into regional markets, within five years.

It also has plans to increase the production capacity of its manufacturing facilities plant. It has already a based in Singapore, its sole overseas venture thus far. It will facilitate the entry s of its products into Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam. In Malaysia, the company s move into property development is also gaining momentum as Engtex seeks a wider income portfolio to safeguard its earnings.

However, it has yet to produce results from its property development business although it has made significant investments to spearhead its foray into real estate. 07ha of vacant freehold agricultural land in Gombak and plans to develop residential properties there. It had also acquired 17 parcels of freehold vacant commercial land in Bdr Selayang, Gombak.

Thursday, September 11, 2008. Pantech Group. The group offers trading, stocking and manufacture of pipes, fittings operações binárias da iq option flow control products. It serves both new oil and gas exploration activities as well as maintenance of existing oilrigs. Pantech Group Holdings Bhd s earnings outlook remains positive for the next two years as it moves up the value chain and rides on the oil and gas boom.

Maintenance contributes about 40 to the oil and gas business. Due to the scarcity of the resource, oil exploration has now shifted to deep sea with harsher environment. This provided a good opportunity for Pantech as such exploration required equipment with high yield stress and could tolerate very low temperature. The equipment, which is mostly not available in Malaysia, has better margins. The high corrosive and yield stress piping comprised about 25 of total sales during the first quarter 2008.

While manufacturing output is close to maximum capacity, the company decided to hold back on expansion until it secures the approval from Saudi Aramco to supply pipes to Saudi Arabia. Demand would increase significantly if the company gained the authorisation. It is currently running at 90 capacity and expected to reach maximum production by second half of 2009.

Pantech, which penetrated new markets like Kazakhstan, Brunei and Sri Lanka last year, expects further exposure in these countries. Meanwhile, the company has been able to pass on some of the rising costs arising from higher freight charges and electricity tariffs to its customers. Electricity cost, fortunately, only impacted a small fraction of the business as it constituted less than 3 of total operating expenses. On its joint venture in Vietnam to set up manufacturing facilities, the group was evaluating the impact of inflation.

The situation could be situational due to cyclical factors while the investments would be for long-term returns. Pantech s management keeps prudent in managing cashflow by using internal generated funds for investments and capital expenditure. As such, dividend payout would increase gradually. Wednesday, September 10, 2008.

Kwantas Corp Bhd. OIL palm industry-based Kwantas Corp Bhd has reported a huge jump in net profit for its year ended June 2008, helped largely by higher crude palm oil CPO prices and better margins. The group reported a net profit of RM191. 87 million, a significant improvement from RM93. 95 million recorded last operações binárias da iq option. Its revenue was also higher at RM3.

42 billion, compared with RM1. The group also attributed the good performance to the increased palm and soyabean oil processing volume in China. The oil palm plantations as well as oils and fats processing activities continued to be the major contributor to the group s revenue and profit. 95 billion previously. The improved performance was primarily attributed to the higher trading volume and selling price of palm products in the current financial year. Revenue from its China operations rose to RM263.

98 million, or 45 per cent, to RM851. 68 million, compared with RM587. 7 million in 2007. Tuesday, September 9, 2008. BP Plastics Holdings Bhd. The company posted revenue of RM60. 4mil for the second quarter Q2 ended June 30, up from RM46. 7mil in the same quarter last year. Its net profit rose to RM3. 2mil in the quarter from RM2. 4mil a year earlier.

The higher operating revenue and profit achieved were mainly due to higher sales performance and better production efficiency achieved in the first half of 2008. It would continue to focus on exporting stretch films and other polyethylene products, such as shrink and lamination film, to food-related packaging industries that were recession-proof as well as other industries with fast growing packaging demand.

BP Plastics Holding Bhd plans to focus more on producing high quality metallocene-based polyethylene film that is thinner and cost competitive to meet the demand of the plastic packaging industry. Packaging firms were now demanding the thinner and cheaper type of plastic bags and packaging films to cope with rising costs. Monday, September 8, 2008. KSL Holdings Bhd. KSL Holdings Bhd sees strong growth prospects in the Iskandar Malaysia growth corridor and is looking to expand its exposure and landbank there.

The Johor Baru-based company currently has four ongoing integrated developments located in the corridor Taman Nusa Bestari on 91. 9ha, Taman Bestari Indah Ulu Tiram 283. 3haTaman Kempas Indah 95. 9ha and KSL City 2. Upon completion in eight to 10 years, there will be 18,300 mixed residential and commercial properties worth a total gross development value of RM3.

These projects will contribute up to 70 of group revenue and earnings in the current financial year ending Dec 31 2008. Despite the sceptical views by certain quarters on the progress and benefits of Iskandar Malaysia, they are confident that the corridor has great potential, going forward. Iskandar Malaysia, formerly known as Iskandar Development Region before the name change in April 2008, would be two years old in November 2008.

The growth corridor covers 2,216. 3 sq km within the southern-most part of Johor covering Johor Baru city centre, Nusajaya, Pontian-Gelang Patah, Senai-Kulai-Skudai and Pasir Gudang-Tanjung Langsat. Iskandar Region Development Authority has secured RM33bil investment, representing 70 of the total investment target of RM47bil for the period between 2006 and 2010. KSL s projects will be one of the main beneficiaries of the spillover effect of Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore.

KSL would benefit from Iskandar Malaysia in view of the company s niche market and strong brand in the Johor property scene. As of December 2007, KSL has over 809. 371ha of landbank in Johor Baru, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Segamat, Mersing and Muar. Of the total landbank, 60 are located within Iskandar Malaysia. The land s close proximity to the Senai Airport, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, North-South Expressway and the Senai-Desaru Highway was a boon for the company.

The airport, the port and the highways are touted to be interlinked and will be developed into part of the transportation hub in Iskandar Malaysia. About 80 of the land are available for immediate development as they have been granted approval for subdivision. Together with the Maharani Riviera in Muar, the company s projects in Johor have a combined gross development value of RM4.

4bil, which will keep it busy for the next eight to 10 years. Taman Nusa Bestari benefits the most, as the scheme is located just a few kilometers from Nusajaya where the Johor State New Administrative Centre is being built. Nusajaya and its nearby areas are in for a boom as many development projects are being built and new ones in the pipeline. 6ha in Klang, Selangor, for RM156mil. Besides its traditional market in Johor, KSL is also looking to expand into the Klang Valley with the recent purchase of two parcels of land totalling 180.

The land is located along Jalan Klang-Banting within the Blackwater Estate about 15km from Klang town centre. The company planned to develop its land in Klang into a mixed project with a gross development value of RM1. The project is targeted for launch early next year 2009 and will take eight years to complete. The acquisition served as a platform for the company to tap into the Klang Valley property market.

Its land in Johor and Selangor will help us sustain its medium to long-term growth and profitability. Sunday, September 7, 2008. IQ Test Answer. Saturday, September 6, 2008. Friday, September 5, 2008. QL Resources Bhd. QL is an agriculture-based company, with business in marine product manufacturing production of semi-processed raw fish paste surimi, fish meal and seafoodintegrated livestock farming egg farming and trading of animal feedscrude palm oil milling and oil palm plantation.

QL also achieved a 40 growth in revenue for its palm oil activities in FY08. For its first quarter ended June 30 2008, QL posted a net profit of RM23. 3mil in the previous corresponding quarter. Revenue expanded by 16. 5mil from RM313. 9mil previously. Earnings per share is 6. 5 sen per ordinary 50 sen share. It is setting aside RM170mil for capital expenditure in the financial year ending March 31, 2009 FY09 to cater to its regional expansion.

The company would continue to enhance its overseas presence in Vietnam and Indonesia. They will also be increasing our production capacity in integrated farming, involving breeder and broiler farming, in Kuching and parts of east Malaysia. The company has recently acquired a poultry egg producer in Kulim with a daily output of 330,000 eggs.

With this acquisition, the group s total egg production is about two million per day. Thursday, September 4, 2008. Fima Corp Bhd. For its first quarter ended June 30, Fima posted 129. 3 jump in net profit to RM14. 01mil and 59. 05 increase in revenue to RM63. 89mil compared with the previous corresponding period. For FY08, Fima registered 12. 4 increase in net profit to RM176.

79mil and 11. 04 rise in revenue to RM176. For FY08, it will pay total net dividend per share of 11. The company would operações binárias da iq option to bank on the production and trading of security and confidential documents as well as its palm oil production to be the main revenue drivers in FY09. However, we expect higher quantum of revenue growth from the oil palm division in view of higher fresh fruit bunch production. Currently, its production and trading of security documents division contributes 60 to the company s revenue.

Fima, which has an 80 stake in palm oil-based Indonesian company PT Nunukan Jaya Lestari, also expected revenue contribution from its oil palm division to increase to RM60mil in FY09 from RM22mil in FY08. It would, however, be eyeing Indonesia for future expansion. Wednesday, September 3, 2008. For the financial year ended March 31 FY08wholly owned unit Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd s gross contribution improved significantly to RM427.

5mil from RM223. 9mil previously, surppassing the company s initial target of RM320mil. Takaful Ikhlas net profit also rose to RM11. On landbank expansion, Fima was in no hurry to expand now as it still had 7,500ha to be developed. 4mil from RM1mil previously. For FY08, MNRB posted an impressive 31. 6 jump in net profit to RM170. 44mil, compared with RM129. 47milin FY07.

Revenue rose 17 to RM978. 6mil from RM834. 1mil previously. MNRB Holdings Bhd, which has 60 market share of the local reinsurance business, expects its takaful and retakaful businesses to drive revenue growth in the coming years. The company was also looking to expand its overseas reinsurance business, which currently contributed about 18 of its revenue.

They are targeting a 25 revenue contribution from its overseas reinsurrance business by March 2009. Tuesday, September 2, 2008. Toyo Ink Group. Toyo Ink Group Bhd will close the deal on its proposed 1,200 megawatt MW coal fired power plant project in Vietnam. Toyo Ink s proposal had received the green light from the Vietnam authorities, but he declined to elaborate, pending the award of the license from the government.

The other two chosen investors were Vietnamese companies shortlisted for plants that have the capacity to produce 1,200MW and 2,000MW respectively. The approval includes its application for a license to build and operate the plant. One of the companies was reported to have said that the power plant project would likely start next year if it wants to meet the target to operate by 2013.

The total cost for the projects at a combined capacity of 4,400MW was estimated at US 5. This is a great opportunity for the company to diversify into a new business with steady income as an independent power producer. Toyo Ink, a maker of printing materials, posted a net profit of RM4. 18mil on revenue of RM104. 5mil in fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.

It derived the bulk of its revenue from local operations, and a growing presence in Vietnam. Its borrowings as of 1QFY2008 ended June 30 at Rm39 million. Cash and cash equivalent at RM3. TIGB s core business is as far removed from power generation as can be. The bulk of its revenues comes from manufacturing printing inks for the publishing and packaging industries and the company itself admits that it has no track record or expertise in the power sector. On the proposed coal fired plant, TGIB would ideally prefer to build and eventually own the plant.

However, if the government offers them the built-operate and transfer option, they will comply. TIGB apperas to have started tge ball rolling in forging government links in May 2008, it signed a MOU with EVN-owned consulting agency Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company No 2 to develop a framework for thermal power plant projects in southern Vietnam.

However, sceptical about TGIB s coal fired power plant due to its expertise and some foreign companies have already entered Vietnam via BOT models. Financing the proposed power plant could be another hurdle for TIGB. It plans to fund the project via bank borrowings and possibly a rights issue. If they have 100 ownership in the project, they may divest some of the stake to institutional investors. Printing ink manufacturing will remain its core business although the company expects significant revenue contribution from Vietnam if it takes off.

The company concedes that the manufacturing business has not been a bed roses for TIGB. 2013 23 April 12 March 3 January 8 2012 212 December 15 November 13 October 22 September 31 August 23 July 28 June 9 May 27 April 23 March 21 2011 386 October 1 September 40 August 36 July 43 June 34 May 45 April 46 March 53 February 41 January 47 2010 558 December 50 November 50 October 49 September 47 August 50 July 51 June 38 May 49 April 46 March 47 February 39 January 42 2009 471 December 39 November 42 October 43 September 34 August 44 July 45 June 38 May 45 April 37 March 39 February 29 January 36 2008 238 December 37 November 30 October 34 September 31 Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri GPacket Redtone.

Sept 2008 IPO Teo Seng Capital Bhd Leong Hup Before after marriage TWO NUNS AISB. Sept 2008 MIDF. Sept 2008 MAHB. Sept 2008 Petra. Sept 2008 Sunzen. IPO ULTIMATE INTERVIEW Legal Issue on Contract Law in Malaysia - Good for. Sept 2008 ICP IJM. Sept 2008 Salcon Engeineering. Sept 2008 Kulim. Sept 2008 Meltdown in US finance system pummels stock market. Sept 2008 Pantech Group. Sept 2008 Kwantas Corp Bhd. Sept 2008 BP Plastics Holdings Bhd. Sept 2008 KSL Holdings Bhd. Sept 2008 IQ Test Answer. QL Resources Bhd.

Sept 2008 Fima Corp Bhd. Sept 2008 MNRB. Sept 2008 Toyo Ink Group. Sept 2008 August 36 July 27 June 17 May 20 April 5 January 1 2007 17 July 1 April 2 March 5 February 5 January 4. Olymp Trade finacom. Dagangan pilihan binari di Singapura. Analisa Forex paling jitu. Berikut ini adalah beberapa poin terkait trading online dengan sistem margin.

Dalam hal ini, masalah yang sering dialami para trader harian atau Scalper yang biasanya. Ini merupakan cara mendapatkan uang dari internet yang mudah di tahun Perhatikan pula cari uang cepat dan mudah yang sedang ramai di sebuah situs, misalnya Amazon. And judging. Trik jitu trading OlympTrade 2020. But don t worry, it is easy, all you are doing is placing horizontal lines when you spot an area with two or more bounces. Katakan bahwa Anda pernah memikirkannya namun.

Panduan kepada Binomo strategy. Additionally, all of them reported that they were able to place orders at the maximum profits offered by the broker. The profits variation could not be corroborated by us while. Binomo demo gratis. It states, that future princes are normally distributed and the probability to take each value depends on the standard deviation volatility in this case. If you want to start. Mungkinkah trading dengan spread serendah 0 pip. Agar tidak mengalami kerugian membengkak, pedagang akan menurunkan harga agar minat pembeli dapat kembali naik.

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